Moby Dick Strain

Created by Dinafem Seeds, a renowned breeder lab in Amsterdam, sativa-dominant Moby Dick is an award-winning hybrid that was awarded first place in Soft Secrets 2010 “Girl of the Year” category. As the powerful offspring of White Widow and Haze, this strong sativa has the power to blow a crew of obsessed whalers led by a deranged captain out of the waters, or at least inexperienced cannabis users.

Read on to find out more about this powerhouse of a sativa that provides users with a whale-sized surge of energy, how to cultivate it, and why Moby Dick is a must for those seeking a stimulating classic sativa experience.

What are the effects of Moby Dick cannabis?

  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Energetic

Moby Dick cannabis seeds are a good choice for growers with at least a medium amount of cultivation experience under their belts. Under the right cultivation and care, this excellent strain matures into tall plants that contain a sativa-to-indica ratio of 75:25, and a behemoth-sized THC level of about 25%-27%!

This strong sativa is known for kicking into action fast and furiously with a deluge of all-engulfing energy and extremely euphoric cerebral effects that will have you happily reveling in the smile-inducing, positive vibes this incredible hybrid has to gift users with.

Moby Dick’s buoyant and upbeat properties are all about making users forget all their worries and stressful pursuits of the day and just enjoy the beauty of being alive and feeling like the world is their oyster. As the song put it, with this sativa, there “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough…” This is to say, if you have a lot to accomplish, not only will it feel possible, but you’ll likely go about your work with a big ol’ ring on your face as you do.

Fortunately, Moby Dick isn’t just about motivation and productivity, it’s about having a good, laughter-filled time, which is why many users love to indulge in this sativa when out and about with friends or at a house party, etc.

Its uplifting, long-lasting effects are one of this cannabis cup winner’s greatest selling points, and its indica content is just enough that it relaxes without sedating you. Essentially, it puts an end to symptoms of stress from your mind and body, freeing you up to enjoy your day or evening to the maximum extent possible.

All of that said, as mentioned at the start, Moby Dick’s cerebral effects and THC content are extremely potent, which means this is probably not the best strain to use if you either have a low tolerance to THC or are a newbie to the wonderful world of weed.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Moby Dick cannabis?

Thanks to Moby Dick’s energetic and rousing mood boost, as well as its gentle soothing of mental and physical tensions, it is considered to be a good medical strain for medical marijuana patients who want the anecdotal therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the heavy drowsiness of an indica-dominant hybrid.

To start with, Moby Dick’s positive and upbeat cerebral effects are claimed by some medicinal users to help those who are feeling buried under the heaviness of chronic stress, negative thoughts, feelings of doom and gloom, and other mood-related disorders come up out into the warmth of the light and feel lighter and more optimistic about things.

Despite not having a very prominent indica content, per some anecdotal evidence, Moby Dick reportedly has have some analgesic effects on the body. As such, some patients report that this sativa-dominant strain potentially helps to provide temporary relief from chronic pain, joint aches, inflammation, arthritis, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite.

What are the adverse effects of Moby Dick?

As an extraordinarily powerful strain, Moby Dick’s overall side effects aren’t nearly as extreme as one might think. Generally speaking, its most common side effects are the ones typical to the majority of marijuana strains in that you may end up experiencing feelings of dehydration or dry, itchy eyes–both of which can be easily remedied by drinking plenty of water and using eye drops, respectively.

In some cases, especially amongst less-experienced cannabis consumers or those who exceed their usual dosage, Moby Dick has been reported to leave some feeling somewhat dizzy. In even rarer cases, some cannabis consumers have been known to experience an uptick in their feelings of paranoia.

What are Moby Dick’s Flavor and Aroma Profiles?

What is Moby Dick’s Terpene Content?

Terpenes occur naturally in cannabis, as well as in other types of plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, etc. They are what give all of this flora etc. their flavors and fragrances, as well as their potential healing properties. For example, lavender contains linalool, which is a terpene that is known to have calming effects, which is why it is used in aromatherapy and other traditional healing modalities to help users feel more relaxed.

