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Located in central Alabama just outside Birmingham, Bessemer is a small yet bustling city known for its restaurants specializing in southern cuisine and its many recreational attractions. Cannabis enthusiasts living in Alabama are, unfortunately, not permitted to consume or grow recreational weed. However, the state has made strides towards legalizing medical marijuana throughout the past several years. The following article shines the spotlight on topics Bessemer locals may find useful—from state laws to intriguing facts about the cannabis plant. 

What is Marijuana?

From industrial to recreational purposes, humans have been using cannabis in a variety of ways for thousands of years.  In fact, evidence suggests that it was one of the first plants to ever be cultivated. Despite countless anecdotal reports of its healing properties over hundreds of years, it was outlawed in the United States for much of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it continued to attract an enduring fanbase, and in the last decade, attitudes towards pot consumption have shifted somewhat significantly.

In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first two states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Many states followed suit, and today, the legal cannabis industry continues to expand. This said, there are still areas where recreational cannabis is not permitted; Alabama is one such state. Nonetheless, Bessemer locals interested in the world of cannabis can still appreciate this plant in a more indirect way by learning more about strain types. Additionally, many may enjoy deepening their general gardening knowledge should home growing ever become legal.

Legality of Marijuana in Bessemer

In 2021, Alabama became the 36th state to pass medical cannabis legislation. While medical marijuana is not yet available for sale, the AMCC is currently working towards making medical cannabis grown in Alabama available to registered medical marijuana patients.  More information on the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission can be found here.

Even though it is not legal to grow marijuana, ungerminated marijuana seeds are legal to possess as novelty items or souvenirs. Some enjoy collecting rarer strains, while others simply like to store their seeds should they ever have the opportunity to cultivate them legally. Typically, viable seeds are small, teardrop-shaped, and have a smooth surface. They range in hue from a pale beige to a deep, rich brown similar to the color of dark chocolate or espresso. 

Buying Seeds in Bessemer

While there are numerous online seed banks, the most reliable establishments have several key characteristics that set them apart from the crowd. 

Growers Choice is proud to be one such bank. We place a strong emphasis on providing only premium cannabis seeds; our library of products are developed by a number of driven and passionate breeders. Because we are confident in the excellence of our seeds, they are all backed by a 90% germination guarantee. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Growers Choice
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How to Find the Right Seed Bank

When researching seed banks, we recommend checking for the specific features listed below. Growers Choice has earned a longstanding reputation as a leader in the industry because we emphasize reliability, consistency, and quality. Even if you’re purchasing seeds to simply add to your collection, it’s helpful to keep an eye out for the following qualities in any seed bank you’re considering. 

Exceptional Seeds

Growers Choice is devoted to providing only the best quality ungerminated marijuana seeds. Normally, if seeds are cracked, misshapen in some way, or discolored, they are not viable. Yet sometimes, a seed’s flaws are not obvious right away. This is why it is important to purchase seeds backed by a 90% germination guarantee. 

Seed Variety

Every individual—from collectors to growers, from gardening novices to experts—has their own unique preferences when it comes to cannabis. Some prefer indica-leaning strains, others favor sativas. Some like to steer clear of large amounts of THC, while many enjoy sky-high levels. These are just a few of the many variables that factor into an individual strain’s unique profile. Having access to a large library of seeds makes it all the more likely you’ll find a strain that meets your own, personalized standards.

In-Depth Descriptions

One of the best ways to get a  clear sense of the way a strain behaves, performs, and grows is to conduct thorough research before purchasing. This is why detailed profiles are so important. All our strains are accompanied by a detailed description. This profile will outline the effects you can expect, the strain’s lineage and genetics, its growing characteristics, aroma, flavor, average yields, and more.

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Feminized Seeds at Growers Choice
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

At Growers Choice we only sell feminized cannabis seeds. This is an important feature for many cannabis breeders because a crop of all female plants tends to produce higher yields. 

Normally, cannabis seeds will produce male and female plants in roughly equal amounts. When male and female plants are kept in the same growing space, pollination occurs. Once pollinated, female plants will also produce seeds—which means their energy is diverted from producing the greatest amounts of resin possible. A crop of all female plants will never be pollinated, and therefore, their efforts will be focused solely on producing resin—not seeds.  

Feminized Strains at Growers Choice

Chocolope Feminized Seeds

This strain is a beloved sativa-dominant plant that first gained popularity in the 1980s. Dark and rich, it has a flowering time of 55-65 days and a THC content of 18%. It averages yields of 400-500 grams per square meter indoors, and 600-700 grams per plant outdoors. 

Many users enjoy this strain for its nuanced, coffee-like taste. If you’re a fan of mochas and delicately curtailed sativa effects, this strain may quickly become your next favorite. 

Dance World Feminized Seeds

These feminized cannabis seeds are unique in that they are just one of a few hybrids that contain a perfect 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. As such, Dance World plants are excellent for those who relish the thought-sharpening effects of a good sativa, but prefer not to be overwhelmed by large amounts of THC. 

Game Changer Feminized Seeds

Aspiring growers in Bessemer may want to add this strain to their list should growing ever become legal. Game Changer seeds are exceptionally well-suited to novice gardeners. Focused, euphoric, and uplifting, these plants are an indica-dominant hybrid with earthy, sweet flavors. They are also known to produce an intriguing mixture of clear, focused thoughts and mellow, physical bliss.

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Auto-flowering seeds at Growers Choice
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Auto-Flowering Seeds

While all our seed strains are feminized, some also have auto-flowering capabilities as well. Auto-flowering seeds are best known for their ability to, as the name implies, flower on their own. While feminized seeds require the grower to manually adjust the lights each day, auto-flowering seeds will bloom just fine without any light cycles at all. 

All auto-flowering seeds contain some level of ruderalis genetics. Cannabis ruderalis is a species that can endure harsh weather, mishandling, pests, diseases, and other less-than-ideal conditions better than either cannabis indica or cannabis sativa. As such, many gardeners prefer auto-flowering strains because they are low maintenance and can stand up to a number of challenges. 

Auto-Flowering Strains at Growers Choice 

Diablo Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

This devilishly decadent hybrid soothes and energizes users simultaneously. Herbal, spicy, and sweet, it contains a moderate 18% THC content and tends to produce feelings of happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. Like all of our hybrid seed strains, Diablo is a delicately-balanced mixture of cerebrally uplifting and physically relaxing. 

Jupiter OG Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

The namesake of our solar system’s biggest planet, this strain’s moniker is a nod to its notably large buds. Ironically earthy, pungent, and skunky, Jupiet seeds grow into indica-dominant pants that contain a 20% THC content and a 25:75 sativa to indica ratio. Additionally, this strain is quite easy to grow, making it ideal for growers just dipping a toe into the world of gardening. 

How to Store Your Ungerminated Marijuana Seeds 

Bessemer locals may not be able to grow, but did you know that ungerminated marijuana seeds can be stored for up to five years? Should you ever have the opportunity to legally plant your own small garden—beginning with high-quality, viable cannabis seeds is one of the best ways to start. The trick is to place your seeds in a sealed container and pop them in the freezer or fridge. The lower the temperature, the longer your seeds will remain fresh. Should growing ever become legal, we recommend taking a peek at our handy germination guide.

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