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Prichard is a medium-sized city in Alabama with approximately 22,000 residents. While recreational marijuana is outlawed, the state legalized weed for medical purposes in 2021. Since the passing of the Compassion Act, Alabama has been working its way toward making medical cannabis accessible to its residents. 

Local Cannabis Laws in Alabama

Aspiring cannabis growers in Prichard may not be able to actually germinate their seeds legally, but there is some progress within the realm of medical marijuana. In 2021, Alabama’s Governor signed Senate Bill 46. This bill, also known as the Compassion Act, makes medical cannabis legal for qualified patients who have certain medical conditions as well as a medical marijuana card. Although medical cannabis products aren’t actually available for purchase yet, locals can find the latest updates at the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission.

Currently, recreational marijuana is illegal in Alabama. This includes the sale, possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis. While this may be disappointing for local pot enthusiasts, there are still a number of ways they can appreciate marijuana indirectly. Many enjoy deepening their knowledge of strain types and brushing up on their cultivation knowledge should recreational cannabis ever become legal within Alabama. Moreover, should any Prichard locals find themselves moving to a state where home growing is permitted, having pre-existing knowledge of various cannabis species, the history of marijuana, and the growing process can only be helpful.

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Learn about the history of cannabis
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Marijuana Seeds in Prichard

While Prichard locals are not permitted to cultivate cannabis, the good news is that it is legal to simply possess ungerminated marijuana seeds. With the appropriate care and storage, seeds have a shelf life of up to five years or more! One of the best ways to preserve your seeds’ quality is by keeping them in a sealed container in the refrigerator, or preferably, a freezer.

Additionally, many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the practice of collecting seeds. Specific areas of expertise and interest in this area tend to vary quite a bit—from individuals who prefer cheap cannabis seeds with interesting backstories—or those more intrigued by pricey collector’s items. Similar to collecting coins, or stamps, many find the art of researching and obtaining ungerminated marijuana seeds more enriching than the collected item’s actual intended purpose. 

History of Cannabis in the United States

Marijuana plants have a long and winding history within the U.S. Attitudes and perceptions of the plant have changed and evolved over the past several centuries. Below, we provide a brief history of the cannabis plant’s journey in the United States.

Pre-20th Century Usage

Throughout the 17th century, the production of hemp was not only supported but required by the government. The Virginia Assembly passed legislation in 1619 requiring that every farmer cultivate hemp. Primarily, the plant was used in the creation of items such as clothing and rope. It could even be used as legal tender in certain areas.

At the end of the 19th century, other materials fell into favor for producing supplies, and consequently, attention shifted from cannabis’ industrial use to the benefits of marijuana consumption—particularly, its potential therapeutic effects. It became a common ingredient in healthcare products and was even sold in pharmacies. In 1906, any over-the-counter products that contained cannabis were required to include this info on their labels, and by the 1920s, knowledge of cannabis’ recreational use began to grow throughout the country.

Cannabis in America: The 20th Century to Present Day

As the recreational use of cannabis increased in popularity, public perceptions of the plant became increasingly negative. By 1931, cannabis had been outlawed in 29 states. In response, the New York Academy of Medicine published the La Guardia Report in 1944—a thoroughly researched study that challenged many of the negative beliefs surrounding cannabis. Specifically, it produced evidence that marijuana did not pose dangers such as addiction to other drugs, violence, or mental health issues. Despite these findings, cannabis remained illegal for decades to come.

Despite its illegal status, recreational cannabis use surged amongst both countercultures and the upper middle class throughout the 1960s. The plant was often associated with peace, love, and harmony. In 1996, California made history by passing Proposition 215, which legalized the use of marijuana for treating certain medical conditions.In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states in the nation to legalize recreational consumption and sales of cannabis. Since then, the legal cannabis industry and cannabis culture have flourished; more innovative and consistent products, educational information, resources, and more are available than ever before. 

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What are the main types of cannabis seeds?
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Auto-flowering Seeds

All seeds available at Growers Choice Seeds, are feminized. Some also have ruderalis genetics, which means they are naturally equipped with many of the same characteristics as the ruderalis plant. These include a natural endurance to harsh conditions, as well as the ability to flower automatically. While feminized seeds require a specific amount of light and darkness each day, auto-flowering seeds will bloom without any adjustment of light cycles at all.

Additionally, auto seeds are considered to be an excellent, low-maintenance option for novice growers. Cannabis ruderalis is a species that can endure harsh weather, mishandling, pests, diseases, and other less-than-ideal conditions better than either cannabis indica or cannabis sativa strains. As such, many gardeners prefer auto-flowering strains because, under climate conditions where other plants would perish, they thrive, instead.

Researching Strains at Growers Choice

Growers Choice carries many auto-flowering strains. Each has its own unique blend of characteristics. While our website has more in-depth articles on many of these qualities, there are two, specifically, that are particularly essential to keep in mind when researching strains. 

Indica to Sativa Ratio

Indica and sativa are two highly popular species of cannabis plants. Sativa plants are known for producing a more energized and focused state of mind, while indica plants are responsible for the calming, sedating effects in many strains. While there are strains with exclusively sativa ancestry as well as exclusively indica, hybrid strains—which contain varying ratios of these two species at once—are actually our most popular products. This is likely because they typically contain a pleasant balance of calming yet mind-sharpening effects. 

Hybrid auto-flowering strains, specifically, include Ghost OG auto-flowering feminized seeds. This indica-dominant strain is a longtime favorite of cannabis fans seeking mellow, soothing effects. Its flavor and aroma are earthy, fruity, and slightly woody. With a flowering time of 55-65 days and intermediate growing difficulty, it is best-suited to growers with a bit of experience under their belts. 

Cannabinoid Profile

Another detail to consider when perusing our selection of auto strains (or any strains in our library, for that matter) is the cannabinoid profile in each type of seed. A cannabinoid profile refers to the varying amounts of cannabinoids within the strain—including THC and CBD. THC is primarily known for its mind-altering effects, while CBD is famous for its generally soothing qualities.

One example of a strain that contains generous amounts of THC and low levels of CBD is the New Glue auto-flowering feminized seeds. These indica-dominant seeds produce plants that contain a 23% THC level as tingly, whimsical effects. Diesel-flavored, soil-scented, and somewhat sour, this strain is favored by those looking to get some shuteye, or simply brighten their evening. 

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds have gained exceptional popularity and are largely preferred by growers looking to increase their yields. All the seeds we carry at Growers Choice Seeds are feminized—whether auto-flowering or not.

The reason feminized seeds are favored by so many gardeners is because they help avoid a common problem posed by regular seeds. Normally, weed seeds will produce male and female plants in roughly equal amounts. When male and female plants are kept in the same growing space, pollination occurs. When this occurs, female plants will also produce seeds, which means their energy is diverted from producing the greatest amounts of resin possible. Conversely, feminized seeds will produce a crop of all female plants. As such, they’ll never be pollinated, and therefore, can focus their efforts solely on producing more resinous cannabis flowers.

Feminized Seeds at Growers Choice Seeds

Because feminized seeds have won the hearts of so many gardeners, many existing, popular strains have been developed as feminized varieties. These include Blue Dream feminized seeds—a creativity-enhancing and uplifting strain with a pleasant, berry taste. Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds are another fruity variety that, while popular in its own right, has gained increased popularity since being made available as a feminized strain.

Flo feminized seeds are also a pleasant strain to try if you’re looking for feminized seeds. Gentle yet refreshing, Flo is considered to be a “wake and bake” strain with an earthy, pine-like taste. It is largely preferred by users aiming for high productivity.

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Finding the Right Online Seed Bank

Whether you’re a collector looking to add to your ungerminated seed collection, or would simply like to store your cannabis seeds to use should home growing ever be legalized, Growers Choice Seeds is an excellent resource for obtaining high-quality products. All our seeds are backed by a 90% germination guarantee, and we carry an extensive library of seeds—from pure indicas to hybrids, sativa-dominant strains, and more. While we’ve highlighted a few in this very article, we recommend exploring our entire selection here.

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