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Amnesia Cannabis Strain

  1. Breeding History
  2. Physical Appearance
  3. How To Grow Amnesia Marijuana
  4. Flavor and Effect
  5. Buy Amnesia Cannabis Seeds
Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds


1. Breed History

1.1 Origins of Amnesia

Hard-hitting Amnesia cannabis seeds come from quite the royal lineage. No mere pauper’s plant, Amnesia is born of world-famous Northern Lights (a strain much lauded for its medicinal properties and used in many studies) and Haze, one of the original classics of the cannabis world. It should come as no surprise that Amnesia offers some properties of both these cannabis strains in its own impressive repertoire.

1.2 The Best Energizing Strains

Our Amnesia cannabis seeds are a blend of 90% sativa, and 10% indica, and they certainly show off their sativa dominance in their effects. As most people understand, sativa-dominant cannabis seed strains develop into flowers that offer uplifting and energizing effects, and Amnesia is no exception. Steer clear of this strain in the evening, or you might find yourself wide awake for much of the night. But the stimulation Amnesia ignites in the user will be appreciated for those who find themselves on the search for something other than caffeine (something more holistic, perhaps) to start their day.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 An Amnesia Visual

With leaves that may appear lime or dark green depending on the circumstances of your grow, Amnesia proudly shows off its sativa roots with a tall, slender figure that can reach close to six feet if lovingly tended out of doors. The sugar leaves and moderate development of buds can develop quite an impressive coating of resin despite the small amount of indica in Amnesia’s heritage. Once the buds have been harvested and dried, the Amnesia flowers are quite classic-looking, rather sausage-shaped, the prominent orange hairs of the pistils sharing the visual with darker leaves.

3. How To Grow Amnesia Marijuana

With help from Growers Choice, it couldn’t be easier to learn how to grow Amnesia marijuana plants.

3.1 Grow Your Own Amnesia Cannabis Seeds

When you first welcome your little Amnesia cannabis seeds into your home, you’ll find 3-25 small seeds in your medical-grade glass vial. Remove as many seeds as you want to plant (be sure to check the allowance on your medical records), and prepare them for germination. Next, visit our Germination Guide for step-by-step instructions on the best germination method we’ve found, and the one that will ensure the most success.

3.2 Ideal Growing Details

Once your seeds have sprouted, they can be planted in soil or hydroponic medium, indoor or out. Though ideal for a spacious indoor grow room, Amnesia cannabis plants will flourish outdoors so long as the temperature and humidity are suitable. If the temperature is going to drop below 40 degrees F, either set yourself up with a good covering system, or opt for indoors. Likewise, rainy weather is less than ideal because it can encourage mold and pests, so if you live somewhere rather tropical, a greenhouse or grow room is your best bet!

3.3 Growth Period and Yield

Your Amnesia cannabis seeds, once sprouted, will require a few weeks in the vegetative stage (the longer they spend in this phase, the sturdier their skeleton will be, making it more capable of supporting a good yield). Once you’ve set your plants on their flowering stage journey, Amnesia usually needs between 60 and 70 days until it’s ready for harvest. You can expect between 600 and 650 grams of flower per meter squared indoors, and as much as 700 grams per plant on those outdoor beauties.

4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 The Taste of Amnesia

Look forward to an earthy, citrusy flavor reminiscent of lemon and lime when you sample your Amnesia cannabis flowers. You might notice a bit of a pungency, and enjoy some sweetness on the side.

4.2 Effects of Amnesia

The flowers of our Amnesia cannabis seeds are many and wonderful. First, of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the most obvious potential side effect of this strain: loss of short term memory. Don’t panic, it isn’t anything serious or long-lasting, but if you’ve indulged a bit, you might notice your recollection of yesterday’s events are a bit, well, hazy. For this reason, Amnesia isn’t an ideal pick-me-up strain for days that include important meetings or vital deadlines.

That said, however, a small dose of Amnesia can do a lot to brighten an otherwise exhausting and mentally trying day. Many Amnesia lovers celebrate this strain’s ability to leave them feeling happy and relaxed, energized with just a touch of euphoria.

4.3 THC Content of Amnesia

From that list of its effects, you might think Amnesia has some sky-high THC level that will leave you reeling for days, but the truth is, our Amnesia has an average THC level of 20% – still high, of course, but certainly not on level with some of the more potent strains coming out of some modern nurseries. Enjoy your Amnesia in moderation, and you might find you have no side effects.

4.4 Using Amnesia for Medical Conditions

Given its ability to boost your spirits and energy, it should come as no surprise that some users have reported that it is an excellent all-natural remedy for stress, and – to a small degree – acute or chronic pain. A portion of users also noted relief from headaches (though we’d recommend testing that one, since others find it causes them), and of course, appetite stimulation, which is helpful not just for entertainment but also for those patients struggling with the side effects of chemotherapy or anorexia.

5. Buy Amnesia Cannabis Seeds

5.1 Get the Best Amnesia Seeds

We’ve tackled how to grow Amnesia marijuana, so what do you think? Does Amnesia sound like just the strain for you? Then you’ve come to the right place! Pick up your Amnesia cannabis seeds today, and experience the wonder of this fabulous strain for yourself. When you choose Growers Choice for your cannabis seed orders, you don’t have to worry and wonder about the growing methods or circumstances surrounding the dispensary’s procurement of your prepared buds – you can do it all yourself, with just the tools and enhancements you want. In truth, you can easily grow a single cannabis plant in a corner of your home!

5.2 Our Germination Guarantee for your Amnesia Seeds

Growers Choice doesn’t believe in leaving you high and dry after we’ve shipped your seeds, either. When you buy cannabis seeds from us, you are also purchasing our amazing 90% germination guarantee, which stipulates that as long as you follow our Germination Guide, we will replace two or more non-viable seeds below 90 percent. With us, your investment is always safe. So get out there, and get growing!

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