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Apple Fritter Strain

We daresay that you’ll give up any dessert after taking one puff of Apple Fritter weed! This indica-dominant hybrid is most likely one of the strongest strains you’ve yet encountered, and offers an equally enticing flavor profile consisting of (you guessed it) sweet apples and baked goods! If our intro hasn’t got you hooked, the rest of this article most definitely will. 

Apple Fritter Genetics

Something as tempting and savory as the Apple Fritter cannabis strain can only be the result of mixing two equally delectable parents. Sour Apple and Animal Cookies are the ingredients in Apple Fritter’s recipe, and it’s no wonder! This Indica-dominant hybrid strain will melt your buds with flavors of tangy apple and sweet, just-baked cookies.


Sour Apple is a derivative of the original Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99 and is predominantly an Indica strain. Consumers of this strain adore its pungent aroma, flavors reminiscent of an apple orchard, and its potent and soothing high. Many users swear by its ability to relieve stress and anxiety with a single puff of its juicy apple buds.

Animal Cookies is another indica-heavy hybrid and is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. It is also a quite potent strain, washing over users with feelings of cozy relaxation, paired with flavors of freshly baked cookies. Many medical marijuana users swear by its appetite stimulation and ability to perk up moods.

As expected, Apple Fritter leans on the Indica side, with 60% indica and 40% sativa, making it a nearly balanced hybrid. It is the perfect combination, offering users both deeply relaxing and euphoric effects, with a little dash of creative inspiration. Be advised! This strain is not for the faint of heart, as it has a hefty THC content that has been known to make more than one user faceplant into an actual apple fritter pie when used in excess.

This dessert-like strain was initially bred by Lumpy’s Flowers, a relatively new (and cute, we might add) name in the cannabis breeding community. Although it’s hard to say when this strain was birthed, it gained traction around the mid-2010s and hasn’t lost speed since!


Apple Fritter is like nothing you’ve ever tasted…  nothing you’ve ever seen… nothing you’ve ever felt… and we’re here to tell you it’s the dessert you never knew you needed. One slice and you’re never going back. 

Appearance and Flower Time

Apple Fritter cannabis plants usually take about 8-9 weeks to flower, depending on the cultivation tactics of the grower. The appearance of these cannabis plants is something you won’t forget easily… they’re stunners! 

As they grow, these plants develop a thick and bushy aesthetic, with luscious foliage consisting of long, serrated leaves. These leaves are generally a deep, rich green, but sometimes other colors will burst through when they’re exposed to cooler temperatures. It’s not uncommon for splashes of purple and deep blue to make an appearance on the green canvas of the leaves.

The flowering stage is when Apple Fritter really lays it all out. The buds begin to gain weight, becoming increasingly bulbous and tightly packed, beginning to put on their frosty cloak of sparkly trichomes. Although all healthy buds display trichomes, they are particularly grand on a strand of Apple Fritter, paying homage to the strain’s insane potency and terpene profile that is bursting with flavors.

Interspersed among the trichomes are a jolt of orange and amber pistils. These minuscule little pillars amongst the frosty trichomes and painted leaves create a masterpiece akin to the Mona Lisa (it’s not uncommon for a tear to trickle down the cheek of viewers). 

Apple Fritter is fit to be grown indoors or outdoors, as the plant is bushy and elongated and can be adaptable depending on where it is grown. Generally, outdoors provides a little more room for the plants to stretch their little limbs, but it is not a requirement. As a last note of advice, if you want your garden to be the talk of the town, it’s no question that you simply must make space for Apple Fritter to be able to flaunt what it’s got.  

THC Content and Effects

Apple Fritter has a monumentally high THC content that usually caps off around 28%! Remember the warning we gave earlier? This is why. Many a gallant young whipper snapper got a little too cocky and choked down more than they could handle, causing adverse effects and honestly, just a bad time. To ensure you have the time of your life, we suggest growing comfortable with strains that have less THC content and gradually working your way up. Once you feel logically confident to take on Apple Fritter, do so slowly! But seriously, and always have water and a sweet buddy by your side. 

