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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Reviews

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Are you getting into growing? Check out our autoflowering cannabis seeds reviews, and choose the strain that’s going to give you the most benefits for the least amount of effort!

Which Autoflowering Strains Are Easiest to Grow?

In general, autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to grow because they take up less space and you don’t have to worry about when to change the lighting to jumpstart the flowering period. But these three strains–all of which are available at Growers Choice, of course–are the pick of the party when it comes to ease of cultivation, making them ideal for new gardeners or green thumbs with limited growing space. They are forgiving and resilient, making the growing process straightforward and rewarding. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, these autoflowering strains from Growers Choice will thrive with minimal effort.

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AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

AK Auto-Flowering
This strain is the auto version of the highly popular AK-47. Its short stature makes it an excellent option for people with smaller growing spaces–even just a cupboard will suffice for a plant or two! The strain has sweet and spicy flavor notes and is great for inducing deep relaxation and tends to put even the biggest night owl to sleep.

Customers Say:

“The auto-flowering feature is awesome! The plant stayed nice and small so my nosy neighbors weren’t too interested, but the yield was still good. I love this strain and I love this company for making it so easy to obtain the seeds.”
– S.T.

buy northern lights weed seeds online
Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Auto-Flowering
If you’ve spent any time in the cannabis community, this strain needs no introduction: it’s a popular choice for at-home gardeners and scientific testing alike. You’ll love the ease of this versatile strain, and the bone-deep relaxation and mood boost it is said to provide.

Customers Say:

“These seeds were my favorite to grow as they were easy to work with and they gave me some seriously resinous buds. Northern Lights smells incredible, and I’m loving the taste as well. Really happy with everything and I’m looking forward to buying more seeds in the future. If I keep smoking this one every night before bed Im going to need to order again soon!”
– C.M.

Autoflowering Cannabis Strains With the Highest Yields

Another thing most people wonder about when making the decision to grow autoflowering strains is how much bud they can expect. Autoflowering strains are generally smaller than non-auto varieties, so even though there has been lots of success maximizing the yield of these quick strains, they do often deliver a bit less bulk. That said, you can get two harvests per season out of these strains, so you more than break even in the end. This approach not only allows you to enjoy a steady supply of fresh cannabis but also makes the most of your growing space and resources. 

ak 47 autoflowering seeds
AK Auto returns!

AK Auto
It must be a good strain to pop up on multiple top 3s, right? You can expect a minimum of 400 grams of fresh flower per square meter when you grow this speedy plant indoors, which is pretty impressive for a stocky little strain.

Customers Say:

“Grows super fast and has sturdy and a prolific buds make for a nice yield. Definitely a top quality product. Definitely buy this one, highly recommended.”
– V.K.

online afghan cannabis seeds auto
Afghan Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Autoflowering
A beautiful pure indica, our Afghan is perfect for unwinding and promoting deep relaxation in the evenings before bed. You’re looking at an indoor yield of over 300 grams per square meter with this strain.

Customers Say:

“Just got my first harvest. I’m based in Northern Cali and have a small room setup. The shipping process was super easy and they came within just a few days of ordering. After about 2 1/2 months the Afghan was ready without changing any of my lighting setup. Got about 8oz of really sweet flowers from just the one plant. Killer, sleepy and couldn’t be happier.”
– S.N.

blueberry auto seeds for delivery
Blueberry Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Auto
Another impressive 400-500 gram yield when you grow this seriously incredible strain indoors. You’ll love how easy this one is to grow.

Customers Say:

“I also tried this strain as a sleep aid and was happy with the results, not too much needed at all. Had a great yield. Like before no issues with the purchase or site, good stuff!”
– A.P.

Autoflowering Cannabis Strains that Grow the Fastest

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are often faster to harvest because you don’t have to let them hang out in the vegetative stage for so many weeks. Some strains may have slightly longer flowering stages that place them about equal in total growth time to quick-flowering non-auto types, but there are definitely lots of options for those who want to harvest in just a few months.

Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into the actual in-practice growth time of a strain, but at Growers Choice, these three strains are our fastest flowerers, with each of them needing just 50 to 60 days (that’s seven to eight weeks) of flowering time following their short stint in the vegetative stage.  These strains are ideal for growers looking to maximize their yields in a short period, whether growing indoors or outdoors. 

best cheese auto marijuana seeds
Cheese Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Cheese Auto-Flowering
Choose Cheese when you’re in a hurry. With a flowering time of just 55-65 days, this guy clocks in as one of our speediest strains, and everyone just loves the good vibes and sweet relaxation that come along with a fairly classic body high.

Customers Say:

“Ordered this strain because I was super curious about the mixed reviews regarding the flavor. Seeds came quickly and were easy to grow, so I was off to a great start. Plants ended up growing pretty tall, so that impressed me! After smoking, I get why the reviews are so mixed. The flavor is definitely unique and the smell is quite pungent. I didn’t find that to be a negative though, and the high I got deeply relaxed me. I also got insane munchies, so be warned! All in all was really happy with my purchase and I’m glad I gave Cheese a chance!”
– M.S.

best northern lights autoflowering weed
Northern Lights Auto is back again.

