OG Kush Feminized Seeds

OG Kush Feminized Seeds

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(141 customer reviews)

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds hail from a popular strain type that has served as the basis for many cannabis varieties developed on the American west coast. Though its actual origin is shrouded in a cloud of intrigue and mystery, OG Kush’s first cannabis strain seeds are thought to have been taken from Florida to Northern California in the early 90s.

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OG Kush Feminized Seeds

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The trichome-coated, neon green buds grown from the OG Kush strain feminized cannabis seeds have an early effect of heavy euphoria, paired with a combination of physical and mental highs. As a result, most users find that this wonderful plant leaves them with a relaxed and happy feeling and, quite often, a case of body-numbing couch lock. On top of that, this amazing strain is capable of easing, or even altogether eliminating, physical pain, and can be useful in the treatment of issues including migraine headaches, stress, and attention disorders, as well as even some of the symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. This feminized cannabis strain could be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

Where does OG Kush come from?

Many growers agree OG Kush is descended from the marijuana strain Chemdawg, and possibly Hindu Kush or another Kush strain variety. By the way, “OG” is not a piece of nomenclature related to this being an “original” or “old school” strain. OG is believed to stand for “Ocean Growth,” a nod to the strain’s coastal roots. Perhaps early fans saw it as a recreational strain perfect for sitting by the beach. We may not definitively know the “master strain” that birthed OG Kush, but we thank the parentage nevertheless for the gift they gave us.

Is OG Kush an indica or a sativa?

The mysterious origins of this well-known, strong cannabis strain are not the only reason recreational and medical marijuana users alike are drawn to this particular plant. A nearly balanced hybrid, Growers Choice Seeds version of OG Kush offers the benefits of both sativa and indica strains, providing dedicated relief for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. The strain genetics do tilt toward the sativa side of things, but we find this Kush strain to be one of those “best of both worlds” situations. The sativa side and the indica side of this seductive strain happily coincide, making for a blissful marriage you can enjoy the results of. This is perhaps the perfect hybrid for people who like a certain marijuana experience when they buy weed seeds.

What does OG Kush look and smell like?

Needless to say, the flavor and aroma of a strain profile go a long way to making it a preferred strain in a world practically teeming with options. Terpene profiles and THC levels matter, and that is true for your preferred strains when it comes to a recreational marijuana strain or a medical marijuana strain. So what is OG Kush all about? There is a woody pine aroma that emanates from OG Kush that many find irresistible. Hey, we are dealing with a plant here, right? Shouldn’t woody notes be prized? Isn’t it nice to smoke a marijuana strain that remains your nature, and of plants? Also, a powerful strain that is indicative of the THC power of marijuana? This might be the perfect strain for you if you love high THC levels. The genetic backbone of OG Kush pushes the THC level up to 27 percent, which makes for strong effects that fans of the intense effects of THC in high doses crave from time to time. Or, you know, all the time. No judgments here. We know that for many, high-THC levels are an obvious trait to hone in on.

What are the effects of OG Kush?

What makes this strain awesome is that it works as a recreational strain, but is also popular with therapeutic users of this versatile plant. OG Kush’s trichome-coated, neon green buds have an early effect of heavy euphoria, which then plays out as a high that will be effective in ways both mental and physical. As a result, most users find the strain leaves them with a relaxed and happy feeling and, quite often, a case of body-numbing couch lock. These trance-like sensations make OG Kush best suited to evening use, though whether you’re seeking therapy or just a good time is entirely up to you. This is a strain profile that is ideal for an assortment of options in terms of usage.

For the therapeutic users out there, OG Kush is a great choice for easing or eliminating pain. When the couch-lock effect kicks in, the intense effects of this strain will be felt robustly in your tensed and knotted muscles, and aching joints will be able to fully relax and unclench. We hope this will be the perfect strain so you can also get the benefits you need in treating headaches, stress, and attention disorders.

Why growers love OG Kush cannabis

With earthy spice and an incredible aroma, not to mention the strong effects, these are prized cannabis seeds for sale as either a medical or recreational marijuana strain. This child of the Chemdawg strain does have one aspect of its strain profile that could be a damper on your enthusiasm. OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds can be difficult to grow and are recommended for experienced growers. Unfortunately, novice gardeners may find their normal yields for this seductive strain quite low, though the benefits may still be worth the gardening struggle. Traditionally, this strain is what we would call a medium yielder in terms of normal yields. The strain has an average flowering time of eight weeks, after which time a healthy growth will deliver up to 500 grams per plant of the harvestable flower when harvest time rolls around. Whether you want to grow OG Kush as a recreational strain or for medical reasons, we have seeds for sale of the feminized variety, which you can receive with the benefits of discreet shipping. Then, you will be able to enjoy the incredible aroma, the earthy spice, and the perks of high-quality smoke. There are many other beautiful strains out there similar to OG Kush, and you aren’t limited to only one amazing strain at a time. Consider cannabis strain seeds for these five strains as well.

