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Alabama prides itself on offering medical marijuana to patients who qualify for its benefits, although recreational cannabis is still strictly illegal. This article explores the marijuana laws in more depth, the city of Prattville, the seeds and strains that might thrive in the local environment, and where to purchase premium cannabis seeds!

Prattville, AL, and Cannabis Laws

The city of Prattville is still relatively small but is bursting with an activist spirit, gorgeous natural landscapes, and a climate that has locals taking dips in the pool all summer long. Let’s take a closer look into all that this dream city has to offer, as well as the local marijuana laws that govern the land. 

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Everything you need to know about marijuana in Alabama!
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City of Prattville

Prattville was originally founded in 1839 by Daniel Pratt who had the idea of establishing a cotton gin manufacturing business in the city. This endeavor became an excellent foundation for the city’s economic growth, and by the mid-1800s Prattville had become a popular industrial center. The city also made small contributions to the civil rights movement, with many locals advocating for equality in their city, as well as the entire state of Alabama. 

Prattville is currently home to approximately 35,000 residents, with the majority of the population coming from European ancestry and a much smaller African-American and Latinx presence in the area. While the city is not necessarily characterized by its diversity, some of the locals in the area are considered quite welcoming to various demographics. 

Landscape and Climate

Prattville has no shortage of natural beauty within and outside of the city. Locals and tourists are especially drawn to the gorgeous Autauga Creek, where many summer days are spent kayaking, basking in the sun, swimming, canoeing, and fishing. There are also a few parks within the city that offer trails for runners, hikers, and the occasional, enthusiastic birdwatcher. Prattville is a haven for those who enjoy the amenities of a city but prefer to be within proximity to nature’s comforting embrace.

Prattville’s outdoor activities are perfectly complimented by, what some would consider, gorgeous weather! The climate is considered humid subtropical, which means that the summers are long, moist, and sometimes exceptionally hot (temperatures often exceeding 90°F). Winters are easily bearable, as the temperatures rarely drop below freezing. Agriculturists in the area have success with various types of crops, and the region is overall a great place to start a garden! 

Marijuana Laws in Alabama

Although marijuana is not fully legal in the state of Alabama, medical marijuana is available to patients who possess a medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, cannabis is illegal for recreational purposes, but locals have their fingers crossed that recreational weed will soon be legalized. Currently, the possession of even a small of cannabis can result in substantial fines and potential jail time (often dependent on the color of the possessor’s skin).  

The application of medical marijuana was first entertained in 2015, when Governor Robert Bentley approved Carly’s Law, allowing the University of Alabama to administer low-THC CBD oil for children who had epilepsy. This initial step was part of a clinical study, and in 2016, the medical marijuana laws progressed by allowing individuals with debilitating diseases to purchase CBD oil that contains minimal amounts of THC (no more than 3%). Medical cannabis wasn’t fully legalized until 2021 when the Darren Wesley Hall Compassion Act was passed, permitting qualified patients with a range of medical conditions to use cannabis. 

Types of Cannabis Seeds and Strain

Cannabis cultivation is illegal in the state of Alabama, but that doesn’t mean that locals can’t learn about every detail of the process! Below, we explain growers’ favorite types of seeds, as well as the favorite strains for Prattville’s climate. 

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Discover some of the best strains for Alabama’s climate!
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Originally, regular weed seeds were the only form available to growers, but this seed type was not ideal for cultivators, as they had to remove the male plants (which do not produce consumable buds like female plants do). This process is arduous and requires a good amount of energy, effort, and resources from the growers. Breeders recognized this discrepancy and decided to genetically engineer the cannabis seeds to create a seed type that only results in bud-producing female plants. 

Feminized seeds revolutionized cannabis cultivation for growers worldwide, by allowing for a process that is far less taxing than cultivating regular seeds. Growers should keep in mind that this seed type is of the photoperiod variety, so it requires a change in the light schedule to switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are feminized seeds that have been bred with ruderalis cannabis genetics to produce plants that automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering period. They do not require light changes to make the switch, which allows cultivators to relax a bit more than they would be able to with feminized seeds. Auto seeds generally go from seed to harvest quicker than original feminized seeds, which gives growers the option to cultivate more than one crop in a grow season, if they so desire. Auto-flowering plants are also considered quite small in comparison to feminized mature plants, which can be ideal for small grow spaces. These stout and robust plants have resilience and hardiness that allow them to flourish in conditions that many other strains would perish in.

Cannabis Seed Strains for Prattville

For Prattville residents who are considering cultivating a marijuana garden of their own once (hopefully) the cannabis laws change, it’s important to choose feminized and auto-flowering strains that will thrive in the temperature and humidity of the area. Here are five strains that would potentially grow well in Prattville’s outdoor environment:

  1. Afghani Kush: Afghani Kush is a pure indica strain known for its resilience and flexibility, thanks to its Afghanistan heritage. It can withstand fluctuations in temperature and is resistant to mold and diseases, which makes it ideal for the climate in Prattville. Cultivators love its easy and quick growth process. 
  2. Platinum Purple Kush: This is another indica strain that thrives in warm climates and is resistant to many different pests and diseases, which makes it a good choice for Prattville gardens. It is known for its high THC content of approximately 23% and its delicious grape flavors. 
  3. Hawaiian Haze: This sativa-dominant strain adores plenty of exposure to the sun thanks to its tropical heritage. It has a longer flowering period than the other strains mentioned here, but is well worth the wait, considering its potent THC content of about 25% and creativity-inducing effects. 
  4. Kosher Tangie: This indica-dominant hybrid is also known for its resistance to mold, mildew, and common pests, which makes it a prime choice for humid climates like Prattville’s. It offers a pungent flavor that is complimented by notes of citrus and good-sized yields of up to 600 grams per plant. 
  5. Blueberry Skunk: AnotheriIndica-dominant hybrid that is adored for its dense, resinous buds and sweet, spicy berry flavors. It performs well in various climates and has a high resilience, which Prattville growers are obsessed with!

Cultivation of Cannabis in Prattville

Now that growers have an idea of which seeds and strains might be a good choice for their cultivation process, they must choose high-quality cannabis seeds from trustworthy sources! 

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Learn how to dry and cure cannabis buds. 
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Where to Purchase High-Quality Seeds

Since the cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Alabama, growers’ best (and arguably, only) option is online seed banks. Online seed banks are distinguished from an online dispensary in that, they generally only sell cannabis seeds and not other cannabis products. Because of this, many reputable seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, offer a wide selection of the finest cannabis genetics available! We focus on quality while not skimping on quantity, offering a huge range of cannabis seeds to choose from. 

Online seed banks also prioritize discreet shipping and packaging, which preserves the autonomy and safety of the customer. Customers can be reassured that their order will arrive without being detected by law enforcement and that the seeds will be viable. If 90% of the cannabis seeds do not germinate, Growers Choice Seeds promises to extend a refund or a replacement. As with all companies, customer service can make the shopping experience a dream or a complete nightmare, which is why we only offer top-notch client interactions to our customers. Stop by Growers Choice Seeds today and grab yourself a handful of nature’s greatest gift!

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