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American Haze Strain

Smokers love getting caught up in the haze of American Haze! With this wonderful strain, smokers get to enjoy the powerfully potent effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid. Not only is this strain ideal for recreational purposes, but many users enjoy its high THC content.

History of American Haze

As a top-tier sativa-dominant strain, some cannabis consumers may find they receive an energy boost—similar to a cup of coffee. And, you know what that means–this strain is perfect for some wake-and-bake action!

This particular class of cannabis began with the original Haze strain, which the Haze Brothers first cultivated. During the 1970s, they wanted to give an American twist to marijuana that up until that point had been coming from other countries. They initially grew sativa strains in greenhouses on their own, but over time, they started crossing their strains with ones from India, Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand. 

As the brothers continued to grow and cross-breed, the American Haze cannabis strain was born, with origins derived from landrace strains found in Mexico, South America, South India, and Thailand. Because of its genetics, American Haze has sky-high THC levels that average around 24%, making it great for physical conditions and full relaxation after a long day. 

Effects of American Haze

With its sativa dominance on full display, you’re surely going to feel its effects and be taken on a sensory journey! American Haze has a lot to offer, including euphoric bliss. After indulging in this strain, you will be happier and find yourself in a better place thanks to its euphoric effects! That’s why many turn to this exceptional strain to feel uplifted and energized any time of the day.

As you smoke this strain, you’ll first notice cerebral effects that will leave you clear-minded and alert. From there, you will feel this exceptional strain work through your body. As it does so, you may find that you feel more physically comfortable. After all is said and done, you are left feeling better than ever, especially since this high can last an astounding six hours!

Uplifting Effects

This popular cannabis strain is synonymous with its uplifting sensations, which affect both the mind and body. Therefore, it’s a perfect strain for those who are feeling down or tired. American Haze can help clear the fuzzy feeling in your head and replace it with an energizing uplift that will give you a new lease on everything. Additionally, you’ll love having this strain handy during social gatherings.

Energizing Effects

American Haze is a top choice as an energizing strain. With that in mind, many smokers love to use this as a daytime strain to give them the energy they need to sustain them as they take on their day. Some cannabis enthusiasts turn to this popular cannabis strain right from the get-go since it’s ideal to wake you up and leave you baked!

Creativity Effects

Do you need a creative boost? You’ve got it with American Haze since it is the perfect strain for that as well. Once you indulge in it, you’ll feel those creative juices get to work. If you’ve ever felt any kind of writing or artistic block, this is just the strain you need to free your mind and have you coming up with the best ideas you’ve ever had!

Flavors and Aromas

What about how this strain tastes and smells? Due to its terpenes, you’ll experience a fruity flavor that will smack you right in the taste buds as soon as you take your first smoke! You’ll get overtones of citrus and even floral notes. Combined with that, you’ll also get hints of spicy diesel to give this a complex flavor profile that you’ll love to indulge in whenever the mood strikes!

Smokers know it for its pungent tropically-sweet scent filled with tart lemon, hints of sweetness, and notes of diesel. That’s why you’ll want to get caught up in the haze because just the smell of the smoke will give you a sense of happiness!

Benefits and Uses of American Haze

With such fantastic characteristics that give you an overall sense of happiness, who wouldn’t want to give American Haze a chance? As one of the most potent strains around, it is ideal for recreational and, potentially, medical purposes.  

Growing Characteristics of American Haze

As a unique marijuana plant, American Haze has special growing characteristics you need to pay close attention to to ensure it grows to its full potential and yields the maximum amount of bud! Perhaps, the first thing growers want to know is whether or not this strain is relatively easy to grow, including for beginners. If you’re interested in growing American Haze for yourself, there are some important things to keep in mind.


The American Haze plant grows tall and slender, giving it a lanky appearance. You’ll need plenty of vertical space to grow this long plant. Another tell-tale characteristic of this plant is bright, lime-green-colored leaves. While the resin production is moderate, it’s still quite noticeable. Further, although extremely potent, the buds are sparse, so while you won’t get a lot, the ones you have will pack a punch! 

Growing Habits and Tips

During the flowering period, you’ll notice how this plant tends to grow vertically, so keep that in mind when finding a place to plant it. Growers find that American Haze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, so it’s your preference. However, some suggest that indoor growing is the better of the two.

Growers Choice recommends using a soilless hydroponic set-up to get the most out of this strain. While sativas typically require less food than indicas, you have to keep an eye on your plants and ensure they have all the nutrients they need to thrive. To support your plants growing tall, place your lights closer to the canopy and raise them as needed to give your plants plenty of room. 

Compared to other types of plants, you’ll want to consider how it will take this strain longer to flower, so plan on more days of watering and remain on a consistent schedule. Since American Haze has a longer flowering period, there’s ample time for more minerals to grow on your plants. Therefore, you need to get rid of this build-up by using plain water to flush them out a couple of weeks before harvesting.

Yields and Grams Per Plant

When you grow American Haze indoors, you can expect up to 400 grams per plant. Outdoor cultivation will net you approximately 500 to 600 grams per plant. You can ensure you reach these yields by giving your growing plants plenty of room to flourish. According to High Times, utilize a one-gallon container worth of space weekly during the vegetation phase. This will allow a more bountiful harvest.

Humidity Levels for Cultivation

During the vegetation stage, keep the humidity level around 40%-60%. Once your plants reach the flowering stage, you’ll want to reduce the levels to 40%-50%. If the levels are too high, the plants might develop mold and mildew. On the other hand, if the humidity levels are too low, that can result in unsatisfactory plant development.

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