  1. Bubba Kush: This Kush strain is smooth and soothing in all the right ways with amazing effects you’re sure to love.
  2. Tahoe OG: Enjoy a balanced hybrid with a citrus aroma from cannabis plants of the Tahoe OG variety.
  3. SFV OG: A strain with California ties that will make you feel like a movie star.
  4. Headband: These marijuana seeds provide a high-THC strain that melts stress away.
  5. >Girl Scout Cookies: A perfect hybrid for cannabis users who love sweet treats and an easy growing experience.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Chemdawg x Hindu Kush


45% Indica, 55% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

56 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Body stone, Euphoria, Relaxed

Best Use

eliminate stress, Evening, pain management


Earthy, Pine, Woody

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

500-600g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

141 reviews for OG Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Jessica Ramos Verified Owner

    Insanely short growing time! Was absolutely shocked by it, after just 8 weeks of growing I got amazing flowering with a high THC and an amazing earthy taste. The high is pretty nice for managing pain and relaxing at the end of the nigtht.

  2. TheRealBluntBaby Verified Owner

    A quality hybrid with a quality high for that hits both mind and body, is really good for dealing with high stress, and has a great earthy taste to it. This also had an amazing fast flowering time at just under 2 months.

  3. Marlon espinoza Verified Owner

    Never thought I’d be treating my ADD with marijuana…..but OG Kush is the perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce their symptoms of ADD without the somewhat habit-forming medication.
    I also enjoyed growing this pot, it was a smooth process, usually lasts about 10 weeks and does require a good deal of TLC. What you put into it is what you get out of it. I got 500 G!

  4. GanjaGendarme420 Verified Owner

    While this strain was not the easiest to grow, the end result was worth it. The Earthy, Pine and Woody taste was spot on and the high was amazing. Definitely not for beginners, but experienced growers will appreciate the challenge and quality of the end product.

  5. MeteoriteMagnet Verified Owner

    Love me some OG Kush! Tried Grower’s Choice Seeds and oh man, buds were fire and the smell was heavenly. And the best part? It got me feeling relaxed and in control of my anxiety. Highly recommend!

  6. Roxy G. Verified Owner

    I have pretty strong ADD and in addition to my meds, a fresh bowl of OG kush really helps me calm down and stay focused. This is definitely a couch-lock high, but I am still able to concentrate and read a book for HOURS!! I have really enjoyed working with Grower’s. Fast shipping and always reliable germ!

  7. Denzel Monroe Verified Owner

    Just like most of the other people above, I have to agree. This classic grow is way worth the cost and effort. The investment was LOW, and the yields were HIGH!

    Grew inside, 4×4 tent with LED lights in my basement! Such a fun experience. Grew a TON of other weed and other veggies down there.

  8. Jo Mohammad Verified Owner

    Sometimes people talk about getting couch locked like it’s a bad thing. But you wanna know the truth? Sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed. When I’m wanting to just watch stuff for hours on end and not move from my couch after a back-breaking day working construction, OG Kush gives me what I need.

    Jo M., Detroit, MI

  9. Michael Knowlen Verified Owner

    germinated for 24 hours in water until seed shell split, then went to paper towel between 2 plates til tap root was about 3-4 CM. 5 out of 5 germinated. Planted in soil mix 5 days ago and 5 nice seedlings looking very healthy so far with 2nd set of leaves (not cotyledons) already starting to peek out the center.

  10. Suzanna Rooney Verified Owner

    Mmmm the euphoria I get from smoking this strain is just out of this world!!! I swear, even on the hardest days, smoking some homegrown OG Kush is the way back to happiness and creativity. Bought my weed online and it shipped directly to my home, looks pretty radical in back and all my friends are jealous (as they should be). Great investment!

  11. Kallum Glass Verified Owner

    Nothing quite hits the spot like OG Kush. It’s a great smelling strain that helps with stress and pain. Always good after a day at the office, and never a moment too soon. Marijuana is a great way to relax at the end of a long day. Plus, who can argue with getting out in the garden?

  12. Ella-Mae Denton Verified Owner

    Truly a fantastic strain, makes any day feel like a new day with new opportunity. I am very excited for the prospect of growing more weed, this stuff really helps with my stress and depression, and it always makes me smile. Great for getting motivated to get out of the house! Plus it’s easy to grow.

  13. Khia Rich Verified Owner

    OG Kush is euphoric and uplifiting. It makes for a great afternoon smoke, just when work is getting stupid and you need an escape to make it to 5pm lol. We have all been there, I assume. My real passion in life is cultivating flower. I like the smoke and the way it makes me feel. I find it to be an underappreciated plant, and its medicinal effects are really understated. Excellent buy!

  14. Arianna Aldred Verified Owner

    This weed is the birth of the cool in my opinion, and it’s all about the chill vibes it gives off and all the lovely flavors it fills your mind with. Smoking this weed has been a seriously nice experience for me, and I wanna keep smoking until the day I die! GCS delivers fast and their customer service is super useful, they have really helped me get along in my private life and definitely helps me get my hands dirty 🙂

  15. Anna Middleton Verified Owner

    This is some fine weed, top-grade stuff, probably would cost you a ton of money at the dispensary but is actually really affordable to grow, which is great cause I am on a budget like all the time LOL. Got a pretty nice yield, nearing like 500 grams, and am genuinely very excited to keep doing this as a hobby. OG kush is soooo chill, it’s got all the right west coast vibes I gotta say. Good stuff!!

