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How to germinate marijuana seeds

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Although you could fill a pot with soil, pop a seed in dirt and let it sit, there are better ways to get your marijuana garden going. Cutting corners won’t get you that healthy, happy harvest, however, so consider germinating your marijuana seeds the right way. You can find the best quality Tucson marijuana seeds online at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

There is more than one way to germinate a pot seed, but the easiest by far is the water/paper towel method.

Empty your marijuana seed into a glass of pure water and soak for up to 18 hours. They should sink to the bottom of the glass.
When time is up, pour the water and seeds onto a layer of paper towel on a plate. Drain excess water.
Fold the wet towel over the seeds so covered and place the plate in a warm, dark space.
Keep the towel well-saturated and check marijuana seeds intermittently, watching for tap root. Your seeds are ready for planting when the taproot is ¼ – ¾ inches long. This can take anywhere from three to seven days, or up to two weeks.

Get more advice on marijuana seed germination in our detailed article dedicated to the subject.


Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Tucson?

Get Cannabis Seeds TucsonUnlike many other states across America, Arizona legalized the use of medical marijuana back in 2011, and allows residents participating in the state’s medical marijuana program the opportunity to grow their own therapeutic gardens at home, assuming they live more than 25 miles away from a state-licensed dispensary.

Patients in Tucson are allowed to grow no more than 12 marijuana plants at any given time to treat conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, glaucoma, PTSD, and seizures.

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If you’re contemplating or in the process of putting together your own pot garden, you can find top notch Tucson marijuana seeds online at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. From long-standing strains like Northern Lights to popular hybrids like Power Plant, our potent marijuana seeds are considered some of the best worldwide.

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Germination is key to a great harvest

When I started growing marijuana I didn’t know what I was doing, then I stumbled across Growers Choice and they have been such a vast resource for me. I ordered seeds and decided to take advantage of their Germination Guide, because why waste my money again? I followed the steps and in less than a week I had tiny taproots! Growers Choice has been a great find for me.

Harry P., Tucson, AZ