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A suburb of Birmingham, Homewood is known for its quaint, suburban feel. Although recreational cannabis is illegal in the state of Alabama, medical patients in Homewood may have access to certain cannabis products in the future as a result of the Compassion Act. Read on to learn more about the future of marijuana in Homewood, local laws, and basic facts on the intriguing world of the cannabis plant. 

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An in-depth guide on medical cannabis
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Cannabis in Homewood, Alabama 

A short drive from downtown Birmingham, Homewood is a tranquil suburb of families and young professionals. It is also home to Red Mountain Park—a network of hiking and mountain biking trails complete with a zip line to take in the scenic views. Many describe Homewood as a mixture of quiet, natural charm and contemporary retail and dining.

While the legalization of marijuana has gathered significant momentum in the past decade across the United States, there are still several areas where cannabis is illegal. Currently, the use, possession, growing, and sales of recreational marijuana are not permitted in Alabama. As such, there are no legal marijuana businesses nor do most have the ability to legally access marijuana products. However, there is some progress being made in regard to medical marijuana. 

The Compassion Act 

In 2021, Alabama became the 36th state to pass medical cannabis legislation. Once all of the wrinkles have been smoothed out, this will allow qualified patients access to certain medical marijuana products.

In June of 2023, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission awarded its first group of licenses, but this decision quickly went under review, and currently, there is no concrete timeline as to when a finalized granting of licenses will take place. More information on The Compassion Act is available here.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission

Established by the Alabama State Legislature in 2021, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) is comprised of 14 board members with expertise in areas, such as medicine, law enforcement, legal compliance, mental health, and more. Currently, the AMCC is working towards making medical cannabis grown in Alabama available to registered medical marijuana patients with a medical marijuana card, as well as licensing facilities responsible for transporting, dispensing, and testing medical cannabis. More information on the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission can be found here.

The future of legal weed is ever-evolving. As such, no matter your location, we always recommend anyone interested in cannabis research their local laws thoroughly—particularly as changes take place. 

Types of Marijuana Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is not just a reputable source for premium, ungerminated cannabis seeds. We also provide plenty of contextual information along with our seeds—from in-depth product descriptions to accompanying guides and articles.

We also have articles for those curious about learning more in general. Topics range from growing and germination guides to explanations of the inner workings of the cannabis plant, such as the role of terpenes, cannabinoids, and more. In short, we make sure to provide a wide range of information useful for newbies and experienced growers alike. 

We recommend taking a peek at our resources should you want to learn more about the fascinating world of the cannabis plant. Even for those who are not yet permitted to grow, or even consume recreational cannabis, such as residents of Homewood, education is one way to indirectly appreciate recreational marijuana. What’s more, up-front research is always handy for aspiring marijuana growers or connoisseurs—particularly if you ever find yourself living in an area where cannabis consumption and home growing are legal. 

In addition to the above resources, Growers Choice Seeds also offers other benefits, such as stealth delivery, a 90% germination guarantee, and of course, ultra-high-quality marijuana seeds. Below, we shed some light on some of the most important terminology associated with contemporary cannabis culture. 

Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds

Many of the weed seeds available at Growers Choice are known as “auto-flowering seeds.” Essentially, this means the seeds are capable of flowering on their own without any adjustment of light cycles. As a general rule, auto-flowering seeds are considered a low-maintenance and resilient alternative to feminized seeds. This is because they:

  • Typically require less care and maintenance
  • Can endure greater amounts of mishandling
  • Are resilient in the face of harsh weather
  • Will thrive even with limited growing space
  • Possess a shorter growing time 

All the above characteristics are thanks to the ruderalis lineage present in all auto seeds. The ruderalis species is notoriously tough—particularly in comparison to other varieties of cannabis. What’s more, all our auto-flowering seeds are also feminized, which means they contain both the benefits of ruderalis genetics and the advantages of feminized breeding. (We’ll cover more on the latter below.) 

If you’re curious to learn more about the qualities of auto seeds, we’ve highlighted several marijuana strains. However, these are just several of the many we have available in our catalog. 

Blue Amnesia Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

This rare strain produces both an elevated mood and a heavy dose of chill. Blue Amnesia seeds grow into earthy, flowering, and sweet-scented plants that contain a THC content of 18%.