  16. Everett Gale Verified Owner

    OG kush is a radical time with some seriously nice smells and vibes and things that make you smile on a regular basis. I ordered 5 seeds online and they shipped out lightning fast!! Got them in the ground right away, got maybe 80% germ off these babes, but nothing too crazy. Love the smell and taste, and the general vibes makes me smile on various levels. OG KUsh is great for beginners cause it’s everyone’s favorite!

  17. Gurveer Barry Verified Owner

    I get pretty stoned when I smoke, guess I am kind of a lightweight….but it’s honestly a good trait, helps me stay wierd you know what I mean? Very happy with the results of my grow, and the yield was pretty dang exciting as well. Maybe like 600 grams of pot, and let me tell ya that amount will make you pretty popular among your friends 🙂

  18. Sabah Ho Verified Owner

    Yep, this weed is set to blow your mind into overdrive. I smoke it in the evenings for that last-minute thrill and definitely enjoy the sweet and sour taste of the weed in my mouth. I am soooo stoned right now, can barely sit up straight at my computer haha but it’s so worth it! The strain is just magic in your mouth

  19. Mahad Conrad Verified Owner

    Kush your butt off baby. I ordered 5 seeds, grew them all, they turned into the most beautiful green and orange pot plants you’ve ever seen, they make my mind feel super spinny and dizzy but man they sure do smell like the forest which makes me miss living in the woods baby. So very excited for this weed in my life. Can’t wait to grow a whole lot more!!!

  20. Elisa Mcgee Verified Owner

    Been a fan of OG kush for a looooong time brother….really had fun getting stoned and building a lego set in the basement with my young son Chris. He doesn’t know when I am high, but he’s a good dude either way….and when I smoke this delicious homegrown kush from GCS, I truly feel like a champion!

  21. Ronny Pruitt Verified Owner

    Get messed up on this weed and walk around the mall, it’s never been a better life than this…it’s seriously just chill and nice….makes my head feel light and bright and my eyes clear as whistles…I smoke it all day long, get very loose and pretty social…I like talking to chicks on this weed, I feel like I am truly fly and in the sky, good vibes….good times….good weed. I’ll buy from GCS again!!!

  22. Lola Farrington Verified Owner

    I got myself a few seeds shipped in the mail….beautiful stuff honestly, makes my life that much better, and it is pretty remarkable to have this weed in your back pocket. I grew some really nice strain, got it to be very tall and very green, smells like the ocean, tastes kinda salty, gets me really high, and burns me to the ground, just love the way this stuff works out for me!

  23. Ethel Bright Verified Owner

    OG kush is nice and mild, a great buy for the price and a very relaxing strain when you’re feeling really stressed. I like to roll up a fat one and smoke it on the patio or even as I walk through the park. Pretty awesome being able to tell your buddies you grew your own weed. Trust me, they’ll have mad respect and want you to share! So grow extra for them 😉

  24. Kade Hines Verified Owner

    I just love the OG kush strain, it’s nice to have around the house, always makes me feel really nice and relaxed, good for smoking and then petting my cat for hours and she just purrs and purrs and LOVES it! I have been very happy about this strain, it’s been a good buy for me and helps me manage my stress and such. Can’t help but buy this again and again, it’s been a great time!

  25. Roma Haney Verified Owner

    Got myself a little bit of the OG kush and it grew perfectly nicely in my backyard, very impressive strain too, cause it gets you super stoned every time, makes for a good backyard grow or even in the basement. GCS ALWAYS has the best seeds in town, and I highly recommend you try them for yourself. Great buy and never a bunk seed. Always strong germination!!

  26. Fiona Duggan Verified Owner

    OG kush is better than ever, and it’s the freshest you will ever find. I wanna keep buying this weed cause it’s super reliable and always germinates 100% for me. I definitely wanna grow more cause it’s easy peasy and helps with all kinds of worries and happiness too. I smoke to maintain my sanity and to just keep cool under pressure. I love buying marijuana every time from this site!

  27. Malaki Torres Verified Owner

    Was very excited to see my seeds arrive in the mail a few months ago…got them in the ground right away and they sprouted a few days later, pretty excited about this plant, makes things much better every time I smoke it, all my worries disappear, all my tension in my body disappears too, have made a lot of progress over the last few months in fighting depression, and the weed has definitely helped with that!

  28. Laura Simpson Verified Owner

    I worked hard to make this strain come to life and turn out as well as it did. I was pretty stoked about the smell and taste of it too, pretty sour and definitely a good buy if you’re looking to do something new. I mean, I am a very reliable grower, I love the outdoors and getting my hands dirty for the sake of growing my own herb. I share with my friends and neighbors too, so am always stocked on good weed!!

  29. Edwin Young Verified Owner

    I work so hard during the day, I need something to look forward to at night. This has to be one of my favorite strains. It’s really easy to grow so I don’t have to manage it every single day, I simply need to tend to it a couple times a week and then get all serious about it once it starts flowering. Does great in my garden and always makes for some great bud, can’t wait for more weed!

