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Grow high-quality, potent marijuana seeds in the beautiful deserts of Arizona with Growers Choice Seeds. From feminized to auto-flowering and everything in between, you can find the cannabis seeds of your dreams in our online seed bank. Experience the joy of cannabis cultivation today. 

What are Marijuana Seeds?

Without weed seeds, you have no marijuana plant. Weed seeds are what grow into the plant that you know and love, and you can find these seeds in so many varieties. Here at Growers Choice Seeds, we’re proud to offer an incredible selection of marijuana seeds in the sunny climate of Arizona.

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Legal Considerations When Buying Marijuana Seeds in Arizona

Cannabis laws can be confusing, to say the least. Whether you have a medical marijuana card or are just a recreational user, knowing what is and isn’t legal in AZ is key to reaching your cultivation goals.

State Laws Regarding Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use and Cultivation

Before you start growing your cannabis garden, it’s imperative to understand the laws and regulations in the Grand Canyon State.

Medical marijuana was first legalized in Arizona back in 2010 with the passing of Proposition 203. This allowed those with qualifying medical conditions to buy, possess, and grow cannabis in the state as long as they had their medical marijuana card.

From then on, medical marijuana use and cultivation exploded for AZ medical marijuana card holders. But what about recreational cannabis? 

A solid decade later, the state finally passed Proposition 207: a bill that legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older.

Per these recreational marijuana laws, there are still public use restrictions and possession limits you need to be aware of. Neither recreational nor medical consumers can enjoy cannabis in public, and you must limit consumption to private residences only. 

In terms of possession limits, medical marijuana cardholders are allowed to possess 2.5 ounces every two weeks, while recreational consumers can possess up to one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrates.

If you want to grow your marijuana in sunny AZ, the number of plants you can grow depends on whether you’re a medical patient or not. Recreational consumers can grow up to six cannabis plants at home in a closed area away from public view. Medical marijuana cardholders, however, can grow up to 12 plants as long as they’re living more than 25 miles from a dispensary.

Just remember though: you have to grow your plants inside in an enclosed area.

So, all you prospective home growers are in luck! While you have to pay attention to these cannabis laws, you’re more than welcome to start your cultivation journey—especially when you shop from Growers Choice Seeds.

State-Licensed Dispensaries and Growers for Medical Marijuana Patients

Since both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in Arizona, you’ll find yourself passing state-licensed dispensaries all around town. These dispensaries are for both medical patients and recreational users looking to buy specific marijuana products. 

Growers can seek out these licensed dispensaries for flower that’s already been grown. However, most of these shops won’t sell cannabis seeds to start your cultivation. But, that’s exactly where Growers Choice Seeds come in.

Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Arizona

As a state that allows at-home cultivation, buying marijuana seeds in Arizona can bring countless benefits.

Since Arizona legalized recreational cannabis, the overall interest in growing plants from seed has skyrocketed. But, many people don’t know how to go about buying marijuana seeds since they’re not often at dispensaries.

When you buy cannabis seeds online from seed banks like Growers Choice, you gain access to a wide variety of strains and different types of seeds to match your growing style. This creates an incredible ease of convenience, and the cost-savings are significant in the long run: after all, it’s much more affordable to smoke from your own plant than buying buds at a dispensary.

Buying marijuana seeds in Arizona opens up various opportunities for cultivation experimenting, and even just growing plants that you know you can rely on. When you buy your own seeds, you know from start to finish what that plant has been through, and that peace of mind can mean the world to many cannabis consumers.

Types of Marijuana Seeds Available for Purchase in Arizona

When it comes to growing cannabis, there are three different types of marijuana seeds available for purchase in Arizona: regular, feminized photoperiods, and autoflowering feminized seeds.  Don’t know what these terms mean? Don’t worry: we’ll explain down below.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are some of the most popular cannabis seeds on the market. This is because these seeds are guaranteed to produce female plants.

When you purchase regular cannabis seeds, you’re going to get a mix of male and female plants. Female plants are sought after because they produce buds that you can smoke and utilize. Male plants, however, do not produce these buds and can pollinate your female plants, making them unusable.

Thus, feminized seeds are created through pollination and colloidal silver solution. In this method, growers will spray their plant switch colloidal silver solution to help produce female buds, as this type of pollen is female.

It’s important to note that feminized seeds are photoperiod seeds unless otherwise stated as auto-flowering. This means that these seeds flower with the changing of light cycles, such as the changing of seasons. Feminized autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, are seeds that automatically flower over time.

