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In Vestavia Hills, Alabama cannabis laws have changed quite a bit over the past few years due to a shift in the state’s attitude toward marijuana. Medical cannabis use was legalized in 2021, allowing patients with numerous conditions to consume marijuana products. However, recreational marijuana has remained illegal in Alabama.

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Attitudes toward marijuana in Alabama
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Marijuana Seeds in Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Vestavia Hills is a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, and has quickly grown to become one of the largest cities in the state. The family-friendly city is well-known for its beautiful parks and love of sports, which continues to draw people in. If you ever decide to visit, don’t plan on enjoying the awe-inspiring smoke of marijuana since recreational weed is not legal in this city or anywhere in Alabama.

Although that’s the case, medical marijuana is allowed in the state thanks to a recent change in the law. That’s not all — you’re also free to purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds since they are classified as adult novelty souvenirs. Now, it’s time to learn all about marijuana in Vestavia Hills, the type of cannabis seeds available for purchase, and more about choosing a seed bank!

Legality of Marijuana in Alabama

Lawmakers prohibited marijuana in Alabama in 1931, leading to serious consequences for people caught possessing, using, selling, or cultivating it. The first time a person is caught with any amount of weed, it’s a misdemeanor, leading to a person facing up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of up to $6,000. Subsequent offenses are felonies with serious prison time. Selling, trafficking, and cultivating marijuana are automatic felonies. 

Cannabis enthusiasts have banded together several times to get marijuana legalized. While that hasn’t happened, there have been attempts to at least decriminalize small amounts, but they have all failed. Alabama has remained steadfast in its opposition to recreational weed, although many residents feel the opposite.

Using Medical Marijuana in Alabama 

In 2012 and 2015, lawmakers tried to pass a medical marijuana bill, but both times fell short. Finally, in 2021, legislation was passed and patients with a range of medical conditions could access high-quality medical cannabis products. Under the law, patients can purchase capsules, tablets, tinctures, creams, patches, and liquids for inhalers; however, smokable hemp flower isn’t allowed.

Patients must first be diagnosed with a qualifying condition before applying for their medical marijuana card. Patients can use their cards at a local dispensary. Unfortunately, there are currently no available dispensaries in Alabama, but the plan is to open them soon.

Hemp Industry in Alabama

Marijuana and hemp are different under the law, meaning hemp is allowed. As a result, the industrial hemp industry is big business in Alabama. Commercial growers must be licensed to grow hemp flower anywhere in the state as long as it isn’t near other crops. Since cultivators turn hemp into such a wide range of products, the growth of this industry has been exponential in the Yellowhammer State. 

Which Type of Cannabis Seed to Purchase

Although you can’t cultivate cannabis plants in Alabama, you can still legally purchase your favorite marijuana seeds. Lucky for you, they come in a wide array of choices to ensure growers always find the one that suits their cultivating needs. The most popular types of seeds include regular, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds. 

Regular Seeds

Experienced growers often reach for regular seeds since they take a bit more skill, especially when used for cultivation purposes. These all-natural seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female plants, so with males in the mix, you can use these seeds for breeding purposes. However, because most at-home growers only want cannabis seeds that produce THC- or CBD-rich buds, Growers Choice only sells feminized seeds that are photoperiods or autoflowers.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have been cultivated to only produce female plants by removing all the male DNA. As a result, growers have more than a 99.9% chance of producing only female plants, which is why this type of cannabis seed is so popular amongst growers. These plants are responsible for producing premium buds that smokers can enjoy that are typically high in THC for greater potency. For example, Scott’s OG boasts a whopping 26% THC level for big effects, including leaving smokers feeling relaxed and euphoric.

Feminized cannabis seeds make the cultivation process easier since without male plants, you don’t have to worry about the genders accidentally mingling, saving time and effort. These crops are more economical since you can smoke their buds, without having to throw away unwanted male plants. Additionally, feminized cannabis seeds are known to be huge yielders to give you more buds to smoke and enjoy. The only “downside” about feminized seeds is that they are photoperiods, which means they have to have their light cycle changed in order for them to transition from their vegetative stage to their flowering stage.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Beginner growers love auto-flowering seeds since they simplify the entire growing process, making everything much easier. These non-photoperiod seeds go from the vegetation to the flowering stage based on their age rather than their lighting cycle. This means that you don’t have to figure out the ratio of light or dark hours your growing plant needs and will flourish on its own! In addition, since all of Growers Choice autoflowering seeds are feminized, growers have a 99.9% chance of ending up with all female plants.

One of the biggest draws of auto-flowering seeds is how quickly they flower, typically less than 10 weeks, and in some cases, as few as seven. Gushers is one you can expect to flower in 8-10 weeks along with an outdoor yield of up to 550 grams per plant. While auto-flowering seeds aren’t very big-yielders, you can get more than one harvest in a single season. Additionally, if you’re into stealth growing, auto-flowering seeds are perfect since they tend to produce plants that are relatively short in stature and don’t require a lot of space. 

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How to tell the difference between indica and sativa buds
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Choosing a Sativa or Indica

One of the greatest dilemmas for any cannabis enthusiast is whether to choose indica or sativa. Each offers great benefits, but they are very different. They offer effects on either end of the spectrum to provide smokers with a very specific smoking experience. To help you choose the right one, let’s look at what each one does.


Sativas are typically grown in hot, dry places like Asia, Africa, and Central America, where they grow tall and thin. In many cases, they can reach up to six feet tall, meaning growers will need more vertical space to allow them to reach their full potential. Compared to other types of cannabis, sativa strains take longer to mature, so pack your patience!

These strains are energizing and known to give your mood a boost for a potent “mind high.” Sativa strains also tend to increase concentration and focus while enhancing creativity, making them a perfect choice for when you need to get things done. Since sativas are known to provide stimulating effects, they are best for daytime use. Colombian Gold will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric to get you going through the day!


Cannabis indica is native to areas that are hot, dry, and experience tumultuous climates like Turkey, Afghanistan, and India. These faster-growing plants are short and stocky and produce a large number of buds. Their leaves grow wide, so you’ll need more horizontal space for these plants.

Additionally, indica strains provide smokers with deeply relaxing effects to help them chill and unwind after a long day. You can think of this as the classic Netflix and chill marijuana! At large doses, they can make you feel deeply sedated, so it’s best to reserve this one for nighttime use. Mendo Breath leaves users extremely sleepy and relaxed for a great night’s rest!

Easy Germination Method

Once you choose the perfect seeds, you need to know how to germinate them. One of the easiest and most effective ways is the paper towel method. It only involves water, a glass, a couple of sheets of paper towel, and, of course, your seeds!

You’ll start by soaking your Gelato 33 seeds in a glass of water for about 12-24 hours. Afterward, place the seeds on a damp piece of paper towel, and then place another piece of damp paper towel on top. Lastly, put the seeds and paper towel in a dark, moist place and wait for them to germinate! It typically takes from a few days to a couple of weeks for germination.

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More on choosing the perfect marijuana seed bank
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How to Choose a Seed Bank

When looking for a seed bank, choose one with a large selection of premium cannabis seeds with a germination guarantee. Also, be on the lookout for fantastic prices and exceptional customer service. You’ll get all those things and more when you choose Growers Choice as your go-to seed bank. Check us out and see all the fantastic strains we have to offer!

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