Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

1. Breeding History of Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

1.1 The History of Critical Purple Auto-Flowering

Critical Purple is a unique and obscure strain born of a cross between two popular indica-dominant strains: Critical Mass and Big Bud. Let’s first take a look at each of these strains individually.

Critical Mass is derived from an Afghani landrace strain and the popular Skunk. With a sweet and earthy flavor, this heavily indica strain is known for its euphoric and sedating effects, and its ability to help people regain appetite, fight depression, and ease pain. Critical Mass often has a higher CBD content than other strains, and at Growers Choice we do sell CBD Critical Mass, which has minimal THC levels.

Big Bud also hails from Afghani and Skunk roots, with the addition of Northern Lights. Another highly relaxing and sleep-inducing strain, Big Bud can battle insomnia and soothe away stress, and has even been seen to lessen inflammation, which is helpful to patients struggling with auto-immune disorders.

Together, these strains create Critical Purple, originally intended to provide some stability to unpredictable Big Bud. Boasting sky-high THC levels (about 27%!) and the densely packed flowers typical of Critical Mass, Critical Purple auto-flowering cannabis seeds are an obvious choice both for first-time gardeners and savvy aficionados.

1.2 What does ruderalis do?

Our Critical Purple is even more unique than most because we have added ruderalis into the mix, which renders our strain an automatic variety. Ruderalis, originating in Russia, is an industrial hemp-like cannabis species that does little to alter the THC levels and effects of cannabis strains, but does pass on its almost magical growth period transition powers. Because summers in Russia are short, ruderalis has developed the ability to automatically switch from the vegetative stage over to the flowering stage after two weeks of growth, rather than relying on the shortening of sunlight hours like most strains.

As a result, people growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds don’t have to worry about picking the right time to make the switch – they can simply leave their lighting the same for the duration of the growing period.

Ruderalis also causes cannabis plants to be smaller and stockier, and shortens the overall growing time by as much as 2 weeks.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 What does Critical Purple Auto-Flowering look like?

Critical Purple has mid-level green leaves which may showcase some hybrid features (narrower leaflets) or have full-fledged, wide indica fingers. The flowers and possibly the leaves could have some traces of purple – hence its name – which showcases the existence of anthocyanin, a pigment found in produce, with many proven medical benefits.

Critical Purple is bushy and dense, well-laden with large buds thanks to its Critical Mass heritage, and will give you a considerable yield despite its small stature.

3. Growing Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds

3.1 How do I grow Critical Purple?

Thanks to its auto-flowering capabilities, Critical Purple pot seeds are quite easy to plant and grow. Following germination, the sprouted seeds can be planted indoors or out, though many gardeners enjoy planting auto-flowering strains indoors, since the small size is perfect for tighter spaces. Whether you want to plant your cannabis seeds using soil or hydroponic medium is up to you, this strain should flourish in a range of conditions.

Remember, Growers Choice offers a 90% germination guarantee; make sure to follow our germination method and you will be covered under this promise. Our guarantee means you know your investment is safe.

3.2 How much flower does Critical Purple produce?

Under ideal circumstances, you can expect quite a good yield from Critical Purple plants grown from Growers Choice cannabis seeds. For indoor grow rooms, expect about 350 grams of fresh flower per square meter; outdoor growing should give you about 300 grams of fresh flower per plant!

4. Effect and Flavor of Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

4.1 What symptoms can Critical Purple treat?

Critical Purple marijuana seeds addresses many of the same conditions and symptoms as Critical Mass and Big Bud varieties. If you’re struggling with difficulty sleeping, this is an excellent strain – taken right before bed it will encourage your body to sleep through the night; if the dose is consumed an hour or so before lights out, you should be able to fall into sleep with newfound ease.

This strain is also notable for its pain-relieving effects. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic pain disorder or acute pain from an injury, you should find some relief with Critical Purple. Also try out this variety when you’re experiencing stress or anxiety, or when nausea is making it difficult to keep food down. You might even find Critical Purple can beat back headaches and migraines!

4.2 The Surprising Scent of Critical Purple

Critical Purple can have an unexpected floral scent, so don’t be surprised if you catch wind of a rose-like odor during growing and harvest.

4.3 Is Critical Purple a good recreational strain?

If you’re looking for a cannabis seed strain that will offer a pleasant experience just for chilling out, then Critical Purple is a great choice (in locations where recreational use is permitted). This strain is likely to give you a serious case of couch-lock, so don’t plan any activities for the remainder of the evening. You may find a burst of lazy creativity, as well, thanks to the Critical Mass genetics.

5. Get Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Weed Seeds from Growers Choice

5.1 Get weed seeds delivered

At Growers Choice, we’re happy to deliver your weed seeds straight to your door. All you need to do is place you order and enter your information – which is always kept on secure servers; payment info is deleted following processing – and you’re good to go. We will hand-select your seeds and package them in medical-grade glass vials, then ship them anywhere in North America in discreet, unbranded boxes or envelopes.

Don’t forget to check the laws of your state or region before doing anything with your cannabis seeds. Buying cannabis seeds is legal so long as they remain ungerminated, but certain states have laws permitting or forbidding home germination.

5.2 Where to buy Critical Purple cannabis seeds

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is the perfect place to get premium, reliable, 100% feminized cannabis seeds. We sell 21 varieties: seven auto-flowering strains (including Critical Purple), 3 high-CBD strains that cause no psychoactivity, and 11 regular feminized varieties including favorites like White Widow and OG Kush.

Get Growing today by picking up some Critical Purple auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice!