Everything You Need to Know About Purple Kush

Everything You Need to Know About Purple Kush

Purple Kush, which also answers to the name of “Purple Hindu Kush,” is a pure indica that is the resultant cross of two renowned indica landrace strains. Immensely popular amongst indica fans for its drawn-out and relaxing effects, mouthwatering taste, and runway model bag appeal, Purple Kush was named a Top 10 Kush Strain in 2016 by the high-regarded High Times magazine. 

Detailed Description of Purple Kush

In the subsections below we’ll cover topics like Purple Kush’s genetics, parentage, appearance, fragrance and flavor profiles, etc.–after which we will jump into all of the incredible effects this potently pure indica has to offer users.

Genetic Profile

Purple Kush’s parent strains Hindu Kush and the purple-hued version of Afghani, known as “Purple Afghani,” are both landrace indicas that hail from South-Central Asia. Thanks to these two indica titans, Purple Kush is also a highly impressive indica that contains a mighty THC content of 22%.

Physical Appearance

As a 100% indica, it probably won’t come as a surprise to some of you that the marijuana plants produced by Purple Kush cannabis seeds are quite short and stocky in height and shape. In addition, the buds that it produces, while just a bit larger than one might expect from an indica, are still very indica-like in their structure, as they are quite dense and heavy.

Generally, the buds produced by Purple Kush cannabis plants are a head-turning, near-equal blend of greens and purples–the latter of which we will talk about further down in terms of how to bring out this strain’s purple shades. 

As if Purple Kush’s greens and purples aren’t already enough, this indica takes things much further with its fashion-forward shimmering nuggets that are adorned in white, dewy trichomes and brilliant orange pistils, making this strain quite the sight for sore eyes.

Fragrance and Flavor Profiles

Not only are Purple Kush’s buds blessed with irresistibly good looks, they also smell and taste amazing.

Scent-wise, those with keen sniffers say that this pure indica smells quite similar to an Afghani strain with its earthy, sandalwood overtones, which are made much more appealing thanks to the sweet, fruity, and grape-like accents that are also along for the ride.

As for Purple Kush’s taste, it’s often said that it tastes like a sweet dessert wine or that grape cough syrup that (most) kids always wanted just “one more spoonful” of due to its oddly enticing flavor. When it comes to combusting this indica, do know that its smoke can be rather harsh and sting the nostrils, as well as induce some coughing, but no one seems to mind due to how dang tasty this marijuana strain is.

Effects and Benefits

Remember that Purple Kush has a 22% THC content, which means you will definitely want to use this one in moderation until you know exactly how it will affect you. While it won’t necessarily body slam you into the ground right out of the cage, its relaxing effects make themselves known pretty quickly from the get-go and you’re all but guaranteed an evening of tranquil couchlock. 

Since Purple Kush doesn’t contain any sativa in its genetics, it doesn’t start off with any stimulating cerebral effects. Instead, it serves to calm both mind and body, leaving you feeling content to hang out on your couch smiling like a happy dope and getting lost in some super chill music or a fascinating nature show.

Its deeply tranquil effects, which most last about 2-3 hours, eventually turn to sedation and likely a good, solid night’s sleep that medical and recreational users will both be grateful for.

Growing Purple Kush: Best Practices and Expert Tips

So, now that you know more about what an amazing indica Purple Kush is, you might be thinking: “Great! Sign me up! But first, how exactly do I grow this? What size yields will it provide? How long will I have to wait before I can harvest its buds?”

Fear not! We shall do our best to answer all of these questions and more in the following subsections.

Optimal Growing Conditions 

So, for starters, Purple Kush is not going to be the best option for you if you’re a first-time grower, but if you have at least a moderate amount of previous cultivation experience, you should be able to successfully grow it indoors or out in a dry setting. In fact, because it does require an arid climate in which to thrive, many prefer to grow this indica indoors where they can control temperature and humidity levels, etc.

While Purple Kush can be somewhat challenging to grow, cultivators will be pleased to know that it’s naturally resistant to mold, pests, and parasites. Growers will also be delighted to know that because we at Growers Choice Seeds only sell feminized cannabis seed strains in photoperiod and autoflowering form, there’s a 99% chance of ending up with all-female marijuana plants!

To bring out Purple Kush’s infamous purple hues, you’ll need to shock your plants by exposing them to cool, but never freezing, temperatures just before they enter their flowering phase. (Doing so too soon could impact the overall yield sizes.)

Yield Times and Harvest Sizes

Grown indoors, Purple Kush plants tend to complete their flowering stage in about 65 days, after which you can look forward to harvesting approximately 400 grams per square meter.

When successfully cultivated outside, this pure indica should render about 300 grams per plant sometimes around the middle to end of September.

Harvesting and Curing

After harvesting your beatific Purple Kush buds, you’ll want to cure them, so as to ensure that they don’t lose their potency, taste, colors, etc. 

When curing the nuggets of this indica plant, you should simply hang them upside down for about seven days indoors in a space where temps are at a solid 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity stays at 50%.

After your buds are cured and dried, it’s advisable to seal them in wide-mouthed airtight glass jars in a 70-degree Fahrenheit room with humidity levels that hover between 60-65%.

Final thoughts on Purple Kush

If you’re someone who likes or needs the soothing unwind of a potent indica at the end of a long, hard day or are simply looking for something that will let you kick back, veg out, and take a nice nap on your day off, then Purple Kush is a solid choice. All you need is a little previous cannabis growing know-how, and you should be good to go to grow this highly-lauded indica.

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