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Using marijuana for recreational purposes has been outlawed since the 1930s in Mobile. While Alabama has realized its potential medical benefits and legalized medical marijuana in 2021, the program still hasn’t fully taken effect. In the meantime, residents can purchase a range of cannabis seeds as adult-novelty items. There are many factors to consider when purchasing seeds and choosing a reliable seed bank.

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Legality of cannabis seeds in Alabama
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Marijuana Seeds in Mobile

Right on the Mobile River, Mobile, Alabama has always enjoyed a crucial role along the Gulf Coast. Along with its rich history and culture, residents and visitors alike have flocked to this Southern jewel of a city. While the legality of cannabis varies across North America, if you’re a cannabis lover, you need to pause because Mobile isn’t exactly friendly to that type of stuff. That’s because any amount of recreational marijuana is illegal and could land you in jail. Not fun!

Although medical marijuana has had more success, even that has seen speedbumps since its legalization. To get a full understanding of marijuana in Mobile, it’s crucial to look at the current status of medical cannabis. Plus, learn about the different types of seeds for sale, tips for choosing premium seeds, and how to select a reputable seed bank.

Medical Marijuana in Mobile

After several attempts to legalize marijuana for potential medical benefits in Alabama, the state got it right in 2021 when the governor signed the Darren Wesley ‘Ato’ Hall Compassion Act into law. Under the law, patients have to be diagnosed by healthcare professionals with qualifying conditions like cancer, autism, Chron’s, panic disorder, terminal illness, or more. The patient then registers with the state’s marijuana commission to receive a medical marijuana card.

With the card, the patient can visit a local dispensary to purchase a wide range of high-CBD strains in the form of tinctures, capsules, creams, patches, and more. However, consumable flower that you smoke is not allowed. While all of this sounds great, the main issue is that patients haven’t been able to access their favorite strains because there are no dispensaries available. There have been issues and lawsuits regarding issuing licenses for cultivators, but the hope is that dispensaries will open sometime in 2024. 

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Most popular options for high-CBD marijuana seeds
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Variety of Seeds Available

Despite everything going on with marijuana in Alabama, you still have the option to legally purchase a range of top-quality cannabis seeds. Keep in mind that you can’t cultivate them, but you can possess them for souvenir purposes. Before purchasing any marijuana seeds, ensure you get the right ones by learning more about regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and hybrid seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are a favorite among experienced growers since these all-natural seeds produce male and female plants. Due to this, cultivators can choose two of their preferred strains and cross a gender from each to come up with an exclusive strain. This gives an experienced cultivator the power over potency. For example, choose two types of high-THC seeds and cross them for something even more phenomenal and explosive!

Seasoned growers also love how sturdy and durable regular cannabis seeds are, especially when they’re into outdoor cultivation. They are more resistant to pests and diseases, and their clones produce stable genetics. While Growers Choice doesn’t sell regular seeds, they are an important type to know about.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are a favorite among growers of all skill levels. These seeds are cultivated to produce only female plants since male genetics have been removed through a specialized breeding process. As a result, novice growers love how they don’t have to contend with male plants, which makes growing much easier, with virtually no chance of accidental cross-breeding. Remember, however, that since these are photoperiod seeds, their growth is dependent upon a light cycle.

A main draw of female cannabis plants is they yield smokable buds for cannabis connoisseurs to enjoy. Additionally, female plants are renowned for their higher THC levels to give smokers more psychoactive effects. Blue Dream feminized seeds have a high 22% THC level that gives smokers euphoric effects to ease stress and anxiety. This popular strain also offers cerebral stimulation for upliftment and a boosted mood.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

To achieve almost guaranteed successful cultivation, many beginner growers decide on autoflowering seeds. These seeds are similar to feminized seeds since they have been specially bred, and in this case, it’s to go from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Compared to feminized cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds are non-photoperiod, so they’re not dependent upon a light schedule.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are fast-growing seeds that can flower in as few as 7-9 weeks to get you to harvest time quicker. Another plus of auto-flowering seeds is they are feminized to produce female plants. One of the most popular strains you can purchase in auto-flowering seeds is Bruce Banner #3. This feminized strain is a popular choice among smokers who want something potent yet balanced with a robust flavor profile.

Hybrid Seeds

One of the seed types that is a must-have is hybrid seeds. With a mix of sativa and indica, these hybrid strains offer a wide variety of effects from energizing and uplifting to relaxing and sedating. White Widow is a balanced hybrid that is extremely potent. Although it isn’t a huge yielder, White Widow produces the perfect amount of female flowers with top-notch genetics that provide a fast-hitting, cerebral high. This balanced hybrid strain is energizing yet relaxing and typically flowers in 8-9 weeks.

Choosing High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

Choosing high-quality seeds can be as easy as looking at their appearance. High-quality marijuana seeds are firm, so when you press on them, they retain their shape. You can also tell if you have high-quality seeds by their color where they will be darker, in some cases, almost black. These premium marijuana seeds often have what appears to look like tiger stripes. Remember: the better the seed quality, the better the germination rates!

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Building a grow room for successful indoor cultivation
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Where to Grow

Although you can’t legally cultivate weed seeds in Mobile, we’re here to give you some information for educational purposes only cultivation. Indoor growing is usually best when you don’t have a lot of space or want something more discreet. A hydroponic set-up is perfect for indoor growers since it uses water rather than soil, which allows marijuana plants to thrive. With indoor cultivation, you still have to keep an eye on temperature and humidity for optimal results.

Outdoor growers need to choose the most suitable seed strains to contend with fluctuations in weather, along with varying humidity and natural sunlight levels. They also have to carefully look at soil types to ensure it is rich with nutrients for plants to grow. If you’re a marijuana grower who’s not dedicated to indoor or outdoor growing, Super Skunk is an excellent choice. It’s easy to grow either way and when you choose indoor cultivation, expect the flowering phase to occur in 8-10 weeks.

Tips for Choosing an Online Seed Bank

Once cannabis cultivators are ready to choose a trustworthy online seed bank, there is a wide range of factors to consider. You need to check out things like if they offer the most popular strains, reasonable prices, a germination guarantee, and their level of customer service to guarantee. Consider everything to choose a reliable seed bank for a more positive experience!

Customer Service

One of the first signs of a reputable seed bank is its customer support team. The reps should be helpful and knowledgeable to answer your questions and concerns. Customer service should be readily available whether by chat, email, or phone. Since this is a great test of customer satisfaction, check it out for yourself or look for positive customer reviews.

Wide Range of Seeds

Any seed bank worth its weight should offer a huge range of strains, including the top ones and those that are more obscure to find. See if they have some of the most popular options like Jack Herer, which is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid that’s renowned by growers and smokers from all backgrounds. 

Affordable Prices

Search for seed banks with competitive prices because you want to make sure you get a fair deal. Additionally, any good seed bank will take a variety of payment options, including debit and credit cards. If a seed bank is offering weird payment choices, steer clear!

Shipping Options

When you order seeds, you want to ensure you get discreet shipping, which is of the utmost importance to keep your business private. Additionally, you want a seed bank that offers international shipping, so you can get your seeds regardless of your location. Look for places that provide tracking info once your seeds ship.

Growers Choice

One of the most popular seed banks around is Growers Choice who offer all these things and much more. We offer thousands of seeds in the most popular and exclusive strains. Besides that, we go a step above other banks to provide our satisfied customers with a germination guarantee. With our stealth shipping, you’ll have your premium marijuana seeds in no time at all, so check us out and see why Growers Choice is the only choice!

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