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Located in Shelby County, Alabaster is a quaint suburb of Birmingham known for its entertainment, hiking trails, and parks. While attitudes surrounding cannabis continue to grow and transform throughout the country, recreational cannabis remains illegal in Alabama. However, there is some progress being made within the realm of medical marijuana, specifically. Below, we cover relevant topics for residents of Alabaster, such as information on local laws, the differences between seed types, etc.

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The history of cannabis
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A Brief History of Cannabis in Alabama and the U.S. 

The cannabis plant has been used by humans for thousands of years. The first documentation of this practice dates back to the third millennium BCE—although evidence suggests cannabis was first cultivated much earlier. In fact, it’s believed to be one of the first plants grown by humans—ever! 

In the United States, cannabis was used for medicinal purposes throughout the 1800s and into the 20th century. However, it became federally restricted beginning in 1937 and was first banned in Alabama in 1931.

Despite its illegal status, recreational use only continued to gather more momentum in the following decades. The cannabis scene flourished like it had never before throughout the 1960s—particularly amongst counterculture communities in both the United States and Western Europe. 

As attitudes and perceptions of pot evolved throughout the 1990s and 2000s, so too did many state laws. In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis. Many states followed with Ohio recently becoming the 24th state to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2023.

Cannabis in Alabaster

Unfortunately, Alabama is one state that does not permit the use, sale, possession, or cultivation of recreational pot. While this may be discouraging for aspiring cannabis growers and enthusiasts in Alabaster, there is some good news: Efforts to legalize medical cannabis throughout the past ten years finally paid off in 2021 when the Compassion Act was signed into law. This bill permits patients who have been qualified by a physician to use cannabis for medical purposes. 

This said, medical cannabis is not yet available and it remains to be seen when licenses will be granted. Accordingly, we recommend any Alabaster locals considering the possibility of applying for a medical marijuana card periodically check for new information and browse the FAQ at the AMCC website

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Cannabis in Alabama
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Finding the Right Online Cannabis Seed Bank 

Even though Alabaster locals are not allowed to cultivate weed seeds, individuals in all fifty states may possess ungerminated weed seeds. In fact, many buy seeds to add to their collection or keep as novelty items/souvenir seeds.

This leads to the question: “Where is the most reputable place to buy seeds?” At first glance, the number of options served up from a quick internet search can seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to whittle down the selection. When weighing your options, we recommend keeping the following qualities in mind before settling on where to buy. 

Freshness and Quality Assurance

Growers Choice has earned its reputation as an exceptional online seed bank thanks to our strong emphasis on providing premium-level seeds. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our seeds, we provide a 90% germination guarantee—the best in the industry. 


With the continued advancements in technology, purchasing marijuana seeds has never been more convenient. Our website provides the cannabis community with an easy-to-navigate yet in-depth library of varied, sought-after strains. Once you place your order, the seeds are shipped efficiently and discreetly. 

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Growers Choice Seeds on sale 
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Reasonable Pricing 

Exceptional quality is often associated with exceptional cost—but not in the case of Growers Choice. Our strains are all reasonably priced. We also provide a number of seeds on sale at any given point. We’ve highlighted a brief list of strains below: 

Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds

If you have a taste for indica-dominant hybrids and the savory-sweet flavor of cheese—this may become one of your favorite strains. Originally bred in the United Kingdom, these seeds are the offspring of UK Cheese and Blueberry. 

Blue Cheese tends to provide a sense of at-ease bliss and even sleepiness. Not unlike ordering the cheese plate itself as your dessert course, Blue Cheese provides a tasty, lulling snack to round out the evening.

Lucky Charms Feminized Seeds

This strain has a reputation for being exceedingly difficult to find. Despite its rarity, Growers Choice makes it simple to pour yourself a bowl. Not unlike the homonymous snack, you’ll experience a near-instantaneous boost of energy while avoiding the crash typically associated with a sugar rush.

A perfectly-balanced hybrid, Lucky Charms feminized seeds grow into delightfully potent plants that contain a 20% THC content and a 1:1 sativa-to-indica ratio. This strain’s aroma profile consists of pine and fruit notes—while many report it tastes remarkably similar to the breakfast cereal itself. 

Maxi GoM Feminized Seeds

Like any good hybrid, this strain produces a mentally invigorating yet physically soothing high. Its THC levels range anywhere from 8-10%. As such, we recommend Maxi GoM for experienced users who can tolerate (potentially) higher amounts of THC. If you’re comfortable rolling the dice when it comes to THC content, we recommend giving this remarkable strain a try. 

Growers Choice: A Dynamic Selection of Strains 

Should you ever find yourself living in an area where home growing is legal, or simply want to do research for the purposes of deepening your cannabis knowledge, Growers Choice is more than just a resource for premium cannabis seeds.

It’s also useful for those looking to learn more about the art of cannabis cultivation, the history of the plant itself, and other pertinent cannabis facts. Whether you’re a seasoned grower, a novice grower, or somewhere in between, we recommend perusing the information available on our website. Below, we provide a glimpse into some of the topics we cover more in-depth at Growers Choice Seeds. 

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Tactful, creative cultivation has been in the works for years, and accordingly, many new strains of cannabis have been developed. Generally speaking, the seeds available at Growers Choice fall into one of three categories:  sativas, indicas, or hybrids.

Yet, within these three groups, each strain is entirely unique. Each contains a mixture of nuanced characteristics, tastes, scents, and effects. The best way to find your favorite strain is to simply peruse the options we have available. Every product is accompanied by an in-depth description covering aspects such as lineage, flowering period, aroma, taste, cannabinoid profiles, and more. 

Feminized Seeds

All Growers Choice seeds are feminized. While regular seeds produce both male and female plants, feminized seeds are highly sought-after by the cannabis community because they only produce female plants.

The reason this feature is so important is because typically, when female plants are pollinated by males, they divide their energy between producing seeds and resin. This often leads to less-than-optimal potency and yields because the plant’s energy is divided between developing both items. 

Feminized seeds were created specifically to solve this issue. All our seeds are feminized because female plants can focus their energy solely on producing resin. For this reason, feminized seeds are preferred by growers seeking maximum efficiency and especially potent yields. 

Cadillac Purple Feminized Seeds

We’ve plucked one of the many stellar examples of feminized seeds from our site: Cadillac Purple seeds. This potent strain is just as famous for its visual appeal as for its deeply soothing effects. Cadillac Purple seeds grow into exceptionally beautiful plants with lulling, physical effects, and a balanced ratio of indica-to-sativa. Flowering times average 55-65 days. 

Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds 

Autoflowering seeds have all the helpful qualities of feminized seeds with some additional bonuses. The most obvious benefit of auto seeds is that they will flower automatically without any adjustment of light cycles. This characteristic is particularly useful for growers who are not able to adjust light conditions each day—or simply prefer a lower-maintenance crop. One good example of an autoflower is:

Euforia Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Euforia autoflower seeds are easy to grow and produce uplifting effects. Like all our photoperiod strains, it is suitable for both outdoor growing and indoor growing. A sativa-dominant hybrid, it contains a 16% THC content and produces euphorically gleeful effects. Earthy, pine-like, and forest-flavored, this strain averages up to 400 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors.

Additionally, auto seeds contain genetics from cannabis ruderalis—a species known for its astonishing resistance to harsh weather conditions. For these reasons, auto seeds are especially appropriate for novice growers. 

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