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The Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

More and more companies are offering feminized cannabis seeds as an option for gardeners who want specifically to grow and harvest medicinal marijuana or recreational strains. Even though the early stages of the feminization adventure resulted in a few failed attempts and hermaphrodites, today breeders have perfected the practice and feminized cannabis seeds are more than 99% reliable. In other words, you can count on Growers Choice feminized cannabis seeds to perform exactly as intended: they grow into thriving, potent female plants that produce plenty of cannabinoid-rich buds for you to collect come harvest time.

What is Feminization?

Feminization is accomplished by prompting regular (non-feminized) female cannabis plants to pollinate themselves. When this happens, the lack of male chromosomes in the process means an equal dearth of these chromosomes in the offspring seeds and plants. Makes sense, right?

Guaranteed female plants means more for the savvy gardener than just knowing what’s going to pop out of the soil. When a grower wants to create their own seeds, male plants are required, but for harvest purposes, there’s absolutely no benefit to having male plants in your crop.

What’s Wrong with Having Male Cannabis Plants?

When they reach maturity, male cannabis plants exude pollen from the sacs that grow in the plant nodes. This pollen can then reach the female plants and fertilize the flowers, which in turn can turn them to seed.

This is certainly possible with regular cannabis seeds. The grower must simply watch their plants and identify the male plants before they have reached maturity. At this time, the males can be moved to a different room or destroyed. Either way, the result is empty spaces in the grow room and, potentially, wasted money. Ergo, buying feminized seeds saves both time and money, not to mention removing the worry that you might have overlooked a male plant.

You can see why feminized cannabis seeds have so surged in popularity in recent years!

The Best Cannabis Germination Guarantee

Not only do you get fully, reliably feminized products when you buy cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice, you’ll also feel well-protected by our 90% germination guarantee. As per our policy, as long as you follow our germination guide, which, by the way, is super easy, you are insured against duds in your cannabis seed shipment. If your germination attempt fails to produce at least 90% germinated seeds, we’ll replace the non-viable ones for free.

Get High-CBD Cannabis Seeds for Less

All Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, but that’s not where our specialties stop. In addition to feminized pot seeds, you’ll also find our strains broken down into two other categories:

  • Auto-Flowering
  • High-CBD Medical

If you’re on the hunt for a strain that soothes and/or uplifts, but you’d rather avoid the classic marijuana “high,” then take a look at our premium high CBD seeds. Possessing low THC levels and never less than equal amounts of non-psychoactive CBD, our CBD-rich cannabis seeds have the potential to provide the benefits you’re looking for without the mental effects.

You may be surprised to learn our high CBD strains do have some THC, but don’t worry the equal or higher amount of CBD tends to counteract most or all of the psychoactive effects of the THC. While pure CBD strains are certainly ideal for some people, many others will find that they get some added benefits from that small amount of THC.

Top-Selling Cannabis Seed Strains

Which strains fly most quickly off our shelves is ultimately a meaningless thing, since we always recommend carefully reading product descriptions and doing your research to ensure you choose the best cannabis seeds for you, personally. But if you’re just looking to try something new and need a few suggestions, here are three excellent cannabis seed strains that repeatedly withstand the test of customer satisfaction!

Top Three Cannabis Seed Strains

  • Super Silver Haze is an energizing sativa-dominant strain that many users say physically and mentally calms. You can anticipate impressive harvests from this strain, which does well both indoors and out.
  • Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering is one of those rare “best of both worlds” strains. Not only will you likely feel energized and productive after using this fruit-flavored option, but the majority of users say you’re likely to experience blissful and soothing effects as well.
  • OG Kush is a West Coast classic that is unique as a hybrid among “Kush” strains, which are generally indica-dominant. A choice pick for all kinds of intended use, OG Kush delivers heady euphoria and body stone effects that leave one feeling better than before indulging in this hybrid.

When you buy cannabis seeds online, what do you choose? Next time, go with Growers Choice and find out why everyone is talking about our unbeatable customer service, germination guarantee, and price points.

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