The blend of effects that Apple Fritter offers is a combo of euphoria and relaxation, which is part of the reason why this strain is gaining so much traction! Due to its Sativa-leaning, it won’t necessarily knock you out but instead offers calming effects that often lead to creative desires. Its potential medicinal effects include taking your stress down a few notches. However, this is not a guarantee, and more research is needed to confirm Apple Fritter’s medicinal effects.

Flavor and Aroma

This delectable strain offers users a delicious flavor, complete with sweet and fruity flavors that have a hint of vanilla and a slightly earthy undertone for good measure. It isn’t called Apple Fritter for nothing, and users find that the apple-like taste does shine forth, accompanied by a pastry-like sweetness that seals the deal. Voila. Apple Fritter.

The sweet apple aroma will really do you in, and as you take a draw of this strain’s mouth-watering flavors, you’ll be engulfed by earthy, slightly sour, and devilishly sweet and bold dessert aromas. Put down the ice cream and pick up a couple of Apple Fritter buds. 

Cultivation and Yield

Apple Fritter is a relatively fuss-free strain to cultivate and can thrive in both outdoor and indoor cultivation spaces. While this is true, the strain often prefers a cozy hydroponic setup or an outdoor garden, where it is free to stretch its limbs as long as it desires. These cannabis plants love being cultivated in a warm and sunny environment that is akin to a Mediterranean-like climate. Don’t forget to regularly prune its bushy branches to ensure that the plants experience enough airflow. For indoor gardens, growers must ensure that the plants receive an adequate amount of light and that the temperature and humidity levels are watched closely. Remember to water and feed your plants the right amount so that their growth is healthy throughout the entire cycle. Often, nitrogen and phosphorus can be excellent additions to the plants’ diet.

Purchasing Seeds and Similar Strains

We already know that you want to get your greasy fingers on some Apple Fritter cannabis seeds, and we can’t blame you. Below, we offer the safest and most trustworthy way to do so. We’ve also added a few strains that you will eat right up!

Where to Purchase Apple Fritter Seeds

Online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, are the main source where cultivators are acquiring high-quality Apple Fritter feminized seeds. Online seed banks generally have a ginormous amount of seeds to browse through, often carrying strains that most local seed banks do not. Also unlike most local seed banks, online seed banks provide detailed product descriptions that give cultivators all of the information they need to know about the strain.

While you might be able to trust your local seed bank employee, it’s far more convenient to have all of the information at your fingertips, along with customer reviews that back the products’ quality. We also know that many people are purchasing from states that do not endorse the growth of marijuana plants, and discretion is of the utmost importance in these cases! Thankfully, online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, offer safe and discreet packaging and shipping so that none will be the wiser when your package arrives. 

Similar Strains 

  1. Cherry Pie: Also a sumptuous dessert strain, Cherry Pie offers savory flavors of fruit that are both tart and sweet. This hybrid has similar effects to Apple Fritter, providing a balanced high that induces relaxation and delicious euphoria. 

  2. Wedding Cake: This strain, also a descendant of the Animal Cookies lineage, shares the high THC content (around 25%) and relaxing effects that are so adored in Apple Fritter.

  3. Gelato: Known for its dessert-like flavors that incorporate notes of floral and sweet citrus, Gelato also offers balanced effects of relaxation and a boost in creativity with a little euphoria sprinkled in.

  4. Do-Si-Dos: Another strain that descends from the Girl Scout Cookies family, Do-Si-Dos shares a similarly decadent flavor profile as Apple Fritter and is known for its potent effects of, again, relaxation and a jolly euphoria.

  5. Mimosa: Mimosa, a sativa-dominant hybrid, offers a sweet and citrusy flavor profile that will have you feeling like you’re in the tropics. While it differs in its sativa dominance, it shares the euphoric and creative effects of Apple Fritter.

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