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Ak 47 Strain

AK-47 is a classic strain that’s extremely popular among cannabis enthusiasts thanks to its balanced effects. With a THC level that’s moderate to high, smokers get plenty of potency but don’t have to worry about getting too high. Growers often choose AK-47 feminized seeds thanks to their relative ease of growing and bountiful yields. 

Overview of the AK-47 Strain

Getting your hands on one of the most in-demand strains around is always a feat you want to achieve. You’ll experience this achievement once you have some premium AK-47 cannabis seeds! This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is well-regarded for its deeply relaxing effects, unique flavor profile, and large yields. It’s not surprising that this award-winning weed is in great demand by users and growers from all walks of life. When you have a winner like AK-47, there’s no way you can lose!

This strain has constantly been named a favorite, and as such, it has won multiple awards. This includes earning the coveted Cannabis Cup by High Times. During the 2011 Toronto addressing Yourself Expo, AK-47 was honored as the Best Sativa. As of 2020, this multiple-award winner has earned more than two dozen awards, further proving it’s one of the best in the game. 


AK-47 is in a class of its own thanks to some distinctive characteristics that are unlike any others. To fully understand and appreciate this hybrid marijuana strain, you have to take a closer look at its genetics and origins. This will help you see how it developed into the top-tier weed it is today. We’re also going to dig deeper into its appearance, terpene profile, and THC content to get the full picture!

Genetics and Origins

Those who are not used to this strain believe it was named after the infamous AK-47 machine gun, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While there’s not a clear consensus on its name, some say the “AK”  comes from the breeder, with the “47” representing how many days it takes from planting to harvesting. Others think “AK” is simply short for Afghan Kush and the 47 is more of a tracking number. Still, some say it describes the potency because it feels like a powerful gunshot.

AK-47 was bred in 1992 in the Netherlands by Serious Seeds. The strain combines Afghan, Thai, Mexican, and Colombian landrace strains, which come together brilliantly. As a hybrid strain, the sativa effects come from the Mexican, Thai, and Colombian strains while the indica is derived from its Afghani genetics. 

Aroma and Flavor Profiles

A huge draw of AK-47 is its terpene profile, which gives it a unique flavor and taste. It is a complex blend of various flavors, where users get the sweet, the earthy, and the pungent. The sweetness comes from floral and citrus tones, which enhance its flavor. Contributing to the blend of flavors, you’ll taste earthiness from its pine notes. Plus, as you continue to smoke, you’ll get a bit of spice that will continue to leave your tastebuds engaged, intrigued, and tantalized!

AK-47’s strong aroma is another reason why smokers keep coming back for this world-class strain. For example, the citrusy aspect will give you an aroma of fruit that’s sweet and inviting. More than sweetness, this strain is known for its muskiness and pungency, so this one isn’t very shy or discreet! However, true cannabis enthusiasts know that’s a part of the world-class experience.

THC Content

Now, to the fun part: THC content! Yes, that’s why so many smokers turn to this world-renowned strain in the first place. The average content of AK-47 ranges between 15% and 20%. This puts it somewhere in the middle-to-high end of potency. As a general rule, you’ll get the perfect amount of potency that’s high enough to make you feel it, but not too high where you’re going to be completely out of it.

Your experience is also dependent on how familiar you are with smoking. While beginners might find AK-47 overwhelming, the connoisseurs will know the perfect amount to get that perfect buzz. The fun part is indulging to find out!


AK-47 plants reach a medium height and don’t have a ton of leaves, meaning that it’s easier to manage and grow than some other marijuana plants. If you look closely, you might even notice some fine red hairs covering your plant. Growers also note that these buds are compact, dense, and very darkly colored. The buds are covered with crystal-like resin that will make them shine and dazzle! 

Effects and Benefits

What can’t AK-47 do? As a versatile strain, it provides a whole laundry list of effects and benefits that you should know about to fully appreciate this marijuana marvel! Primarily known for its uplifting effects, you’ll notice how energetic and boosted you feel. At the same time, you’ll notice your creative prowess increasing, thanks to the great cerebral buzz you will experience almost immediately after smoking. Since you’ll feel more engaged, this is a great social strain, so you’ll have no problem talking and interacting with others.

Although you’ll enjoy a steady, long-lasting cerebral buzz, it will eventually give way to relaxation thanks to its indica properties. You’ll feel stress and tension-free and will just want to chill and mellow out. But, you don’t have to worry about a couch-lock feeling since you will have enough energy to combat that! Best of all, there’s a certain point when you’ll feel both energetic and relaxed at the same time!

Since AK-47 encompasses so much, it’s commonly used among recreational and medical users. Recreational users can use it as a way to boost their energy to get their chores and work done. They can also use it during social activities to come out of their shell.

As a medicinal marijuana strain, some patients reportedly turn to it for its potential to improve chronic pain to enhance their well-being and quality of life. Anecdotal evidence suggests it can be suitable for those looking to combat insomnia to help them fall asleep easier and keep them asleep for longer. As a result, users wake up more refreshed and invigorated. 

Some medicinal users have claimed that AK-47 is a great way to reduce anxiety and lower stress. Additionally, some healthcare professionals prescribe medical cannabis patients this strain to potentially treat mood disorders since it can be boosting and uplifting.

Growing AK-47

Cannabis cultivators of all levels have embraced AK-47 because it’s relatively easy to grow. Since it doesn’t grow too big, it doesn’t take up much space. With few leaves, it’s not a big deal to top or prune these plants. Regardless of your growing experience level, get a better understanding of this strain’s flowering time, expected plant size and yields, and helpful growing techniques. 

Flowering Time

As far as flowering time, when you grow indoors, cultivators can expect it to take 8-9 weeks. For growers who choose outdoors, they can expect the flowering period to occur in mid/late October. Compared to other sativa-dominant hybrids, AK-47 flowers rather quickly. As your plants grow and flower, they’ll have a very strong odor, so watch where you plant! 

Plant Size and Yields

Whether you’re growing in a tent or grow room, you can expect this strain to reach heights between approximately 2.5 and 4.5 feet. Outdoors, these plants will average around 5.5 feet. That makes this plant perfect for indoor growing, which some growers swear is the best way to grow it.

If everything goes right, an indoor yield of 350-500 grams per plant is possible. Outdoor cultivation can yield about the same amount. However, you might want to stick to indoor growing to get the best possible yield since AK-47 is prone to mold, which can diminish your yield.

Growing Techniques

Since the AK-47 strain is prone to mold and bud rot, growers must provide a setting with sufficient air circulation to minimize these issues. With improved ventilation, too-high humidity isn’t a problem, which can be extremely damaging to your plants. Additionally, you want to utilize air filtration to reduce the possibility of fungal spore growth.

When you grow outside, ensure you’re in a climate that has a lot of fresh air. Similarly, you want to grow this plant in a sunny environment with temperatures that are on the cooler side. 

Purchasing Seeds

Purchasing AK-47 seeds is pretty simple since they’re literally everywhere because everyone loves them. However, not every seed bank is created equal, so instead of wasting time poring through tons of them, skip right ahead to Growers Choice! Not only do we have AK-47 but all of the popular strains, plus plenty of obscure ones. There’s no limit to what you’ll find at Growers Choice!

You’re always going to encounter great prices, awesome shipping options, and exceptional customer service. You won’t find a better seed-shopping experience! Go ahead and make it easy for yourself and choose Growers Choice!

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