Cannalope Kush Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Crisp and scintillating, Cannalope Kush plants are a quintessential “wake and bake” strain. With a flowering time of 50-60 days and a 20% THC content, these seeds are favored by cannabists who prefer pine-like tastes and crave an added pep in their step. 

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A glimpse inside the world of cannabinoids
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Unlike regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds are specifically bred to produce only female plants. In short, female plants ensure a higher yield. Here’s how it works:

Normally, cannabis seeds have a 50/50 likelihood of producing either male or female plants. When these two varieties are cultivated together, pollination occurs. As a result, the female plants will allocate their efforts towards creating both resin and seeds. Because their energy is divided between these two activities, resin production tends to be lower and less potent. 

Feminized cannabis seeds eliminate this challenge. Because there is a very high likelihood that all of the plants will be female, there is a reduced likelihood of pollination. Accordingly, a crop of female plants will place their focus squarely on producing generous amounts of potent resin. 

To sum it up, feminized seeds are beneficial because they: 

  • Produce greater amounts of weed rich in resin
  • Eliminate the challenges posed by pollination
  • Provide a wealth of strain options 

Per the final point, we have a large number of feminized seeds available within our catalog. From indicas to sativas, hybrids to CBD-rich strains, and more, our selection is varied enough to meet even the most discerning and specific tastes and preferences. To get started, take a peek at the following strains.

Big Wreck Feminized Seeds

These premium cannabis seeds inherit the best of both worlds from their famous parents. The offspring of Big Bud and Trainwreck, the Big Wreck strain combines profound relaxation with crystal-clear mental focus. Floral, earthy, and sweet, many users report feeling happy and uplifted—yet simultaneously chill. This strain has a THC content of 22% and is an indica-dominant hybrid.

Warlock Feminized Seeds
This plant’s ability to instill the user with feelings of euphoria and bliss is positively magic—hence the strain’s name. Warlock pot seeds produce sensations of happiness, euphoria, and a general uplifted quality. An award-winning strain, it contains 20% THC content, low CBD content, and emits a sweet, woody scent.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Seeds

This flavorful hybrid strain contains a 40:60 indica-to-sativa ratio as well as a fruity taste and aroma. As such, it tends to attract users who prefer sweeter tastes and feelings of happiness.  It also has a THC content of 20% and is best suited to gardeners with intermediate skills. 

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids in Cannabis Seeds

Every strain of cannabis is unique in that it contains specific combinations of sativa, indica, and/or ruderalis genetics. However, there are some lesser-known components that also contribute to a specific strain’s appearance, flavor, scent, and effects! 

  • Terpenes: These naturally occurring chemical compounds are responsible for a cannabis strain’s unique scent. They are also found in many foods such as fruit, herbs, and other plants. 
  • Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids are chemical substances that contribute to the specific effects of any given strain. Some of the most famous cannabinoids are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is responsible for the mind-altering characteristics of weed, CBD is known for its soothing, non-psychotropic properties.
  • Flavonoids: Marijuana plants receive their color due to flavonoids. These phytochemicals are also present in foods, such as red wine, berries, and dark chocolate. Currently, there are believed to be over 20 unique flavonoids found in weed plants. These include Kaempferol, Quercetin, Apigenin, Luteolin, and others.

Growers Choice: A Reputable Source for High-Quality Ungerminated Cannabis Seeds

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How to store ungerminated cannabis seeds
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How to Store Ungerminated Marijuana Seeds 

While items such as pre-packaged marijuana, cannabis flower marijuana, and any other forms of recreational cannabis are not permitted in areas such as Homewood (or Alabama as a whole) ungerminated marijuana seeds are legal to possess. In fact, many individuals collect seeds as souvenirs or novelty items. 

Which brings us to the question: What is the proper way to store your ungerminated seeds? 

Regardless of how long you are storing them, a little know-how and research can help maintain their quality. With the appropriate care, the quality of your seeds can be preserved for up to five years. If you’d like to learn more about how to properly store your cannabis seeds, we recommend taking a look at this in-depth article.  From light to humidity to temperature considerations, it covers the most important aspects you’ll want to consider. 

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