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1. Breeding History

1.1 What is CBD Critical Mass cannabis?

A combination of classic Critical Mass and a pure CBD strain, our CBD Critical Mass is an indica-dominant variety with enough sativa undertones to make this an excellent “anytime” strain. Thanks to the already high CBD levels of regular Critical Mass, this CBD version has more pronounced relaxing effects and tons of medical promise.

Our CBD Critical Mass contains equal parts THC and CBD: 7%.

1.2 Medical uses of CBD?

THC, the most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis, can get a bad rap from the medical side of things, but the fact is in addition to causing the psychoactive high for which marijuana has long been both demonized and celebrated, THC has many medical benefits in its own right.

Despite this it is CBD, the second-most prevalent cannabinoid, that has received the majority of the fame around medical cannabis use. Not only does CBD counteract the psychoactivity of THC, it causes none on its own, and has many additional benefits including acting as an:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • antiemetic
  • antidepressant

Interestingly, CBD or cannabidiol is found on the leaves of cannabis plants as much or more than in the buds (part of the reason its concentrations are so low in many strains). Growers tend to use these extra parts of the plant when making cannabis for edibles, and that is why edibles can have a more CBD-like effect than other consumption methods.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 Appearance of Critical Mass CBD marijuana plants?

Well-packed with buds in amongst yellow-green leaves, CBD Critical Mass marijuana can grow quite tall and developed an extremely impressive yield of medical flowers.

3. Growing

3.1 Grow medical CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds

Growing your own medical garden with CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds has never been easier now that Growers Choice is on the job. Not only do we deliver premium cannabis seeds right to your door, but we stick with you every step of the way. Our website is packed with helpful tips and information on how to germinate, plant, cultivate, harvest, cure, and use the healing cannabis flowers and leaves that grow up from those tiny, innocuous cannabis seeds.

A mold-susceptible strain, CBD Critical Mass is a perfect indoor or greenhouse variety – this environment gives the gardener explicit control over the entire growing process. Though quite a tall plant for an indica, our CBD Critical Mass can do well with the Sea of Green method of low-stress training.

Following a flowering period of 8-10 week, CBD Critical Mass will have produced a jaw-dropping amount of fresh cannabis flowers – as its name implies. If you’re growing the plants indoors, you an expect as much as 600 grams per square meter of garden, and outdoors in ideal temperatures, CBD Critical Mass can offer up to 1 kg of fresh bud.

3.2 Harvest medical cannabis

When harvesting medical cannabis plants, it is important to remember to flush your plants properly in the weeks prior. While you never want to smoke or vaporize any plant matter than has remaining chemicals or fertilizers – breathing in those compounds is terrible for your lungs and body – when you’re seeking purely medical treatment this is even more significant.

To flush your cannabis plants, simply cease adding any fertilizers or other products to the water or soil in the two or three weeks before you plant to harvest. While this does require a bit of forethought, it’s worth the extra research or close attention to the pistils and trichomes. The last few times you water the plants, let the water run through until the runoff is almost clear again.

Buy CBD Critical Mass Medical Cannabis Seeds
Buy Wholesale Critical Mass Medical Seeds

4. Effects

4.1 How will CBD Critical Mass weed make me feel?

Thanks to its high percentage of indica, CBD Critical Mass weed is a relaxing strain that encourages your body to return completely to ease, perhaps in a way it hasn’t in months. Despite this bone-deep relaxation, CBD Critical Mass isn’t known for its immediate soporific effects: you may begin to feel drowsy or sleepy after a few hours, but initially you should simply feel a comfortable sedation perfect for evening or lazy afternoons.

Thanks to the high content of CBD and low content of THC, CBD Critical Mass will not cause a psychoactive or “mental” high.

4.2 Using CBD Critical Mass as medicine

CBD Critical Mass is an excellent strain for treating a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. People struggling with chronic pain from any number of causes can find fast relief from the sensations. The strain also acts as an antiemetic, preventing nausea and even stimulating appetite, so patients undergoing chemotherapy or dealing with eating disorders often choose CBD Critical Mass.

You’ll find the effects long-lasting and impressive, soothing away stress and anxiety in addition to these other symptoms. CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds give you the opportunity to build a homeopathic “pharmacy” right in your own home, comprised of only all-natural, safe medications.

5. Get CBD Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

5.1 How to germinate cannabis seeds

It’s a simple matter to successfully germinate your CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds following our water glass and paper towel method. We recommend this method not only because it is straightforward, highly reliable, and requires no fancy equipment, but also because when you use this method, you keep yourself covered by our 90% germination guarantee, which promises to replace any seeds beyond that 10% that fail to germinate.

You can find all the step-by-step instructions for this germination method, and get your cannabis seeds sprouting in no time, with our Germination Guide.

5.2 Get cannabis seeds delivered

Get your premium cannabis seeds delivered right to your door when you order from Growers Choice. We hand-select each seed and place it neatly into a medical-grade glass vial that ensures freshness and viability. Then your seeds are packaged in unbranded boxes or envelopes and shipped directly to you – we offer discreet, fast service, and all your personal information is kept private on our secure servers.

Choose us for your next purchase of CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds and you’ll quickly see why Growers Choice is the Best choice.

Buy CBD Critical Mass Medical Cannabis Seeds
Buy Wholesale Critical Mass Medical Seeds