  30. hazel flower Verified Owner

    I woke up this morning and smoked a bowl of my homegrown OG kush from Grower’s. Seriously good weed, especially in a nice thin joint, just like the one I rolled this AM. Pretty happy I decided to have this weed in my home, got a really nice yield in the basement, pretty remarkable honestly, it smells amazing and looks pretty good too. I am definitely gonna buy some more!

  31. DirtyPenguin Verified Owner

    OMG when I smoke this weed I have the most amazing time ever! I love its chilled out vibes, its relaxing aromas, and its very sweet earthy taste. It’s truly luxurious and gives me a GREAT buzz, something very worthwhile if you need a little extra energy and maybe a little mood boost too. It’s got a strong euphoria at the beginning of the high and then you get sleepy and hungry lol

  32. Steve Sand Verified Owner

    OG Kush is a classic strain that makes it feel like you are floating on a cloud made of weed dust, and just meandering your way into the outer reaches of the atmosphere. Cause IDK growing your own weed is waaaay better, and it saves you money, like a lotta dough! Ordering online is simple and fast, and it all delivers in this nice little discreet package, so it’s totally fine or whatev!

  33. goldwynn77 Verified Owner

    The one and only 🙂 OG kush never disappoints. It’s both strong and also very subtle and it helps me deal with stress like nothing else. I prefer it for its remarkable health benefits, it improves relaxation, decreases stress, and offers a lot of pain relief as well. I have arthritis in my wrists and when I smoke this before playing music, that pain goes away. I ordered my strain online and had it delivered to my home. Got a VERY nice yield and high-quality weed!

  34. bella thorns Verified Owner

    OG kush is a great buy, like it’s a classic buzz and it’s been a lot of fun to grow in my backyard. I smoke this weed and I am really excited by the incredible buzzzzzz. I like to drink coffee and smoke the OG for the perfect mix of mellow and excited. It’s definitely an indica, which is great for when you need some “Me” time, and just want to relax. I am very excited to have this be a part of my life!!

  35. PAUL CYBULSKI Verified Owner

    Great strain, grows perfectly and yields well!

  36. jojo johnson Verified Owner

    OG kush is a wild and wonderful strain that everyone should try. I smoke this weed to help me manage my stress and also to keep my depression in check! Ordering online is both fast and easy, and you get waaaaay more weed than expected from just 3 seeds. I feel like I could open up my own shop or something…of course I won’t though, I just wanna smoke it all haha!

  37. po ta toes Verified Owner

    I was really thrilled with OG kush, it’s got a nice vibe to it and it’s hella subtle. I am a bigger fan of this than anything else cause it doesn’t like bomb your skull with THC and instead is a nice body buzz that helps manage depression and anxiety. I don’t go a day without smoking my new and fresh OG kush from GCS!

  38. 88elmo Verified Owner

    A beautiful strain with a lot to offer. I got myself 5 little seeds and they turned out just beautifully. I LOVE the taste and smell of this mj, it’s a real thrill to come home and smell the homegrown pot in the basement and feel like you’re finally living the dream! I will buy more from GCS, but this harvest will definitely last me through the winter!!!

  39. kane simmons Verified Owner

    OG kush is a scandalous strain, helps me get ready to go out for the evening, makes my life so much better and more relaxing. I smoke this and then it’s time to go to the club…got a NICE buzz on, and it feels even better knowing it’s homegrown stuff! Ordered online and man they ship fast anywhere in Canada, big deal yall, and a great website to enjoy!

  40. aaronpascal Verified Owner

    I am new to the weed growing game….and I heard this was a good strain from a friend. They recommended me this website, and I was very happy to find they carried this pot seed. Had it delivered, only took a few days. Got the seeds growing right away…I followed the information on this website and everything. The seeds did very well, they grew tall and very bushy, had a nice smell to them, and harvested nicely too!

  41. Justin’s Justice Verified Owner

    OG is now my favorite grow in the garden….I am a master gardener and I won’t take no for an answer. I always make my garden work, and this year has been better than ever. I used a brand new fertilizer and everything looks amazing! I ordered my strain online and had it delivered to my home late last night! I am already working on my next batch. Such an amazing strain!!!

  42. Red Eyes Verified Owner

    OK, I know you’ve heard it all before, but OG kush is seriously an amazing strain!!! This bud looks and tastes incredible, and it smells super sour and citrusy with all the benefits of a good strong lemon lol. I smoke it in the afternoons or on the weekends for a nice energy boost and some nice buzzy vibes. I will always grow this weed in my backyard, it’s so fulfilling and amazing!

  43. ShortSands Verified Owner

    The one and the only! I love this weed for it’s amazing mental health qualities…it makes life that much better and it helps with pain, stress and depression. I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered to my place here in Portland. The PNW is great for growing weed, and it’s well worth the effort to have homegrown stuff. I highly recommend it!

  44. Nest Verified Owner

    Well, if this isn’t the best strain on the internet, then someone’s gotta show me what’s what! I absolutely love this strain, makes me feel really stoned and relaxed and gives me all kinds of good vibes! Great buy for when you’re bored AF in quarantine and need something fulfilling to do! Ordered online, it was eassssy! Got them shipped out and into the ground in less than a week, what a great product!