As for Moby Dick, this sativa’s collection of terpenes include phellandrene, caryophyllene, myrcene, terpinolene, D-Limonene, β-Pinene, and ocimene.

What does Moby Dick Smell and Taste like?

Thanks to Moby Dick’s abundant terpenes, it provides users with some wonderfully delightful fragrances and flavors.

Upon first getting a whiff of this powerhouse, you’ll likely immediately note its strong aroma of lemon, which carries with it sweet earthy notes.

As for Moby Dick’s mouthwatering flavor profile, it gifts those who encounter it with sweet and sour lemon overtones that are complemented with some flavorful earth and pine undertones.

How do I grow Moby Dick cannabis seeds?

While Moby Dick has a natural resistance to common diseases, molds, and mildew, its maintenance needs will likely be too much for first-time amateur growers, but it’s also not such an extremely difficult hybrid to grow that only advanced growers and commercial growers can successfully cultivate it. In short, if you have about a medium amount of previous cultivation experience, you should be fine growing this strain. Plus, thanks to the fact that Growers Choice only sells feminized cannabis seeds, cultivators have a 99% chance of ending up with all-female, bud-bearing plants.

While indoor growers can definitely successfully raise their Moby Dick crops inside so long as the plants get approximately 800 watts of light per square meter, good ventilation, and plenty of space in which to stretch, most prefer to grow this sativa outdoors due to it height.

Grown outside, Moby Dick’s monster plants require a warm and sunny Mediterranean-like climate where they have plenty of space to develop.

In general, experts recommend keeping this sativa’s amounts of nutrients at a reasonable pH level that does not exceed 6.5. In addition, due to Moby Dick’s excessive height, you’ll want to make sure to regularly trim it and provide the proper supports to help with its weight.

What do Moby Dick cannabis plants look like?

While Moby Dick the cannabis strain is not white in color like the legendary literary whale, its plants are quite monolithic in size–reaching heights as tall as 12 feet high, which is not at all uncommon for a sativa-dominant strain.

The buds that this incredible sativa produces also show their sativa genetics by being quite chunky and dense in structure. Colorwise, this hybrid’s nuggets are various shades of green with deep orange twisty pistils. Covered in thick, shimmering crystal trichomes that indicate Moby Dick’s powerful THC content, growers will be sure to be delighted by what they see come harvest time.

When to harvest your Moby Dick cannabis plants

While Moby Dick does require a fair amount of attention during its vegetative and flowering periods, the fact is you’ll probably quickly forget how much work you had to put into caring for this strain once you start to reap its truly extraordinary yields.

When grown indoors, this fabulous sativa has an eight-to-nine-week flowering period after which it should reward you with a huge yield of approximately 600 grams per square meter.

Provided you live in the right part of the world in terms of Moby Dick’s environmental needs, you’ll definitely want to cultivate it outside as this sativa is known for producing not just a heavy yield but a whale of a harvest that totals around 1.2 kilograms per plants sometime between the middle of October to early November.

Similar cannabis strains to Moby Dick

  1. Haze This vintage Santa Cruz sativa-dominant strain is unmatched in its sativa-induced creative, energy-inducing, chatty high, and indica-balanced body-tingling buzz is one of Moby Dick’s parent strains.
  2. White Widow This infamous and highly sought-after sativa-dominant strain that’s famous for its well-rounded effects is also a parent to Moby Dick.
  3. Hawaiian Haze: Like Moby Dick, this near-pure sativa that’s known for taking users on an immensely happy and enjoyably trippy ride, also has Haze as one of its parent strains.
  4. White Russian: This winner of numerous distinguished awards is a prestigious, inspiring, well-balanced hybrid that leans sativa in its effects also has White Widow as one of its parents.
  5. Cat Piss: Like Moby Dick, this delightful wake-and-bake that is named for its stench, and, fortunately, not its flavor, also has a sativa-to-indica content of 75:25.

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