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Recreational weed is illegal in Alabama, but the state has embraced the use of medical cannabis for patients who qualify. This article discusses the marijuana laws in more depth, as well as the cute city of Opelika, which cannabis seeds and strains might thrive in the local climate, and where to purchase them.

Opelika, AL, and Marijuana Laws

If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect city might look like, feast your eyes on Opelika! This city offers beautiful, preserved architecture, close proximity to stunning natural landscapes, and sweet people who welcome newcomers! We’ll get into the rest below, as well as the not-so-fun part–Alabama’s marijuana laws.

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Learn how to cultivate marijuana in Alabama!
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The History of Opelika

Opelika was settled in the early 1900s, inspiring the new residents to name the new town after the Native Muskogee word, opilwa, which means “large swamp.” While the area might have been swampy when the first settlers arrived, it gradually grew to be a point of modern industry. Opelika was strategically positioned between the Montgomery and West Point Railroad systems, which helped drive traffic to and from the city, eventually making it a center for commerce.

Opelika Today

Currently, the city is home to about 30,000 residents and offers them well-preserved historic architecture to gaze upon when strolling the charming streets. Walking into the historic downtown Opelika District is like taking a trip into a time long gone, and many tourists travel to the area to view the stunning architectural varieties that include Victorian, Italianate, and Classical Revival styles. These architectural gems provide a sense of timelessness and authenticity, making Opelika a picturesque destination for history enthusiasts and architecture aficionados.

Opelika is an ideal place for tourists and transplants, as the locals are known for being quite friendly, often initiating conversation and extending kind greetings. Southern charm and hospitality are definitely not lost on Opelika residents, and newcomers will most always be made to feel like welcomed guests. 

Opelika’s Landscape and Climate

Opelika is a city for people who enjoy urban amenities within a quiet and not-so-busy atmosphere. The city offers gorgeous views of the Chattahoochee River, as well as grassy knolls and dense forests. Many locals spend their days soaking in nature, whether hiking, trail running, biking, birdwatching, kayaking, or just resting blissfully on a lush hill. If you ask me, this city has it all!

The climate in Opelika does not disappoint either, with summer days generally being warm and sunny and winters never getting too cold. This allows locals to enjoy the outdoors all year round! People who cultivate various crops during the summer months must be aware of the humidity that is nearly always present to some degree. For cannabis growers, mold-resistant strains like Headband and Love Potion would be excellent choices!

Cannabis Laws in Alabama

Alabama has sadly not embraced the use of recreational cannabis and still imposes penalties that can be considered brutally harsh if a resident is discovered to have recreational cannabis on their person. The cultivation of cannabis plants is also strictly prohibited. The state has, however, jumped on the medical cannabis bandwagon, having legalized the purchase and use of marijuana for people who have specific medical conditions.

For residents who want to take a whack at qualifying for medical marijuana, the process includes visiting a local licensed physician; telling them your symptoms, which we suggest you research beforehand; and having them confirm your eligibility. After this, qualified patients must register for a medical marijuana card and are then free to purchase a limited amount of cannabis products! While more research is needed on the topic, certain strains, like Suzy Q, have been reported by users to ease symptoms of pain, stress, and insomnia. 

Cannabis Seeds and Strains

The type of cannabis seed and strain determines the required growing conditions and the resulting plant/ buds, which is why it’s always a good idea for new and seasoned growers to have an understanding of seed and strain types! Below, we dive into a few of the most popular seeds. 

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High-CBD Cannabis Seeds

High-CBD seeds are of the feminized or auto-flowering varieties and are bred to contain high levels of CBD, and often, mid- to low levels of THC. One such example of this is the popular strain Ringo’s Gift, which contains about 1% THC and skyrocketing levels of CBD! Many users appreciate that CBD is non-psychoactive and offers potential medicinal benefits (although more research is needed to confirm this). In addition, numerous patients have claimed that CBD consumption or topical products have reduced their pain levels, inflammation, and mood disorder symptoms, among many others.

CBD strains are a godsend for users who are not looking to get “high” and merely want to experience the potential medicinal effects of CBD strains. Research has indicated that CBD can potentially be effective in easing symptoms of conditions like epilepsy, depression and anxiety, muscle tension, chronic pain, and even some symptoms of multiple sclerosis and cancer–but again, more research is necessary. However, so far, it seems to be working for some people!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A dream come true for cannabis growers, feminized cannabis seeds are like a golden ticket to a garden filled with luscious, resinous buds. These magical seeds guarantee the growth of female plants, eliminating the risk of male plants, and saving cultivators valuable time and resources. Since regular seeds produce male plants, which do not produce THC- and CBD-rich buds, their absence ensures that all the female plant’s energy is channeled into bud production, resulting in a glorious bounty of potent, trichome-covered buds.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

For cannabis growers who seek a rapid harvest and efficiency, auto-flowering seeds are a tasty little treat. Derived from ruderalis mixed with indica and/or sativa strains, auto-flowering strains possess a unique characteristic–they switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on maturity, rather than relying on grow light schedules like feminized strains do. As a result, growers can enjoy multiple harvests in a single season, making them a perfect choice for those eager to taste the fruits of their labor sooner rather than later.

Auto-flowering seeds can also thrive in less-than-optimal conditions, thanks to their Ruderalis genetics. Even when faced with unpredictable weather or a less-than-consistent light cycle, strains like Strawberry Cough Auto stay resilient, offering a sigh of relief for countless growers, particularly those newer to the cannabis industry.

Cultivation of Cannabis in Opelika

While cannabis cultivation remains illegal in Alabama, it never hurts to get a head start on learning where to purchase quality seeds, as well as memorizing a few tips that will help your future garden to be as luscious as possible!

Where to Purchase High-Quality Seeds 

Online seed banks are likely the best option for growers in Opelika since they generally offer a wide variety of tons of strains to choose from and offer quick, hassle-free shipping. Our company, Growers Choice Seeds, provides valuable customer reviews that attest to our quality products and outstanding customer service.

Our website also offers detailed product descriptions that describe exactly what the strain needs to grow successfully and what the end product will deliver. Although a germination guarantee is rarely needed, Growers Choice Seeds still offers one of the best in the industry! We believe that providing this type of guarantee extends peace of mind to customers by assuring them that 90% of the seeds purchased will be viable, or we will replace the duds for free.

Grow Tips for New and Experienced Growers 

  • Select Strains for the Climate: Choose cannabis seed strains that thrive in a warm and humid climate, like that of Opelika’s. Indica-dominant strains, like Northern Lights Auto, are often a good choice, as they are generally more resilient to heat and can withstand humidity. 
  • Outdoor Cultivation: Make sure that your outdoor grow area receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day, which will ensure that your green goddesses grow happy and healthy. 
  • Proper Watering: Since the climate can be quite warm and humid in Opelika, it’s important to monitor moisture levels in the soil and make sure that the water is draining properly. It’s a good sign to water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry, and not before! This will hopefully prevent root rot from occurring. And as the most important tip of all, have fun!

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