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Shopping for Autoflowering cannabis seeds in Alabama

Alabama residents can’t purchase or consume marijuana products for recreational purposes, but medical patients can use a range of products for their medical benefits thanks to a change in the law. However, there have been a host of issues preventing the legislation from being fully implemented. That said, it’s still worth learning about the different types of cannabis seeds, various plant types/strains, growing in different climates, etc. for the day that Alabama gets with the times and legalizes cannabis.

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Laws in Huntsville, Alabama regarding medical marijuana seeds
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Marijuana Seeds in Alabama

Nicknamed after its official bird, Alabama is affectionately known as the Yellowhammer State. Alabama has one of the richest histories in the United States, as it has played a crucial role in many of the country’s most significant events, including the Civil War. Along with its unique culture and friendly nature, it’s no wonder that the state has continued to record impressive growth.

While many states have made weed legal for recreational purposes, Alabama is not one of them, and folks can face serious issues. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2021, but there have been hiccups. Meanwhile, residents can legally purchase marijuana seeds as adult novelty souvenirs. Here’s everything to know about marijuana laws in Alabama, the type of cannabis seeds available, and the best online seed bank.

Recreational Cannabis Laws in Alabama

Alabama first outlawed recreational marijuana in 1931, and since then, there have been several attempts to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, but they have fallen short. Under current cannabis laws, possessing any amount of marijuana for personal use is a misdemeanor that can lead to jail time. Violators can face up to one year behind bars and a maximum $6,000 fine.

Subsequent convictions are felonies that can lead to a 1-5-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $7,500. Selling any amount of marijuana is a felony that can cause people to spend decades in prison. Additionally, trafficking and cultivation are felonies under the state’s cannabis laws. 

Medical Marijuana Laws in Alabama

Alabama legislators recognized the potential medical benefits of marijuana and passed a law for its use in 2021. Medical marijuana patients with various medical conditions gained access to products in the hopes of improving their health, although marijuana’s effectiveness in easing or treating symptoms is purely anecdotal at this point. They must first visit a doctor and get diagnosed with one of more than a dozen qualifying conditions. After registering with the state and receiving their medical marijuana card, patients can purchase products from local dispensaries. 

Although many patients are anxious to get their hands on marijuana for medicinal purposes, it hasn’t happened yet. According to the AP, after numerous delays and legal disputes, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is hoping the medical marijuana program will be fully underway in 2024. There are plans for the state to finally issue licenses for commercial cannabis cultivators to produce products to potentially ease patients’ medical conditions. 

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Auto-flowering strains that produce the fastest flowering plants
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Choosing Your Favorite Type of Cannabis Seeds

Since you can purchase marijuana seeds in Alabama, you’re in for a treat since there are several different types. The kind you purchase depends on what you expect from your seeds and your experience level. Consumers have several popular choices, including regular, feminized, and auto-flowering marijuana seeds.

Regular Seeds

Veteran growers love regular seeds since they allow you to breed your favorite strains for successful cultivation. While Growers Choice doesn’t sell regular seeds, they are an important part of marijuana breeding. These seeds are not manipulated, so they naturally produce male and female plants. After choosing your two favorite strains, take a male and a female from each to come up with your exclusive strain!

If you’re looking for big psychoactive properties, you can cross two potent strains for the ultimate THC strain! If you want medical-grade marijuana, combine two CBD strains. Another awesome thing about these high-quality marijuana seeds is how their clippings yield clones with consistent, top-notch genetics. Growers also love how these seeds typically produce heat-resistant and mold-resistant strains that are more rugged and durable.

Feminized Seeds

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced grower, feminized seeds are always a perfect choice. Breeders cultivate feminized seeds through a specialized feminization process to remove all traces of male DNA. As a result, feminized cannabis seeds only produce female plants, making the cultivation process more streamlined. Growers don’t have to worry about cross-pollination or guessing what will grow with feminized seeds. 

