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Recreational legalization efforts have so far failed in the state of Alabama, but many residents are considering it a win that medical marijuana is now legal in the state. We’ll dive into all of the Alabama marijuana laws, favorite seed types and strains for the city of Dothan, and where to purchase the best cannabis seeds on the market!

Dothan, AL, and Cannabis Laws

Dothan is one of the cutest cities around! This quaint city is known for its rich Southern charm and love for agriculture, and we’ll get into the rest of the juicy gossip below!

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Learn how to cultivate marijuana in Alabama.
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Learn About the City of Dothan

Dothan has always had a propensity for farming and gardening and was first established as an agricultural community in the early 1900s. The city has had a lowkey peanut-producing obsession for quite some time, earning it the title “Peanut Capital of the World,” which is celebrated by locals and tourists every year during the National Peanut Festival. 

Dothan is currently home to around 65,000 residents, many of whom adore the charming downtown aesthetic that is full of historic buildings, like the Dothan Opera House. Of course, the city has progressed throughout the ages, and as such, is also replete in contemporary architecture and design. Many locals love that Dothan has become more diverse in its demographics throughout the years, with different cultural restaurants and businesses popping up all over the city. 

Landscape and Climate in Dothan

Dothan experiences summers that are very sunny and warm, often becoming quite hot and humid at times, which locals dodge by cranking the AC and hitting the pool. Winters are not as harsh, with temperatures rarely reaching freezing levels, which allows people to be outdoors all year round, particularly in one of the many parks that exist in the city. 

Outside of the city, are a plethora of farms, cotton and corn fields, and lots of agricultural land. Speckled around these areas are large expanses of pine forests, which are gorgeous to saunter through and also contribute to the region’s lumber industry. The Chattahoochee (love this name) River also meanders outside of the city, which adds eye candy to the landscape, as well as more practical uses like irrigation and supporting the local ecosystem.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws in Alabama

Locals are not quite thrilled that recreational weed is still illegal in the state of Alabama, especially since there is no foreseeable legalization of recreational cannabis. Many choose to take solace in the state’s medical marijuana program, which is accessible to patients who possess specific medical conditions.

While medical marijuana legalization is definitely a step up from cannabis being completely illegal in the state, the medical benefits can be a bit uncertain since marijuana patients are only allowed to purchase oil that contains 3% THC. The cultivation of cannabis is also strongly prohibited in Alabama, but even so, many locals choose to conduct ultra-undercover gardens, which we don’t condone (but also don’t not condone, if you catch our drift).

Marijuana Seeds and Strains for Dothan

For the Hoover residents who are already experienced growers, as well as the aspiring growers in the area, it’s ideal to be as brushed up on seed and strain types as possible! Below, we delve into the most popular marijuana seeds amongst all growers worldwide and the Hoover locals’ favorite cannabis seed strains. 

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Discover what feminized seeds are all about!
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds produce only female cannabis plants, unlike regular seeds which result in both male and female plants. Growers quickly recognized that regular cannabis seeds were not quite efficient in the cultivation process, since they required growers to use extra resources, time, and energy on the male cannabis plants, which do not produce consumable/ smokable buds.

Hence, feminized pot seeds were created by breeders! These weed seeds produce female plants that birth THC and CBD buds, quickly becoming a favorite seed type among growers. Feminized seeds are photoperiodic, so their flowering time is triggered by changes in the light they receive.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds 

Auto-flowering seeds are a miracle in the marijuana world, as they do not require light changes to trigger the flowering time (they’re not photoperiodic). As their name hints, they flower automatically. While this facet relieves extra work for the grower, they are also fast-flowering, which allows for multiple crops to go from seed to harvest in a single season. 

Auto-flowering seeds are well-known for their extreme resilience to harsh climates and diseases, which makes them a good choice for regions that have unpredictable or bad weather. Auto-flowering strains can also be a prime choice for first-time growers since they do not require such a keen eye to keep in line.

Suggested Cannabis Strains for Dothan

  • Jack Frost: This strain is a trooper and does not easily succumb to the threat of mold or diseases, which makes it a top contender for gardens in Dothan. It is a fully balanced hybrid, with effects like creativity, happiness, and a boost in mood. What’s not to love?
  • Thin Mint GSC Auto: This strain is known to be exceptionally simple to cultivate, preferring a warm climate that is not too moist (although its Ruderalis genetics make it resistant to mold). It could be an excellent choice for certain times of the year in Dothan, as well as all year round when grown indoors. Growers love its fast growth and users adore its sweet, cookie-like flavors!
  • Peanut Butter Breath Auto: This Indica-dominant, peanut-themed strain will feel right at home in the peanut capital of the world, especially since it prefers a warm to hot and slightly humid climate. Its Ruderalis genetics add additional resilience to the strain’s profile, making it quite easy to grow. Users go wild for its 28% THC content and nutty flavor profile!
  • Alien OGAs a fully balanced hybrid, this strain provides the best of both worlds! Users love the focus and mood boost that this strain provides, and the subsequent wave of relaxation that washes over them is the cherry on top. Alien OG has a high THC content of around 23%, good-sized outdoor yields of around 600 grams per plant, and prefers a warm and humid climate. It’s the perfect choice for Dothan!
  • Tahoe OG: Also a balanced hybrid, this strain loves a warm temperature with not too much humidity, which can make it a perfect choice for certain times of the year in Dothan. Users feel relaxed and happy when indulging in this strain, and often drift off into a cozy slumber.

Cultivating Cannabis in Dothan

High-quality cannabis seeds are the pillar of any successful cannabis cultivation operation, which is why growers in Dothan would do well to find an online seed bank that is reputable and trustworthy. We’ll give you a hint below! 

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Learn all about one of the most popular online seed banks in the industry!
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Where to Purchase High-Quality Seeds

Online marijuana seed banks are the go-to for most cannabis cultivators worldwide, and for good reason! Many of the reputable online seed banks, like our company Growers Choice Seeds, offer an amount of autonomy and discretion that other sources simply cannot afford. Growers Choice Seeds packages and ships marijuana products with the utmost stealth and care, ensuring that the contents of customers’ orders are not discernable from the outside appearance.

They also offer a huge selection of seeds, including rare and exotic strains, which gives growers the luxury of choosing whatever their hearts’ desire might be. The type of cannabis seeds provided by Growers Choice Seeds are of the highest caliber, which is apparent by the exceptional germination guarantee that the company offers with each purchase. Our company is also committed to providing outstanding customer service in every interaction, which can be attested to by the numerous positive customer reviews. 

Are weed seeds legal in Dothan?

Despite being illegal to grow, residents in Dothan, AL can legally buy and possess marijuana seeds because they’re considered collector’s items when they haven’t been germinated (the process that sets your dormant little seeds on the path to becoming strong and flowering plants).

Marijuana seeds for sale in Dothan

Shopping online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds you’ll find a wide selection of top quality Dothan marijuana seeds – potent indicas, uplifting sativas, and innovative hybrids are a few taps away. Order your favorite strains, new and old, and we’ll ship your carefully packaged seeds from our facility to your front door: superior seeds and superior service are our mission!

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