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What are the marijuana laws in Gadsden?

Back in 2014, the Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, signed into a law a provision that allowed for patients in the state suffering from forms like Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut, which have heretofore remained resistant to treatment, to access concentrated CBD oil from the University of Alabama at Birmingham as part of a clinical study. Local proponents recognize there is a need in the state to expand the law and availability, however, and though their recent 2015 bid, which would have allowed for patients with 25 severe conditions to have access to medical marijuana was squashed, advocates like Senator Bobby Singleton continue to push for greater leniency and state-wide acceptance.

When triggered from the outside, rash-prone skin becomes irritated and inflamed, bringing about those uncomfortable symptoms mentioned above. When applied topically, concentrated marijuana creams, lotions, or oils, with their immunosuppressive qualities, will effectively reduce inflammation, allowing the skin a chance heal.

A recent report published in the Journal of Experimental Dermatology notes that the “current evidence about the role of cannabinoids in the regulation of [the] immune system is unquestionable… and cannabinoids could be considered as potential anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Though patients aren’t able to tend to their therapeutic gardens just yet, would-be ganja growers can get a leg up on the rest by shopping for your Gadsden marijuana seeds early – visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online and have strains like CBD Blueberry and AK auto-flowering delivered right to your doorstep. Every seed is handpicked and inspected for quality before being sealed in our medical-grade glass vials and shipped from our facility in Canada to you in Gadsden. Weed seeds are considered a collector’s item when they aren’t germinated, so getting them across the border is a breeze.

Is it safe to use marijuana-infused products on my skin?

Marijuana topicals can be made with strains high in CBD, THC, or both, to provide different benefits, like relief from skin inflammation, localized pain relief, and even to slow the progression or encourage apoptosis in certain carcinogenic cells (like basal cell carcinoma). The good news is, most if not all of these kinds of products won’t get you “high” – THC and CBD are absorbed into the skin and react with endocannabinoid receptors located there, but never enter the bloodstream. This means you can’t get high when you use them, and, generally speaking, topicals use far less marijuana than you’d expect to use when smoking or noshing on a pot-infused edible.

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How does CBD affect skin conditions like eczema?

For most people, a rash is just a rash, but for people suffering from eczema, a blanket term that refers to a number of skin conditions, a rash can be an uncomfortable and unsightly nightmare. In most cases, eczema presents as dry, itchy, red, and cracked skin, which can lead to irritating and unpleasant patches that are either annoying or unbearable. Most common in young children, eczema can persist throughout life, and it is unknown as to whether atopic eczema – the most commonly occurring form – can see massive improvement or even disappear altogether. There is still no known cause for eczema (though there are many triggers that can exacerbate the condition), though there are many tried and tested solutions that may or may not bring relief. Marijuana is now being seen as a new alternative treatment, an all-natural and powerful anti-inflammatory that can give the skin a chance to heal and return to normal. Looking for the best Gadsden marijuana seeds for your growing collection? Shop the online selection of strains from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We deliver!

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