1. Breeding History
  2. 1.1 Where do American Haze cannabis seeds come from?
    1.2 What is Haze cannabis?
    1.3 Cannabis Strains with Haze In Them

  3. Physical Appearance
  4. 1.3 Cannabis Strains with Haze In Them

  5. Growing
  6. 3.1 How To Grow American Haze Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds
    3.2 Is Haze cannabis hard to grow?

  7. Flavor and Effect
  8. 4.1 What does American Haze taste and smell like?
    4.2 What are the effects of Haze weed?
    4.3 American Haze cannabis medical uses

  9. Get American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice
  10. 5.1 How do you germinate Haze cannabis seeds?
    5.2 Where to buy Haze cannabis seeds?

1. Breeding History

1.1 Where do American Haze cannabis seeds come from?

Growers Choice American Haze is our classic Haze strain. A combination of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Indian genetics, Haze originated way back in the 1960s, and today lends its sought-after genes to a number of different cannabis seed strains.

1.2 What is Haze cannabis?

Haze is a sativa-dominant cannabis seed strain, and as such it causes energy and mood elevation in most users. The low percentage of CBD means you’ll really feel the 24% THC in American Haze, and this impressive profile requires some amount of restraint in the dosage. Too much American Haze can leave you feeling a bit paranoid or cause a headache for the duration of the high.

1.3 Cannabis Strains with Haze In Them

American Haze has become so popular, its genes are found in a wide range of marijuana strains. Just at Growers Choice, we have four additional cannabis seed varieties with Haze parentage:

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 What does the Haze marijuana plant look like?

A tall, slender plant, American Haze really shows off its sativa roots with its lanky appearance. Like most sativa strains, American Haze can reach six feet with the proper outdoor growing conditions, and is quite leggy, with space between the leaves and the nodes where the flowers grow. Because of this spaciousness, the buds of the sativa plant don’t pack as densely as the stockier indica breeds, but they make up for the lack of buds at each node by having more nodes that indica.

The moderate resin on the plant is also due to sativa genetics. The leaves of the American Haze plant have more slender leaflets than hybrids and pure indica strains, and are generally close to a lime green in color.

3. Growing

3.1 How To Grow American Haze Feminized Pot Seeds

American Haze pot seeds are ideal for planting in indoor and greenhouse environments. The strain has a tendency to keep on growing vertically for weeks after entering the flowering stage (unlike indicas which gain barely any height following the vegetative stage), so it is often recommended that growers start the flowering stage quite early, when the plant is no more than 2 feet tall.

(Note: keeping your lights closer to the tops of the plants can keep them from stretching too much, but remember – never let them get less than 2 feet from the canopy, or you risk burning the leaves.)

American Haze roots will spread quite far, so keep this in mind when choosing a location or pot size. You may also need to devise a support system once the flowers begin to grow, because the weight of their buds can sometimes cause them to tip over.

Our American Haze plants should net you about 400 grams of fresh flower per square meter indoors, or up to 600 grams per plant, outside.

3.2 Is Haze cannabis hard to grow?

While getting American Haze cannabis plants to germinate and grow is not difficult, the quirks of Haze noted above can make the gardening experience a bit challenging for someone new to the game. Just make sure to keep an eye on the plants: move your lights and prop the plants up as necessary. Also keep in mind that your plants likely need fewer nutrients per feeding than other strains, so always aim for too little rather than too much. Finally, make sure to flush your plants before harvest – the long growing period means nutrients have more of a chance to build up in the cells.

4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 What does American Haze weed taste like?

Most people find Haze weed has a distinctly earthy flavor – perhaps due to its spending so much time in the ground before harvest! It has also been said to have a sweet and slightly spicy taste, and it might even taste a bit fruity or citrusy. All in all, American Haze has quite a nice, appealing flavor.

4.2 How will Haze make me feel?

The name should give it away: Haze causes an euphoric and “hazy” sensation that sets in quickly and sticks around. You’ll find yourself feeling energized and uplifted, perhaps even focused and creatively inclined. It is likely that significant doses of American Haze will leave you with a bit of dry mouth and eyes, but these side effects should fade quickly, as long as you avoid using large doses.

4.3 American Haze cannabis medical uses

Despite its historic recreational use, American Haze cannabis can offer quite a lot in the way of medical relief. Though an energizing sativa, many patients find Haze can ease pain quite effectively. The uplifting sensations can bring people out of depression and small doses can ease anxiety (though there are better strains for this latter concern, as Haze can also cause paranoia).

Patients undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatments may find Haze tackled pain and nausea while also stimulating their appetite. And, perhaps surprisingly, this strain has also managed to soothe headaches in some users.

5. Get American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

5.1 How do you germinate Haze cannabis seeds?

Germinating your American Haze cannabis seeds is an easy task with the water glass and paper towel method. You can have sprouted, soil-ready cannabis seeds in days if you follow the steps laid out in our Germination Guide. Better yet, following our method means your seeds are covered by our Germination Guarantee, which promises replacement seeds if fewer than 90% prove viable (two-seed minimum).

5.2 Where to buy Haze cannabis seeds?

Buy your American Haze cannabis seeds from Growers Choice! We offer the finest seeds on the market, grown and harvested by experts with 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, and our products are tested for viability. Your cannabis seeds are packaged in medical-grade glass vials and delivered right to your front door, just days after you place your order. Our shipments are always discreet, and your private information is always safe.

Order your American Haze cannabis seeds today, and Get Growing!

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