  45. Norseman Verified Owner

    I wanted to try the OG kush cause it has so much fame surrounding it…from hip hop music to just my friends saying how great it is lol. Got myself 3 seeds just to try it out. Love how fast everything shipped to my place. It was a great purchase overall. Made for a nice garden addition and it wasn’t too hard to manage, which was nice. I know you will love it too, so give it a try!!!

  46. Jolly Rancher Verified Owner

    Of course, this strain is a classic and absolutely worth your time. Beautiful weed, wonderful for its relaxation and buzz….makes the whole world feel like sublime…and wherever you are feel like the beaches of Venice! I am a SoCal native…have been a weed lover and a weed grower for years. I am pretty stoked about this site though cause ordering online is the best!

  47. Tommy Boy Verified Owner

    West coast magic…a true gem and a very relaxing grow….makes life so much easier and also helps with pain and stress and all the rest. Love smoking this with my homies, chilling on my front porch in east LA and we all just gabbin about life and whatnot. Real easy to grow too, and it’s pretty alright to have in the backyard, well worth the opportunity!

  48. Night Lights Verified Owner

    We all wanna feel like a gangsta, so why not try and grow your own OG weed? Best to have in little space buckets that you can manage in the backyard….I grew mine out on the porch, makes for a nice smelling thing, it’s got a great chill vibe…even looking at this plant makes me smile. I snip snip snip off all the flowers, and I smoke them all afternoon long. I will definitely buy more weed!

  49. Neat Nick Verified Owner

    Idk what OG stands for, but I like to think of it as “Original Gangster” cause that’s kinda how I feel when I smoke this weed. It’s a great weed for rolling up a blunt and then smoking it for the next few hours. I love smoking and rolling around in my camero, blasting 90s hip hop….pretty badass. I am new to growing but I feel like I did pretty well overall. Definitely worth the effort, highly recommend!

  50. Night Marchers Verified Owner

    I am new to growing marijuana….I just tried this out as an experiment…came together way better than I was expecting….The weed grew tall and beautiful….it had so many flower on it I couldn’t count them all!!! I never knew I was a natural at growing weed…but was really excited when I finally had a chance to smoke this stuff…the freshest herb in he world. Great seeds from GCS! Will buy more 🙂

  51. Jeff Kelly Verified Owner

    OG kush is one of the best mj strains there is….its beautiful nugs really cannot be beaten, and it’s taste is so clean and sour it makes your eyes squint. I I grow weed to keep my mind busy during quarantine…and this stuff definitely hits the spot! It’s like a fun challenge with weed at the end….what could be better?

  52. Nanda Goode Verified Owner

    OG kush is a powerful yet relaxing strain with all the benefits of a sativa with a nice indica lean. I am something of a weed expert and enjoy the art of growing my own bud in the backyard. Has a lot of benefits, working in the garden. Keeps me focused, keeps me happy, and absolutely makes me a better person. I am so much less stressed out!

  53. Kushikusherson Verified Owner

    The OG kush is a fine strain of weed that really checks all the boxes…it’s light, fluffy and full of delicious flavor. You will not be disappointed by this nug…it’s really powerful for meditative insights…makes a nice even-keeled buzz that helps me relax at night…but it’s also really fun, so chilling with the friends or just eating some food is always a little bit better….so much to enjoy from this weed. I can’t WAIT to buy more!

  54. Nicole Boels Verified Owner

    OG Kush is a true American hero. Everyone I know who has smoked this weed has loved it, and I am now the most popular among my friend group…not cause of my personality…but because of my WEED! lol. Got me 3 seeds from the dudes over at GCS, they arrived super fast and I was able to grow them in my backyard…very fresh nug after about 5 months and so worth the effort. Definitely a good buy!

  55. RENO 911 Verified Owner

    OG Kush is a one-of-a-kind strain that helps with stress, depression and anxiety. It’s an easy grow with a lot of potential for a HUGE yield if you do it just right. It’s been a solid hobby during the previous summer and I am still working through my harvest right now! It keeps fresh for a long time and it always seems to give off a beautiful smell, something like the ocean and the woods. Couldn’t be happier!

  56. 12-step Verified Owner

    Can’t stop this weed from making you feel good…it’s a real treat…tastes like the ocean…like, salty kinda lol. Maybe it helps that I smoke it when I am at the beach…maybe it helps that I usually go for a nice swim after I finish my joint lol? I grew it at my place here in West Hollywood…that’s right I live in the Hills, get over it…I smoke it to chill hardcore, or just before a movie shoot…that’s right I am an actor, semi-famous, get over it! Best buy you can find on this site!

  57. Prairie Poet Verified Owner

    Every stoner’s dream grow…right here on GCS! They have everything on this site, I swear. I just wish they sold glass and merchandise as well. I’d totally rep their brand. Great smoking for the stressful days ahead. I am lucky that I got my seeds growing before the pandemic hit and I am very excited about how much of a yield I got. Perfect for getting baked and watching some movies or listening to music, or just making a pizza. Fills my head with nice relaxing thoughts. I will def be back for more!

