1. Breeding History
  2. 1.1 What is Mazar cannabis?
    1.2 What does indica mean?

  3. Physical Appearance
  4. 2.1 What do Mazar marijuana plants look like?

  5. Growing
  6. 3.1 How To Grow Mazar Feminized cannabis seeds
    3.2 Is indica easier to grow than sativa?
    3.3 Yield of Mazar cannabis plant

  7. Flavor and Effect
  8. 4.1 What does Mazar pot smell like?
    4.2 Mazar weed effect?
    4.3 Medical uses for Mazar cannabis

  9. Get Mazar Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice
  10. 5.1 What is the water glass and paper towel germination method?
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1. Breeding History

1.1 What is Mazar cannabis?

Mazar is one of Growers Choice’s 21 cannabis seed varieties, an indica-dominant strain with potent relaxation effects and many medical attributes. Born from a cross between pure Afghani Mazar I Sharif and Skunk, our Mazar cannabis seeds are easy to germinate and grow, and offer excellent evening treatment.

1.2 What does indica mean?

Indica is one of the two most common species of the medicinal cannabis plant. Unlike sativa which, depending on how it is bred and cultivated may develop into either industrial hemp or an energizing medical option, indicas are deeply relaxing and offer a kind of full-body “high” that can leave patients sprawled on the couch as their muscles relax and their pain eases away.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 What do Mazar marijuana plants look like?

A relatively short marijuana plant variety, Mazar features the bushy, stocky look of most indicas, with the buds on mature plants densely packed, the nodes all quite close together. It’s the perfect indoor plant.

3. Growing

3.1 How To Grow Mazar Feminized cannabis seeds

Mazar is a relatively easy strain to cultivate, and it does extremely well indoors since its traditionally late harvest pushes it a bit to close to winter for much of the world. The Sea of Green method of low-stress training is a perfect match for our Mazar cannabis seeds, which reach a maximum of 1 meter in height and take between eight and nine weeks in the flowering stage. You may need to support the Mazar plants near the end of their growth cycle.

3.2 Is indica easier to grow than sativa?

Both indica and sativa cannabis strains have their varieties that are easier and more difficult to grow – this has more to do with their parent strains than it does their species. That said, if you’re planning to grow indoors, indicas are often a better choice (effects aside) because they do not grow as tall and can therefore be comfortably cultivated in a small space. Indica strains also tend to have shorter flowering periods, which means you’ll be harvesting your buds a bit sooner.

3.3 Yield of Mazar cannabis plant

If you take good care of your Mazar cannabis plants, you should see a relatively impressive yield for such a short species. Indoors, you might get as much as 550 grams of fresh flower from a meter square space, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where the plants can be grown outdoors (where the temperatures are still warm enough come November), you could see up to 650 grams of flower per plant.

4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 What does Mazar pot smell like?

Though Mazar is a good choice for a low-odor strain while growing, it does have a significant scent once cured or when heated. The buds smell a bit sweet and spicy, and might have a touch of a floral undertone.

4.2 Mazar weed effect?

As mentioned above, Mazar is the perfect evening or nighttime strain. Perhaps it is the purity of this strain that encourages a considerable euphoric sensation within the high, even as bone-deep relaxation and droopy eyes begin to take hold. It is definitely advisable to hold off on this strain until you’re ready to stay home for the night – you won’t be in the mood to go anywhere once the muscle relaxation sets in, anyway.

4.3 Medical uses for Mazar cannabis

If you have trouble falling asleep, you need to pick up some Mazar cannabis seeds. Insomniacs flock to this sleep-inducing strain, that acts as a muscle relaxant and stress-reliever in addition to a sleep aid. If chronic pain or anxiety is what keeps you awake, you’ll also find Mazar one of the best treatments on the market.

5. Get Mazar Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

5.1 What is the water glass and paper towel germination method?

This method is the one we strongly recommend for customers interested in germinating their Growers Choice cannabis seeds (in regions where germination and cultivation are legalized). Not only is the water glass and paper towel method very reliable and used by countless breeders and gardeners around the world, it is also extremely easy and does not require any fancy equipment.

Much like its name implies, this method begins with a glass of water, in which the cannabis seeds are soaked for up to 14 hours. After this time, and the seeds have all sunk to the bottom, the water and seeds are poured onto a paper towel on a plate, covered with the wet towel, and placed in a dark, warm location until the cannabis seeds have sprouted their first taproot. This waiting period can take between three and seven days, and the paper towel must be kept moist all this time.

The full instructions for the water glass and paper towel method are outlined in our Germination Guide. Following this method ensures your seeds are covered under our 90% Germination Guarantee, wherein we will replace your seeds if more than 10% fail to germinate!

5.2 Find cannabis seeds online

At Growers Choice, we offer the finest selection of cannabis seeds you’re likely to find anywhere – in dispensaries, garden centers, or on the internet. We deliver all our products right to the doors of our customers, who reside all over the world. If you’re looking for a cannabis seed company that does more than just hawk seeds, you’ve come to the right place. We stand behind our products with our 90% germination guarantee, and all the information shared on our website is kept safe and secure. Our cannabis seeds ship in medical-grade glass vials, in discreet packaging that keeps your order private.

We’re always happy to share our knowledge and help out anyone seeking to embark on their home-growing adventure, and our site is packed with helpful tips on both growing your own cannabis, and using it to treat your condition or symptoms.

Order the wonderfully relaxing Mazar Feminized cannabis seeds today, and Get Growing with Growers Choice.