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OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening
Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening
Cinderella 99 70S / 30I 22% THC Daytime

Are marijuana seeds legal in Alabama?

Marijuana seeds are legal to buy no matter where in North America you might reside. Despite the fact that Alabama’s relatively strict laws limit medical marijuana use to people struggling with debilitating epileptic conditions, purchasing marijuana seeds as adult novelty souvenirs is always permissible. Our seeds can last for years when properly stored, so why not stock up now?


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Growers Choice Seeds has made it easy to buy high-quality marijuana seeds online. As the number one place to buy Alabama marijuana seeds online, we’re proud to bring you our large selection of ungerminated marijuana seeds. We’ve sourced our marijuana seeds from experienced growers from around the globe to bring you the best marijuana seeds available on the market today. Order online using our secure payment portal, and we’ll provide fast and discreet delivery right to your door. We provide tracking on every order, so you’ll know exactly when your seeds will arrive. Shop our digital catalog today to find the seeds that fit your needs.

Best Marijuana Seeds in Alabama

When it comes to choosing the best marijuana seeds for you, why would you go anywhere else? Growers Choice offers 21 premium cannabis seed strains, including classics like White Widow, and unique originals like Critical Purple.

Buy Afgoo Marijuana Seeds Online

Looking for a good night’s sleep? You may want to let things get a little gooey with Afgoo marijuana. Indica dominant with a significant THC content, this strain with the funny name is the perfect complement to an evening of relaxation. You’d be hard-pressed to pick just one thing about Afgoo marijuana that causes this strain to stand out so high above the rest. Strongly indica, it offers a high that is gentle and deeply relaxing. Its sativa side expresses itself with a mood lifting-bliss that can be dreamy, euphoric, and sometimes giggly. With a THC content that can top out at 28%, beginners are warned it may come on overwhelmingly strong.

Where to get pot seeds in Alabama?

Get your pot seeds from Growers Choice, of course! If our great selection isn’t reason enough, how about our outstanding customer service? We are available through email, our contact page, social media, and by phone if you have any questions about our products or your order. You can even place your order over the phone if you have any concerns about security, but rest assured we keep your information safe and confidential, and remove it from our servers following the completion of your sale.


Marijuana for epilepsy

Patients struggling with epilepsy and other conditions that cause seizures have found incredible relief in medical marijuana products, and more and more research is backing up what these people already know to be true. Most of the public buzz around marijuana and epilepsy involves CBD, a non-psychoactive substance found in the plant, which has been shown to drastically reduce the number of seizures one suffers.

Even children are being treated with marijuana and CBD, most often for a rare form of the disease called Dravet’s Syndrome. One little girl named Charlotte has become something of a celebrity for her amazing recovery: after using CBD from a special marijuana strain grown just for her, Charlotte’s seizures decreased from as many as 1200 a month to only two or three. Because of CBD, Charlotte has been able to go on and live a normal life, while before she was unable to walk or progress cognitively.

Can I get high-CBD marijuana seeds?

At Growers Choice, we sell three high-CBD medical marijuana seed strains: Blueberry, Critical Mass, and Moby Dick. Each of these strains has 5-7% CBD and the same amount of THC. Though THC is psychoactive, such a small percentage would have little to no effect in the first place, and when combined with CBD, psychoactivity is further reduced. For this reason, we feel confident recommending our high-CBD Alabama marijuana seeds to people seeking non-psychoactive treatment of their conditions (though we would never recommend treating a child without first speaking with a physician).

Easy Access to Marijuana Seeds

It makes us furious that people in certain parts of the country cannot or do not have access to the medical benefits of cannabis. If you experience anxiety, depression, or chronic pain on a regular basis, marijuana might be for you! It never hurts to try multiple strains until you find the one that works best. There you have it! Those are our top five best-selling marijuana strains. We stand by our guarantee that growers of all backgrounds and experience levels can find something from our site. But—just in case you don’t find the strain you were looking for, please know that we constantly update our online collection based on what our breeders are growing.

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I wanted to start collecting marijuana seeds, and I’m so glad I found your company. I’ve placed two orders to far, and both arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I love the glass vials – so sophisticated!

Sandra R., Alabama

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