Northern Lights
Yep, this one again. Northern Lights Auto-Flowering has a speedy flowering time of just seven to nine weeks, and you get quite an impressive yield in that short span. Float in a relaxed, happy state and enjoy the earthy-sweet flavor of this popular strain in no time flat!

Customers Say:

“Picked up Northern Lights along with some Blueberry, as I was really after the autoflowering seeds. My grow is off to a good start, and it seems like this one just really wants to grow. I’m not a helicopter mom to my plants, so I love it when it grows and I don’t have to hover over it all the time. Strain-wise, you can never go wrong with Northern Lights, it’s a staple. It’s a body high that fixes whatever is hurting, and it will melt you. Smoke, relax, enjoy.”
– C.B.

blueberry auto seeds for delivery
Blueberry Autoflowering – again!

Blueberry Auto
Another repeat offender. Blueberry offers a quick harvest for those looking to cash in on its fabulous effects and relaxation that this strain is known for. Grow this one indoors using the Screen of Green method and you’ll be floored by the results.

Customers Say:

“I’ve been reading a lot about the Sea of Green method, and wanted to give it a try. Customer service helped me pick a plant that would grow well under these conditions, and so I went with the blueberry autoflowering seeds. Gotta say, if you want to try out some new methods this a perfect plan to play with. Doing a SoG grow ended up being ideal because the plants stayed fairly small but each one produced a solid little yield. Really pleased with how everything grew and will def. be coming back for more Blueberry seeds.”
– G.A.

Which Auto Cannabis Seeds Have the Highest THC?

Finally, some growers choose their seeds based on the cannabinoid levels expected for the strain. At Growers Choice we can certainly set you up with some high-THC options that will deliver serious euphoria and potent relief, and should definitely be used with care. Choosing high-THC autoflowering seeds can provide you with potent cannabis that delivers strong effects quickly, making them a great choice for experienced users and those seeking powerful properties These are our three highest THC autoflowering cannabis seed varieties:

critical purple auto weed seeds for delivery
Critical Purple Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Critical Purple
One of our rare specialty strains, Critical Purple is said by many users to offer impressive effects, which is likely due in part to having Critical Mass in its lineage. As one of our highest-ranking strains, you’ll be blown away by the 27% THC, that comes to you along with a sweet and fruity taste. Use this strain in the PM to clear your mind and nod off more quickly.

Customers Say:

“This strain is the tops. Totally feeling that super high THC (27% – whaaat?) and really enjoyed growing this one – sooo easy. Yield was so-so, but that’s exactly what the product description said so no worries. Actually managed to kick a headache with this one – definitely impressed”
– C.R.

buy tangerine dream auto pot seeds
Tangerine Dream Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Tangerine Dream
This awesome strain with its 25% THC content has a reputation amongst medical users for its soothing effects that won’t make you sleepy. Citrusy and euphoric, it’s little wonder Tangerine Dream is one of our most popular strains.

Customers Say:

“When I was trying to pick what to order this one caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. The picture looked so good I knew I needed to have it. So happy that I followed my gut on this because like the name says, this one has been a dream. My seeds germinated, grew, and turned in to beautiful happy plants with no problems. With such a high amount of THC, I only need a little to feel relaxed and happy, and then a little more to fall asleep. Taste is amazing. This is a new fav.”
– M.S.

buy sour kush auto seeds for sale
Sour Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Sour Kush
Another relative newbie to our ranks, Sour Kush has been making an impression on our devoted customers. Despite containing 24% THC, you probably won’t get sky-high with this strain, but you are likely to feel its euphoric and relaxing effects. Try it for yourself!

Customers Say:

“Mmm – oh yeah. This strain is totally worth the wait. I’ve never felt so totally relaxed after just a couple puffs, and a little definitely goes a long way. Can’t wait to share this one with friends.”
– T.H.

Want to estimate your indoor grow yield for your autoflower plants? Here’s a calculator you can use that can help with that.

Cannabis Yield Calculator

Disclaimer: The yield calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only, and the information obtained by using the online calculator is not, and should not be taken as legal advice to any person or company. Results may vary depending on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information you provide while using the calculator.

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Buy The Best Auto Cannabis Strains Online

Well, what do you think? Will you be picking up a speedy-sprouter like Cheese, or opting for the impressive cannabinoid content of a strain like Critical Purple, which boasts high THC levels and powerful effects? Whatever your wants and needs, Growers Choice has a strain for you, as this autoflowering cannabis seeds review no doubt shows! Each of our strains is carefully selected and lab-tested to ensure premium quality and potency, so why wait? You are sure to find the perfect match for your growing needs. Start your cultivation journey with Growers Choice and experience the convenience and quality of our top-notch seeds! Try a premium, lab-tested autoflowering cannabis seeds strain, today!

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