You can find various popular feminized seeds on the market, but one that’s been making the most noise over the past few years is the Gelato strain. People flock to cultivate this feminized strain because of its ease, hardiness, and amazingly unique flavor and effect profile. Growers Choice is proud to offer a huge selection of these high-quality seeds, as well as countless other feminized strains.

Autoflowering Seeds

Along with feminized seeds, in Arizona, you can also find auto-flowering seeds available for purchase from Growers Choice Seeds.

You don’t have to be a seasoned grower to try out these seeds!

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are different from photoperiod seeds because they automatically begin flowering after a set period of time. Photoperiod plants, on the other hand, will only flower if triggered by a change in the light cycle for indoor cultivation. (If grown outside, the flowering time would be triggered by the changing seasons.)

People prefer planting autoflowering seeds because of their growth and flowering process, as these marijuana plants are known for yielding faster results and having high resilience in unfavorable conditions. 

These characteristics make autoflowering seeds great for beginner growers wanting a bit of help with their plant cultivation journey. However, these types of seeds are also a very popular choice among recreational and medical cultivators of all skill levels — not just newbies!

Regular Seeds

It’s important to understand that “regular” cannabis seeds also exist; however, you won’t be able to buy them from Growers Choice Seeds.

These types of seeds contain both male and female plants, making them most suitable for generating seeds. Most cultivators aren’t seeking this, making these types of seeds not quite as popular as others.

In the end, if you’re looking to cultivate potent marijuana plants with smokable buds, you’re going to want to avoid regular seeds and buy feminized ones from Growers Choice, instead. And, if you don’t want to keep buying your feminized seeds, you can try cloning your plant!

Cloning requires a healthy mother plant that lives in the vegetative stage. You will cut off healthy nodes from her and re-plant them, creating clones of the mother. This is a great way to continue growing your ideal strains as much as you desire.

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Growers Choice Seeds: A Perfect Choice for AZ Seeds

Finding a reputable seed bank in Arizona doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Grower’s Choice, we’re proud to offer premium marijuana seeds with premium customer service.

What Does a Reputable Seed Bank Offer?

As one of the most reputable seed banks on the market, Growers Choice Seeds understands a thing or two about trustworthy businesses.

Growers Choice Seeds has dedicated 20 years to cannabis industry research, making sure we fully grasp the ins and outs of marijuana cultivation. Our years in business have allowed us to grow exponentially in both product and knowledge, and we’re happy to pass on all the information we can to our customers.

A reputable seed bank will always offer discreet shipping to add peace of mind to your purchase, and we do just that. We ensure that your seeds will be shipped as discreetly as possible, so no one will know what’s arriving at your doorstep. 

We’re more than proud of the wide variety of strains we have available, as it allows customers of all preferences to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our wide selection of feminized, autoflowering, and photoperiod seeds all come with germination guarantees, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your seeds are going to sprout: we ensure that they will!

And, if you don’t take our word for it, you can check out our thousands of positive reviews to see what customers just like yourself have to say about our top-quality seed bank.

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Growers Choice Seed Selection

From recreational to medical marijuana seeds, one of the most notable things about Growers Choice Seeds is our impressive product selection.

Since both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in the Grand Canyon State, you can find all different types of seeds at GSC and send them right to your front door. Whether you’re looking for photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, or autoflowering feminized seeds, you can get them all at affordable prices.

No matter what climatic conditions or environmental conditions you’re living in Growers Choice Seeds has the perfect cannabis seed strains for you to grow in Arizona—guaranteed. With us, getting a start on your cannabis garden has never been so easy.

Our Recommended Strains

Looking for some top-shelf strains to grow in your Arizona garden? Here are five of GCS’ recommended cannabis strains to cultivate in your sunny climate:

  1. Gelato Feminized Seeds – A hardy strain with a unique profile, Gelato is a good choice to grow in your indoor setup for both recreational and medical users.
  2. Durban Poison Autoflowering Feminized Seeds – Durban Poison is a pure sativa that’s easy to grow in AZ’s harsh climate because of its weather resistance; plus, it has a flowering time of just 7-9 weeks!
  3. Blue Dream Feminized – Another tough strain, Blue Dream has shown its ability to thrive under the warm, dry climate in AZ — you just have to keep a close eye on it.
  4. Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Feminized – The Gorilla Glue strain is known for being resilient, making it good to withstand desert conditions, even for indoor growers.
  5. Afghan Autoflowering Feminized – If you’re looking for a high-quality indica strain that’s quite easy to grow in AZ’s climate, the Afghan strain is the one for you.

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