  58. DEEPBREATH Verified Owner

    OG Kush is a nice and powerful strain that makes any day a little bit brighter. Easy to grow and makes for a nice buy when you’re down and out and looking for some weed. It’s a big producer, made me like 500 grams, which will last me for some time! Helps with all the stress I accumulate throughout the day, and even makes me feel a little more social, so it’s been great for me overall, and it will for you too!

  59. smiles Verified Owner

    Smoking this weed brings me back to my days as a surfer in Cali. We always used to light it up before hitting the waves, and this was out strain of choice. I’ve grown up a lot since, but now I finally have a garden space out back where I can grow my own. I ordered these seeds online and they shipped out hella fast. Growing this stuff was a breeze, a pleasure even, and the results were astounding! Brings me back…

  60. @regularordecaf Verified Owner

    When you have OG kush on your side, you are in for a good night! I think this strain is the perfect weed, it’s the perfect blend between indica and sativa and it really helps with stress, anxiety and depression. It’s a little challenging to grow well, but at the end of the day, it’s really worth the effort. I am a huge fan of the delicious vibes it gives off, and how it’s perfect as a spliff shared between friends. It’s also a great strain to keep me happy during lockdown 🙂

  61. Florescent Bulbs Verified Owner

    I feel like a true boss every time I smoke this weed. It makes me feel very confident and at ease. I like the smooth subtle earthy flavor and how easy it is to smoke. I usually smoke it at night just cause sometimes I fall asleep without realizing it haha. It’s okay cause it’s totally worth it in the end. Growing your own weed saves a ton of money and it usually comes out better than what you find at the store anyway. Great buy and fast delivery!

  62. Nekktar Verified Owner

    Get ready to be hooked on your new favorite strain of marijuana. This stuff is addictive as all heck, and I love the chill vibes and deep relaxation that comes with smoking this weed. I feel like all my troubles and worries are just floating away. I am very happy about the results of my grow too, got way more weed than I was expecting. It’s all very fresh, tastes amazing too, better than most strains you buy in the store, and absolutely addicting. Great buy from GCS!

  63. Baker Verified Owner

    Get ready for some trichome-coated goodness with the OG kush. One of the best weeds around, beloved by all and for a great reason. I ordered my seeds online and was really happy how quickly they arrived in my mailbox. I have a huge swath of land here in eastern WA so decided to get 5 seeds and spread out. They grew beautifully and made some very fresh flower after about 5 months of growing. What a relaxing, uplifting strain, really couldn’t ask for anything better!

  64. Strain Hunter Verified Owner

    OG Kush is boss, this weed will always blow your mind and help you chill when times are tough. Treat yourself to this weed, and honestly, it’s easy to grow too. There’s nothing to worry about, don’t let that get in your way. I think we’re all natural growers at heart and the time to act is now cause it’s spring and time to plant! You will be very happy you decided to order online with GCS, they never let me down!

  65. Erin Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  66. Coava Verified Owner

    Colorful, fluffy and delicious…that’s how I describe the OG kush. It’s one of my favorite strains. It’s always a good time, and it seems to please all my friends as well. I like the smell and taste of it too, it’s kinda earthy with a little sweet. It’s like smoking a green cloud and it makes you feel like you’re just floating on the ocean. I am definitely a proponent of growing your own weed, very gratifying and exciting. Give it a try!

  67. NoDoubt Verified Owner

    If you haven’t heard of OG Kush…where have you been? Living under a rock? It has its timeless reputation for a reason, namely it is HELLA relaxing, great for kicking it at home, and the euphoria associated with it is intense. I feel much happier after I smoke this, and also more creative which is pretty great. Definitely worth the longer growing time, and if you can plant indoors, I recommend it. Give it a whirl!

  68. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  69. Bowen Verified Owner

    OG kush brings me way back. I can’t believe how stoned you get off this stuff. I feel like they’ve supercharged weed over the last 5 years, and gotten it to be so dank, and so fresh that you get stoned just by smelling the dang thing! Pretty happy with my grow overall, got a good yield…maybe 500 grams? Idk it’s a lot and I like to smoke it most days of the week. Gives me a nice head rush, fills my mind with positive thinking. Good buy!

  70. Nice Work Verified Owner

    If you haven’t heard of OG kush by now, where have you been? Living under a rock? This stuff is some of the best weed you can buy, it makes for great growing in the backyard and offers up some delicious nugs after about 4 months of growing. It’s a solid hybrid, not too much indica or sativa, but a perfect balance of the two. I’m very excited by the prospect of growing even more of my own weed, so GCS, you just got yourself a new customer!

  71. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  72. Happy Gardener Verified Owner

    I love growing weed outdoors, it’s so gratifying and amazing with some incredible mental benefits. I feel like gardening can solve all the world’s problems, and growing your own weed really helps with that. I wanted to grow a classic, and this one definitely fits the bill. I have been smoking this sine college! I love the tight green buds and the truly unique flavor that lasts all afternoon long. I smoke this in the evenings to help with stress and depression and to make work less boring!

