Are feminized cannabis seeds worth it?

Have you been browsing around for cannabis seeds, and keep stumbling upon “feminized seeds”? While perhaps half the marijuana seed companies out there offer feminized seeds, it might not be clear why exactly this alternative to basic cannabis seeds is even available. Hopefully, this article will answer an important question: are feminized cannabis seeds worth it?

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds might seem mysterious, but when you understand a particular quality of the cannabis plant, it all makes a lot more sense. You see, while female cannabis plants can be pollinated by male plants (to make seeds) just like most other flora, they have a special additional option that makes them great for this feminization process: when stressed (by climate, lack of nearby male plants, etc), they can pollinate themselves! The result? Cannabis seeds that have no male chromosomes, aka feminized cannabis seeds.

Using the fine-tuned methods developed over many years, breeders can create feminized cannabis seeds that are 99% guaranteed to flower and produce therapeutic buds. Hermaphroditic plants were an issue back when this whole process began, but today it’s highly unlikely your feminized cannabis seeds will grow into anything but “female” plants. (We put female in quotes because yes, technically, you are growing feminized plants, not female plants, but there’s no actual difference in the final results.)

Why are feminized seeds more expensive?

The benefits outlined below will explain to you why feminized cannabis seeds are a bit more costly than regular cannabis seeds. We think these are really good reasons, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re fairly certain that once you do the math (something like a $10 cannabis seed can net you up to $1200 in prepared flower), you’ll agree that feminized cannabis seeds are worth it!

Why Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

There are a bunch of reasons it’s worth a few extra dollars to pick up feminized cannabis seeds rather than regular, unfeminized cannabis seeds. And here you have them:

  1. Don’t get stressed. Yes, your final buds will be able to relieve stress for you, but guess what – you won’t even have (gardening-related) stress when you choose feminized cannabis seeds. You see, feminized cannabis seeds will not produce any male plants, so you don’t have to painstakingly check each plant as it matures to make sure you weed out the males before they pollinate the females.
  2. Save Your Space. Even if the strain you choose to grow makes you a bit spacy after a couple tokes, at least your garden will be fully stocked with plants! Planting regular cannabis seeds means watching as your plants grow and removing the males when they’re old enough to be identified, but before they’re old enough to pollinate. Since you can’t actually tell until they’ve grown a bit, you’ll end up with gaps in your grow room that formerly had male plants and are now sitting empty. That’s just depressing.
  3. Pocket Some Cash. More for that 7-11 run when you get the munchies – am I right? Even though feminized cannabis seeds cost a bit more, you’ll save money in the long run and not just on prepared weed. Regular cannabis seeds provide an average of half male and half female seeds, so if you’re pulling up half of them, you’re wasting half your money.

Why Buy Non-Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

If feminized cannabis seeds are the bee’s knees – and we think they are – why does anyone even sell regular seeds anymore?

Well, probably because some gardeners like to do everything the old-fashioned way – which is great! They might want male plants because they want to create their own seeds, or they don’t want to take any shortcuts with their grow. But as feminized seeds continue to become more reliable (99% success, remember?), we think more and more people will turn to this time- and money-saving option.

  • 10-seed pack of regular cannabis seeds for $85 = 5 female plants = $16/plant
  • 10-seed pack of feminized cannabis seeds for $100 = 10 female plants = $10/plant

The Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

At Growers Choice, we’re proud to source and deliver the best feminized cannabis seeds on the market. We’re not a seed bank, so we don’t just offer up unqualified seeds from various breeders. Rather, we use two trusted breeders we’ve tested and approved, and you’ll only get high-quality feminized cannabis seeds tended by their own expert cultivators.

We have a fantastic selection of products that suit every preference. Whether you’re seeking soothing relief or just looking to chill out (regional laws allowing, of course), there’s something for you on the Growers Choice shelves. All our seeds are feminized, but you can choose from:

  • Regular Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Medical (high-CBD) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

We are always expanding our selection, check out our list of strains to find out what’s best for you.

Too many choices? Let us recommend our top strains in each category:

Get Feminized Cannabis Seeds Delivered

Not only do we stock our retail section with premium cannabis seeds and our resource section with helpful tips and articles, we’re also dedicated to fast, discreet delivery of your order. Even though feminized cannabis seeds can’t be germinated everywhere, they can be collected all throughout North America, so why wait? Place your order for the finest cannabis seeds today, and discover why Growers Choice is the talk of the town when it comes to reliable service and seeds.

So, what do you think? Are feminized cannabis seeds worth it?

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