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Jealousy Strain

Jealousy is a must-try strain that was first introduced to the world by Seed Junky Genetics who crossed parent strains Gelato #41 and Sherbet together to gift recreational users and medical marijuana patients with a delicious evenly-balanced strain. To find out more about this hybrid weed strain that provides users with a balanced and well-rounded experience and how to grow it, keep on reading!

What are the blend of effects of the Jealousy strain of cannabis?

  • Euphoric
  • Cerebral
  • Focus
  • Energetic

The Jealousy strain is a 50/50 hybrid that truly delivers a distinct balance of effects to those who encounter it. However, with a THC content that averages around 27%, newbies may want to use this potent strain in very small doses.

Considered an absolute must-try strain amongst seasoned users, Jealousy’s potent effects deliver an immensely uplifting and euphoric cerebral experience with a burst of energy and mental acuity that is evenly balanced out by its soothing body relaxation that won’t sedate–provided you use it in moderation that is.

Many veteran users say that Jealousy is the ideal strain for feeling more motivated, physically recharged, and capable of focusing on the task at hand, whilst simultaneously experiencing some genuine physical and mental relaxation that clears tensions pent up in the body and mind.

As such, the Jealousy strain is also highly popular amongst artists and creative types who are looking for that extra boost of inspired productivity.

One last thing to note about this well-balanced cannabis strain is that it does tend to induce a big case of the munchies, so you’ll want to make sure your pantry is well-stocked before indulging in Jealousy.

What are the medical benefits of the Jealousy strain?

As you may already know, cannabis does not have to contain a significant amount of CBD in order for it to have the potential to provide medical marijuana patients with some significant medical benefits. However, even in places where medical cannabis is legal, its therapeutic properties in addressing various mental and physical medical conditions are still considered to be purely anecdotal.

When it comes to Jealousy’s potential antidepressant-like effects, it is said to help those who are suffering from chronic stress, dark feelings of despair, and various mood swings due to its mood-boosting properties and calming ways.

As for this 50/50 hybrid’s potential effects for those seeking some relief in a chemical-free way, numerous patients report that Jealousy is quite effective in alleviating nausea–thanks to its analgesic effects.

Lastly, because of how this dynamic strain imbues users with some long-lasting physical energy, it is said to be helpful to those who are feeling weighed down to get an extra bout of energy so that they can get things done.

What are the adverse effects of the Jealousy strain?

Provided that you use Jealousy in moderation and don’t have a low tolerance to THC, its most common side effects are cottonmouth, and dry, red eyes–both of which can be pretty easily remedied by drinking plenty of water and using eye drops, respectively.

Other than that, unless you consider the munchies to be a negative, Jealousy doesn’t really seem to present any other significant adverse effects.

What are Jealousy’s fragrance and flavor profiles?

What is Jealousy’s terpene profile?

Terpenes occur naturally in cannabis, as well as in other types of plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, etc. They are what give all of this flora, etc. their flavors and fragrances, as well as their potential healing properties. While this may sound too “woo woo” to some, consider the fact that traditional plant medicines have been around for thousands of years longer than Western medicine. This is not to say that Western medicine isn’t important and necessary. However, to discredit the efficacy of traditional healing modalities that have been around for far longer would be equally foolish.

When it comes to Jealousy’s terpene composition, its most dominant terpene is that of caryophyllene. Its other terpenes are myrcene and limonene, and usually humulene and linalool as well.

The smell and taste of the Jealousy strain

Thanks to Jealousy’s terpene profile, it has a very inviting aroma and flavor.

This delicious-smelling, evenly-balanced strain is said to smell strongly of fruits and citrus, with a lovely aroma of vanilla and some earthy undertones. Flavor-wise, Jealousy tastes much like it smells with sweet citrusy flavors and the right blend of tartness and spiciness that balance things out.

In short, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a cannabis user who is not a fan of Jealousy’s fragrance and flavor!

How do I grow the Jealousy strain?

Overall, Jealousy is considered to be a pretty easy strain to grow for cultivators of all skill levels, including first-timers. In addition, since Growers Choice only sells feminized cannabis seeds, growers have a 99% chance of ending up with all-female plants. Not only does this provide cultivators with the cannabinoid-rich buds that they desire, but it also saves time, money, and resources as growers don’t have to spend time weeding out male plants, which will pollinate and turn the buds to seed. While this is a great thing for breeders, this is not something that your average at-home grower wants.

Jealousy can be grown both indoors and out so long as it is in a warm and humid setting. In addition, it is recommended that you prune your plants from time to time. Doing so helps to ensure that air and light can circulate to the lower-growing branches, and it helps in reducing the risk of mold or mildew forming.

What do Jealousy cannabis plants look like?

Easy-to-grow Jealousy plants are medium in height and produce smallish nuggets that are shaped like spades. Its olive green nuggets have some pretty alluring bag appeal that makes them the envy of many a strain as they feature soft purple undertones that are vibrantly interwoven with wispy curly orange pistils and a thick frosting of white crystal trichomes that in certain lights have a purplish tint to them as well.

When to harvest your Jealousy cannabis plants

Provided that you provide your Jealousy marijuana crops with the right growing conditions, you should be able to easily obtain above-average-sized yields.

When grown indoors, this evenly-balanced hybrid strain usually flowers in 9-10 weeks, after which you can anticipate a harvest of about 396 to over 450 grams per square foot.

Cultivated outdoors, Jealousy should render its approximate harvest of 425 to 538 grams per plant somewhere around the middle part of the month of October.

Where can I purchase Jealousy feminized seeds?

While there are numerous seed banks in existence–some of which are pretty good–when it comes to the very best in quality, selection, and affordability, then Growers Choice Seeds is going to be your best bet.

Provided below are some of the other reasons that Growers Choice has gained and maintained such a loyal following of commercial and at-home cultivators all around the world:

  • Our extensive seed catalog of high-quality feminized and autoflowering landrace and hybrid strains
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team
  • Our germination rate guarantee, which is one of the highest in the entire industry
  • Our speedy and discreet shipping service
  • Our free and informative blog that covers pretty much everything you need to know about cannabis, including how to grow it.

Other strains of weed that are similar to the Jealousy strain

  1. Overlord OG: While this exceptionally unique indica-heavy hybrid’s mind-bending, couch-locking effects are quite different than that of Jealousy,  the two both share in common a THC level of 27%.
  2. Pez: This pure indica landrace strain of Asian heritage is a thoroughly relaxing strain that sets in slowly, radiating in waves throughout your body to release all tension for a dreamy, slightly hallucinogenic experience, and like Jealousy, it contains 27% THC.
  3. Runtz: Like Jealousy, this autoflower, which is a highly acclaimed strain that is coveted for its deeply euphoric properties, also contains 50% sativa and 50% indica.
  4. Green Candy: This upbeat and rousing hybrid that many users like to indulge in as a wake-and-bake or midday pick-me-up is another strain that like Jealousy is a 50/50 hybrid. However, unlike Jealousy, Green Candy leans more sativa in its effects.
  5. Alien OG: This fabulous hybrid that will take you to another world where psychedelic head highs and exhilarating body highs freely roam also contains 50% sativa and 50% indica, but, unlike Jealousy, Alien OG is just a bit more of a challenge to cultivate.

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