  73. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  74. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  75. LeafyGreens Verified Owner

    I love the crystals on this weed, they’re so sticky and beautiful, make the whole plant look like it’s been covered in snow. I got myself some decent yield too, maybe 5 months after growing? Used the growing guide on this site and got some nice results. The paper towel method is really helpful for germination if you’re new to growing. I recommend outdoor growing just because I enjoy being in my garden. Happy with how this all turned out in the end. I will buy from GCS again 🙂

  76. Ghee G. Verified Owner

    If you haven’t heard of OG Kush, then you’re behind the times! Everybody knows this is the best weed on the block, and GCS ALWAYS has the best stuff, perfect for backyard growing, and their delivery time is always on point! I highly recommend trying out this grow indoors though, cause you’ll definitely get a bigger yield! The high is unforgettable, so relaxing and euphoric, perfect for the weekend!

  77. lindabonham Verified Owner

    OG Kush has been in my life since I was young, because my father was a cannabis farmer and he used to talk about this strain all the time. Eventually I got old enough to grow my own weed and decided this was the best strain for me to go with. GCS delivered my seeds super fast and I got a lot taken care of. It’s pretty great having this weed around at my place, gets me very stoned and helps with relaxation!

  78. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  79. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  80. beatricemailer Verified Owner

    OG kush is a godsend, it’s the best weed ever cultivated and it will blow your mind! I love the way it grew big and tall in my backyard and produced so much bud!!! I ordered from GCS online and had the seeds shipped direct to my place here in SoCal and let me tell ya this stuff grows super great if you have a nice little indoor space. I can’t wait to smoke this weed everyday now that it’s dry!

  81. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  82. CHRIS BARONE Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  83. trishavann Verified Owner

    You know you love this strain even before you buy it! It’s probably the most common strain of weed in America right now, so chances are you’ve come across it. But there’s something about being able to grow your own weed that makes for an extra special smoking session. It’s clean, organic, and sustainable! Plus the seeds can store for ages in the packaging it comes in, so I germed just one seed and just harvested my first batch. Hella Freshhhh!

  84. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  85. joseph nowicki Verified Owner

    Such a wonderful plant. If you give it the attention it needs it will return the favor. The fragrence is wonderful throughout the process. I can’t say anything bad about this strain. Actually this company is extremely wonderful and a pleasure to deal with. The only thing I would request is that at checkout the site provided the option to buy a journal to document the wonderful memories.

  86. creeddoo Verified Owner

    If you’ve never heard of this strain then you’re probably not a true stoner…but here’s your chance. This weed is the bee’s knees. It has nice fluffly sticky dank flowers, smells kinda like diesel, and it’s hella relaxing, gets me wicked stoned and also keeps my mind feeling very flexible and free. I love painting and writing on this stuff, and I can’t wait to have more of it in my life very soon. I’ve got the plants coming up in the basement and they’re just about to flower!

  87. depalma Verified Owner

    This stuff is seriously more valuable than gold! It’s super soft and fluffy and coated with trichomes! It’s gotta be my favorite weed of all time, such a magical shimmering buzz, that’s never overpowering and is super euphoric! It’s not at all difficult to grow, and since it’s SO easy to order online with GCS, this process basically takes care of itself. You really can’t go wrong, and it’s a perfect gift for Xmas!

  88. Nick Flanders Verified Owner

    Love me some OG Kush. Excellent buy for the price and the yield is stellar! Perfect for those afternoon sessions and the perfect strain for weekend outings. Great for backyard growing and if you’re lucky enough to have a space indoors, then you will have even more nug to smoke! Super helpful for depression and anxiety and never fails to put a smile on my face 🙂

  89. kathleen mcnenney Verified Owner

    One of the better strains out there. It’s a classic sure, but it never gets old and never loses its appeal, what a treat! It’s a nice easy grow, has a big yield to the tune of 400 grams per plant with an excellent smell and taste to it. I really do love this stuff, it’s an unbeatable buzz, super relaxing and euphoric and really just a lot of fun. I will definitely grow this again! Maybe indoors next time?

  90. icykin Verified Owner

    This is one of those classic weed strains that never seems to get old. I love the way it smells and tastes, and the buzz is just the best, helps a ton with stress and anxiety. GCS has a great selection of seeds, I love their online catalog, and their customer service is pretty impressive as well. I like the way my plants turned out, with a pretty amazing yield!

  91. couchlocked Verified Owner

    One of my favorite strains for a while now. I love the taste and smell of this stuff, helps me relax and keeps me feeling happy when I am feeling down. Easy to order online and helps to read the different guides they have on the site. It’s good for sleep and also for chilling with friends. I highly recommend!

  92. lindagallaghermn Verified Owner

    I really love this strain. It’s a nice high that I can function on, definitely has a calming effect. The grow was outdoor and I used ProMix as my medium. The plants stayed healthy throughout. I hurried them up a little by bringing them inside into a dark room and shortening their time in daylight around the end of August and gave the flowering process a kickstart to finish the grow before I left on a trip. Would buy again, but there are so many other wonderful strains to try on my list.