From an economic standpoint, growers get their money’s worth with feminized seeds since they can enjoy all the buds that these feminine plants produce. As photoperiod seeds, their flowering period occurs when they are exposed to a certain amount of light and darkness. One popular strain is Bubba Kush, which offers plenty of positive effects for users who want to feel euphoric and relaxed.

Auto-flowering Seeds

Beginner growers love autoflower seeds because you don’t need a green thumb, thanks to the ease of growing them! As non-photoperiod pot seeds, they automatically go from the vegetative to the flowering phase without you having to switch up the lighting cycle. Flowering time occurs much quicker than with other types of weed seeds, typically within 8-10 weeks, but some in as few as seven!

Another one of the numerous benefits of growing auto seeds is how cannabis growers can get at least two harvests in one growing season. One of the best autoflowering strains is Bruce Banner #3. It is legendary in cannabis culture due to its high THC levels, which average in the 24% range, resulting in extremely potent effects. Bruce Banner also provides a euphoric high. 

Different Plant Types/Strains

Did you know that there are different forms of cannabis? That’s right, they come in different plant types based on their appearance, effects, and primary uses. You can break them down into indica, sativa, and hybrid, which all have unique characteristics. Before you purchase weed seeds, find out which is the perfect strain for you!


Indica weed seeds grow into short, bushy plants that average between two and four feet. The leaves are broad and wide and suitable for indoor or outdoor growing. They are native to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and do well in areas with these types of climate conditions. Indica is extremely relaxing to help you chill and feel mellow after use. Some of these strains actually sedate you to provide a couch-lock feeling, proving why indica is nicknamed “in da couch”!

Pot of Gold is 90% indica to provide a classic high that users have said releases all the tension and worry from their bodies, also this varies from person to person. This award-winning strain provides numerous benefits like making you feel euphoric and often inducing sleepiness. Smokers will love its sweet, fruity taste that’s also paired with some pungency for a complex profile!


Sativa weed seeds produce plants that are tall and thin with slender leaves that will need more vertical space to grow and naturally grow in environments like Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Additionally, sativa weed seeds are characterized by higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. Consumers love how these strains are characterized by uplifting effects to provide a jolt of energy, creativity, and focus, making them ideal for wake-and-bake action!

One of the top deep-rooted sativa strains you’ll find anywhere is Durban Poison, an excellent choice for consumers who want to feel happy and enjoy fits of giggling! Uplifting and energizing, cannabis lovers get a strain that’s sweet and spicy with earthy notes. You can also expect a large crop production since this strain yield is up to 600 grams per plant with outdoor growing.


Hybrids are the perfect compromise when you don’t want to choose between indica or sativa. Since these strains are a mix of each, they can take on a wide variety of physical appearances and characteristics. You can choose from indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or a well-rounded one that’s 50/50.

White Widow is a balanced hybrid with premium genetics to give it a huge burst of effects due to its extreme potency, thanks to a 26% THC content that gives users something to feel! White Widow effects range from a cerebral high that’s hard-hitting and fast, providing unbelievable energy to offering complete relaxation and euphoria.

Marijuana plants growing in a field with yellow light
Benefits of growing cannabis outdoors
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Growing Strains in Various Climates

As any grower knows, your climate has a lot to do with what type of strain you cultivate. While some strains can grow in virtually any type of environment, others do better with a specific one. For example, Strawberry Kush grows best in a temperate climate that’s sunny and warm. Moby Dick is best suited for Mediterranean-like climates to allow it to thrive and reach its full potential.

Before choosing any strain, do a little research to ensure that it will work well in your climate.

Why Choose Growers Choice

Regardless of what types of seeds or strains you want, Growers Choice more than likely has them! That’s because we offer such an extensive collection of seeds that you’re almost guaranteed to find your favorite! Our premium seeds are of the highest quality to give you the best growing experience possible. You’ll love our competitive prices and fast, discreet shipping. Look through our website to see why Growers Choice is your best choice!

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