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Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds

Expect beautiful, purple-hued plants when you choose Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds. This all-indica strain offers potential stress and pain relief. It flowers fast, and has a sweet, earthy flavor. Purple Kush needs to be monitored, but is well worth a bit of extra effort.

Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Cannabis Seeds

This indica-dominant cannabis seed strain is great for evening use and can potentially inspire deep relaxation. This strain will automatically begin flowering two to four weeks after planting.

AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

This cannabis seed strain is a great choice for tackling the symptoms of mood disorders like bi-polar disorder, as it can potentially ease stress and anxiety, although further research is needed to confirm this. Patients also find AK useful for calming headaches and inducing sleep. Plant AK Auto-Flowering indoors or out.

Blueberry Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

A great medicinal strain, Blueberry Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds grow into medicinal plants with a thick coating of resin and moderate levels of non-psychoactive CBD. Blueberry is great for potential pain relief, and should be taken in small doses.

Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cheese Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

A relaxing, cheerful cannabis seed strain, Cheese Auto-Flowering is a good choice for evenings and lazy days when stress-relief or improved sleep is the goal. You may also experience increased appetite. An easy-to-grow strain with a good yield!

Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

The extremely high level of THC in this cannabis seed strain means it has potential medicinal benefits, but should be used with caution. The strain is easy to grow, and is a great choice for indoor gardening.

Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

One of our most popular strains, Northern Lights Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds deliver impressive physical effects that can potentially ease pain and muscle tension, and might even send you off to sleep. Certain people find a bit of a heady sativa effect from this strain, thanks to the touch of this more cerebral species in its lineage.

Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

This sativa-dominant cannabis seed strain is tangy and fruity, and will leave you feeling uplifted, in either a creative and productive, or rather lazy, manner. Users can potentially ease stress and anxiety with the high THC content of Tangerine Dream.

White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Widow Cannabis Seeds

A famous, prized cannabis seed strain, White Widow delivers bliss and relaxation almost immediately upon ingestion. Expect heightened perceptions and initial energy, followed by potential anxiety, pain, cramp, and migraine reduction. White Widow does great indoors, in hydroponic gardens.

American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

American Haze Cannabis Seeds

High THC and a sweet, herbal scent identify this sativa-dominant cannabis seed strain. A long-time favorite, American Haze starts out energizing and fades into a full-body relaxation that might potentially relieves stress, pain, and nausea. The strain has a lengthy flowering stage, but trust us – it’s worth the wait!

Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Great White Shark Cannabis Seeds

Great White Shark cannabis seeds grow into beautiful, resinous plants with a high level of THC. This easy-to-grow strain flourishes indoors and out, and provides an impressive yield of up to 1000 grams per plant.

Diesel Cannabis Seeds

One of many popular Diesel-based strains, our Diesel cannabis seeds deliver after a moderate flowering stage, and offer users potential relief from aches and pains. Stick to morning and afternoon use with this energizing strain!

Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

This hybrid cannabis seed strain is named for a well-known hemp advocate, and offers a mix of the best indica and sativa effects. You may find yourself energized or deeply relaxed after a dose of Jack Herer, which delivers a minor psychoactive effect and can potentially ease anxiety.

Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mazar Cannabis Seeds

Deep relaxation of body and mind are to be expected when you’re using Mazar. Turn to this cannabis seed strain when you need a mood boost! Mazar does great in the grow room, with the Screen of Green method.

Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Power Plant Cannabis Seeds

You’ll likely feel uplifted and relaxed after a dose of hard-hitting Power Plant. It’s easy to grow!

Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds

A combo of three popular cannabis strains, Super Silver Haze can potentailly ease stress, anxiety, and improve appetite. You can expect an excellent yield from this powerful strain, which may be grown indoors or out.

OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

The classic west coast strain! OG Kush offers a strong body/mind combo, leaving patients relaxed and happy. Muscle knots and aches might just melt away as the strain kicks in, and users might also experience relief from, nausea, and stress, as well. OG Kush flourishes under an experienced green thumb.

Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds

Go easy with this powerful, sativa-dominant strain! Cinderella 99 acts as fairy godmother to patients struggling with stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders, as this strain might potentially ease symptoms. This strain is perfect for indoor growing, and has a short flowering period.

CBD Critical Mass Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds

With an impressive 7% CBD, our Critical Mass can potentially ease migraines, nausea, stress, and anxiety, all without the psychoactive high common to other cannabis seed strains. Great for indoor grow rooms, this strain has a short growing period for speedy relief.

CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

An amazing medical strain, CBD Blueberry can potentially alleviate chronic pain and insomnia, providing full-body relaxation. Perfect for patients hoping to avoid a mental high, this strain boasts 7% CBD, which counteracts the psychoactive effects of the THC for body-centered relief.

CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds

Our sativa-dominant medical cannabis seeds promote creativity and can potentially ease joint and muscle pain in patients with arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis. The high levels of CBD in this easy-to-grow strain mean you’ll experience considerably less psychoactive intensity compared to traditional strains.

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