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1. Breeding History

1.1 The Origin of AK Auto-Flowering

Our premium AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds, which you can have delivered straight to your front door, are developed from the crowd favorite, AK-47. A strain known for its relaxing qualities – despite a decidedly violent name – AK-47 originated as a mix of many different pure cannabis strains, including Colombia, Mexican, and Afghani. The original AK-47 has won Cannabis Cup awards since its early 90s creation, and maintains its popularity today.

Our AK Auto-Flowering strain is a combination of this world-renowned variety and Ruderalis, a small, Russian-born species of cannabis that has acclimatized to the short summers and harsher temperatures. Since a shortening of light in later summer isn’t a reliable factor for changing from the vegetative to the flowering stage, wild ruderalis developed the ability to make this transition without any outside influence; instead, after two or three weeks in the vegetative stage, these plants automatically enter the flowering stage.

This ruderalis quality, combined with its small stature and hardiness, make it a vastly useful addition to cannabis seed strains, especially for those new to cannabis gardening or residing in regions with similar weather patterns to Russia.

1.2 Relax and Recharge with AK

AK Auto-Flowering’s claim to fame is a deep relaxation that can ease you into sleep a couple of hours after consumption. Ideal for the evening, AK auto-flowering’s neat and tidy balance of sativa and indica (50% Sativa to 40% Indica) ensures you find relief and gives your body the push it needs to guide you into replenishing sleep.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 The AK Auto Look

Often boldly green in color, AK has the typical auto-flowering appearance of a short and stocky plant with densely packed leaves and buds. Considerable resin can be expected, which isn’t surprising given the relaxing effects of the strain. Reaching between two and three feet in height, AK Auto-Flowering will present many pistils around its head, which will turn from white to red as the plant becomes harvest-ready.

2.2 The Relief of Resin

The indica presence in AK Auto-Flowering leads to a beautiful coating of crystalized resin across the sugar leaves and buds of this delicious, healing strain. Resin is secreted from the trichomes on the plant, and more resin usually means a more relaxing high.

While AK Auto-Flowering certainly has a good amount, carefully subjecting your cannabis plants to LST or Low-Stress Training can encourage more resin production. That said, new growers are advised to avoid these somewhat tricky practices, or to at least do a lot of research beforehand! With or without LST methods, you’re bound to get a potent, therapeutic crop from this strain.

3. Grow Your Own AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis

3.1 Plant AK Cannabis Seeds at Home

It couldn’t be easier to grow these newbie-friendly cannabis seeds right in your own home. After germination, most gardeners find AK Auto-Flowering plants are ready for harvest within 80 days – to compare, most regular plants require about this long just in the flowering stage (not counting the two to six weeks in the vegetative stage).

3.2 AK Auto – How to Grow

Your AK cannabis seeds can be planted indoors or out, in the garden, grow room, or pots on the apartment balcony. Thanks to the short growth period of this strain – about 70 to 80 days – even growing outdoors you can manage a couple of harvests in a season, with harvest being possible straight from late Spring to early Autumn.

3.3 Gardening Info

Expect a moderate yield from your little AK Auto-Flowering cannabis plants, up to 500 grams of fresh flower per square meter for indoor grows, and about 200 to 350 grams per plant outdoors. Remember, you don’t need to worry about changing your lighting from 18+ hours to 12 – these plants are bred to automatically transition to the flowering stage about two weeks after planting.

Buy AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds
Buy Wholesale AK Auto-Flowering Seeds

4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 The Taste of AK Auto

AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds grow up to develop the same scent and taste of traditional AK-47 (ruderalis is quite innocuous and does little to alter THC, taste, or medical effects). Expect a sweet and spicy flavor and a nice scent during the growing period.

4.2 How Will AK Auto Affect Me?

With AK Auto-Flowering, you’re looking at a lazy and creative high that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed, but also a bit euphoric. The moderate THC level – about 19% – means you want to take it slow with this strain, but the effects won’t be uncomfortably overpowering. As your dose starts to fade away, you may find yourself growing sleepy; AK Auto-Flowering is a good choice for evening use, as you don’t want to find yourself drifting off half-way through the afternoon.

4.3 Medical Treatment with AK Auto-Flowering

Our AK auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a good option for people looking for a bit of mood regulation in addition to relaxation. Most patients find AK leaves them feeling cheerful, drawing them out of the symptoms of depression and bi-polar disorder. This soothing happy sensation also helps ease away stress and anxiety, particularly for those who find such symptoms make sleep difficult.

Though you’ll want to test this first, some users find AK auto-flowering relieves headaches in small doses, and the strain is known for facilitating pain management of chronic and acute pain, as well.

5. Buy AK Aut-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

5.1 Order AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

If you’re interested in the qualities of automatic cannabis seeds and you think the benefits of AK-47 sound right for you, then Growers Choice AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are an excellent choice. Not only do we sell only expertly grown, tested cannabis seeds, all our seeds are completely feminized, removing that extra male-weeding step from your busy gardening schedule. Your cannabis seeds reach you is discreet packaging, safely stowed inside medical-grade glass vials to ensure freshness and viability throughout their journey and for as long as they sit in your home (so long as they are properly stored, they can survive in dormancy for up to 3 years).

5.2 Cannabis Seed Germination Guaranteed

Growers Choice is very proud of our limited 90% germination guarantee. All our cannabis seeds are covered by this promise, which ensures that should fewer than 9 out of 10 seeds germinate (yes, that means only 2 out of 3, as well), we will replace them for you. We only ask that you pay the shipping for your new seed, and we will quickly and discreetly deliver the replacement(s) straight to your door.

Our germination guarantee is contingent on only one thing: gardeners must follow our Germination Guide and use the popular Water Glass and Paper Towel method of germination. This method is straightforward, quick, and requires no special equipment nor advanced knowledge of gardening. Simply follow the steps laid out on our website, and we’re sure you’ll experience at least 90% germination!

Are AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds the strain for you? Then place your order, get out there, and Get Growing!

Buy AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds
Buy Wholesale AK Auto-Flowering Seeds