Purple Kush Cannabis Strain

1. Breeding History

This enduringly popular indica strain has been flying off the shelves at Growers Choice ever since it made its debut in early 2018. If you haven’t yet experienced the premium genetics of this fan favorite, you’re missing out!

1.1 Purple Kush Origin

Purple Kush comes from noble landrace heritage it would be proud to boast about at upper crust dinner parties (kind of like if you were the child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). Hindu Kush is a classic strain named for the mountain range within which it grows, and Afghani is another strictly indica strain derived from pure Afghanistan stock. It’s no wonder anyone seeking a chill effect has likely tried Purple Kush or one of its royal parents.

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1.2 Relieve Stress with Purple Kush Cannabis

Thanks to the high amounts of resin and a body-based euphoria that leaves most users deeply relaxed, Purple Kush is an excellent option for those hoping to eradicate stress. These days, we’re so overstimulated by all our screens, hectic work life, and extracurriculars, it’s not surprising more and more of us are falling ill – after all, stress has been repeatedly shown to be the cause of almost any physical or mental ailment you can come down with.

Luckily, there’s Purple Kush, a strain that not only eases stress and chills out your entire body, but also leaves you feeling happy and hungry – just in case, in your busyness, you forgot to eat lunch.

2. Physical Appearance

Attributes of Purple Kush

As you might have figured out from its name, Purple Kush is quite the pretty plant. It sports purple-tinted buds as it flowers, and can even feature a red or purple hue on the undersides of the leaves. Sure, any strain can appear purple when photos are taken under the grow lights, but this strain is no poser.

You can also expect fairly thick leaflets on these indica fan leaves, and a rather short stature given this strain has no sativa background to lend it any leggy characteristics. A thick coating of resin will not only give your Purple Kush plants a lovely frosted look, but also contribute to the deep relaxation and couchlock for which this strain is known.

3. Growing Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds

3.1 Grow Purple Kush at Home

If you’re already waiting on your Purple Kush cannabis seeds to arrive at your door, you’re probably starting to think about the growing process. The good news is this strain is fairly straightforward to grow with good results, though it might not be quite ideal for the brand new gardener.

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3.2 How to Grow the Best Purple Kush

Feel free to grow Purple Kush indoor or out, whatever strikes your fancy. Indoors is great, since the small plants don’t take up much room and can still offer you up to 400 grams per square meter of fresh flower (coming out to approximately 100 grams dried).

If you choose an outdoor location, just be careful to monitor rainfall, as root rot can occur if the ground is saturated for extended periods of time. Purple Kush loves lots of sunlight and will thrive in a warm climate, offering you up to 300 grams per plant of curable bud. Cooler temps are ok for this strain, but be cautious of exposing your plants to any extreme climate fluctuations.

3.3 Growing Details

Expect your Purple Kush cannabis seeds to sprout within a few days of starting the germination process. After planting the sprouted seeds in soil or hydroponic medium, many growers give their Purple Kush about three weeks in the vegetative stage before switching to flowering, which averages 8 weeks. The Screen of Green method is a great pick for this strain due to its short and bushy physicality.

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4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 The Taste of Purple Kush

You won’t be surprised to hear that Purple Kush offers a scent and flavor reminiscent of fruity grape. You may also pick up on sweet and earthy tones. The primary terpenes in this strain are Myrcene, Pinene, and beta-Caryophyllene.

4.2 Purple Kush Effects and Potency

Our Purple Kush cannabis seeds usually grow into plants with about 19% THC and a low level of CBD. This means if using a moderate amount, you’re likely to get about a middle-ground “high” from this strain. That doesn’t mean the effects aren’t strong, though.

In addition to the body stone mentioned above, Purple Kush can instill a bit of brain fog in the height of its effects. You’ll be cheerful in that haze, though, we can tell you that.

4.3 Medical Effects of Purple Kush

Choose Purple Kush for its ability to relieve stress and induce sleep, even if you’ve been plagued by insomnia for ages. You’ll also likely find a boost to minor depression from this strain, and some fairly notable pain relief. Those with chronic pain will find this a lovely strain, as well as patients simply seeking something to ease the aches of a workout or bad night.

5. Buy Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds

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5.1 Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds for Sale

If you buy Purple Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you’re getting the best of the best. Our strains are all lab tested and fully feminized, so there will be no annoying watching for and weeding out male plants – hallelujah!

In addition to quick delivery and helpful customer service, our website is packed with useful tips for growing and harvesting your cannabis plants, and for getting the most out of your seeds.

5.2 The Growers Choice Cannabis Seed Germination Guarantee

In addition to all those selling points above, Growers Choice is a proud purveyor of the best germination guarantee around! When you buy Purple Kush cannabis seeds from us and follow our easy germination guide, you’re covered! If fewer than 90% of your seeds germinate (in the case of a 3-pack, that means if even a single seed fails to sprout), you’re covered! You just get in touch to let us know, and we send you a replacement seed for only a small shipping fee – you don’t have to buy a whole new pack to get your garden going. How’s that for customer service?

Discover the satisfaction of growing your own medicine and the many medicinal and recreational benefits of Purple Kush cannabis seeds!

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