  93. obloomer Verified Owner

    If you’ve been a stoner for a long time, then you’ve definitely come across this strain. I was thrilled to see it on the GCS website, has been a great grow to increase my mj prowess. Helps a lot with stress and definitely allows me to relax after a long day. It’s helpful with just unwinding, has a great earthy taste and is always around, like a good friend. Solid buy, will be back for more!

  94. Bill A Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  95. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  96. sally skim Verified Owner

    The OGs of the OG strains! Everyone loves this weed, it’s so relaxing and helpful with stress and anxiety. It’s also wicked easy to grow, especially if you’ve got the space for it indoors. Yeah, it will make the house smell pretty good, if you’re into that kinda thing, and it yields a lot of nug, so get ready to have your hands full, and your bong full as well, cause this stuff is GREAT for parties and for small gatherings of friends as well!

  97. Gary Minnis Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  98. Giant Squid Verified Owner

    Although I do enjoy smoking marijuana for fun, I usually use it for medical purposes. This strain, OG Kush, is actually very helpful for migraines and depression. I usually only smoke a little bit at a time, offers a nice buzz, but definitely doesn’t get to be too much unless I choose to smoke more. It’s not a bad weed for medical purposes, the smell and taste are certainly inviting and the grow was fairly simple as well!

  99. tuna! Verified Owner

    Everybody knows this strain, it’s probably the most famous strain of mj out there today, but I’d never had the opportunity to really grow my own. SO happy I moved out to the PNW where I am free to grow my own weed! I’ve had some excellent results, and with only minimal maintenance. I was so surprised it worked out so easily. I LOVE the buzz, it’s so uplifting and relaxing, helps me with depression and general sadness. Good buy!

  100. ghary yado Verified Owner

    This is a great hybrid strain, I really dig the body and mind high at the same time, does great things for my mental state, battles depression and anxiety, and gives me hella munchies lol! Had a great experience ordering online with GCS and got these seeds delivered right to my door. Excellent indoor grow with a high yield. I’ve been really happy with this stuff, will definitely be back for more!

  101. jointer384 Verified Owner

    Well if you havent smoked this weed yet, you are definitely missing out! It’s a real easy beginner grow, kinda perfect in that regard and offers up some delicious bud after only like 4 months of growing? WOW how amazing is that!!! I got some killer vibes off this stuff, great buzz, super relaxing and euphoric and the taste itself is enough to get you wanting more. Addicting stuff, and great for stress!

  102. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  103. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  104. jbmill Verified Owner

    I knew it was my time to start growing weed. I’ve been wanting to try growing the OG for many years, but I finally got my basement space set up and I got to ordering my seeds online with GCS. They shipped out fast and the grow time was also really fast! Turns out I am a natural at this, and I am really happy I did it. I got a ton of nug, and I smoke it every day. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety. Highly recommend!

  105. hangry giant Verified Owner

    I couldn’t ask for a better strain of weed! This stuff is so impressive and amazing, I am amazed it took me this long to grow it myself. It’s a very prolific weed and offers up some delicious nugs. Super tall and bushy too, so you’ll feel really accomplished once it’s finished. I usually smoke at night with my brother, we just chill and watch the tube. Great stuff, really!

  106. Jeffrey Haught Verified Owner

    Ordered 3 seeds. Arrived quickly. All 3 sprouted and grew in great. Right now 17 days into flowering, just defoliated for gains. Doing great

  107. tim matthews Verified Owner

    OG Kush is just one of those strains you can’t help but love, it’s really something special and is every stoner’s dream to grow and have in their backyard. With GCS I was able to make that dream a reality! I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered to my door. Great backyard growing and a really impressive yield as well. Smoking this on the daily for stress and anxiety. Great buy!

  108. spaceman420 Verified Owner

    Make way for the king of all weeds, the OG Kush! I have been a medical mj patient for years now, and I use OG kush to help calm my PTSD symptoms. It’s so incredibly delicious and relaxing. I love the sour earthy taste and the chilled out vibes. It’s surprisingly easy to grow, and offers a nice and consistent yield. I feel much more experienced now, and will definitely be back for more 🙂

  109. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  110. Eva Ruiz Verified Owner

    I have never been happier now that OG Kush is in my life. I love this weed it’s remarkably easy to germ and grow even right in the backyard. I am super stoked about the yield, probably got like 1000 g from just 3 plant! The buzz is of course amazing and incredible, very relaxing and great for stress and depression. I usually smoke it in the evenings out on the back porch. Great stuff!

  111. Josh Martin Verified Owner

    Everybody’s favorite! This weed has got it all, it’s easy to grow, produces a ton of nug, and it is an amazing high! I ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out in under a week! Germinated them using the paper towel method and they all 3 grew tall and bushy and prolific! I got a ton of nug and smoke on the daily, usually when I get off work to help me relax!

  112. Marcie Hansen Verified Owner

    Grew like a weed!

  113. Cate Joyner Verified Owner

    This is the perfect strain for all levels of grower, and it super adaptable and forgiving, so there’s nothing to worry about. it’s an excellent weed, perfect for chilling out on your couch or just cruising in the car. Love the size of the nugs, sometimes as big as baseballs and they have a real nice sour/sweet taste to them. A big fan of this stuff for sure!

  114. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  115. sparkle mackenzy Verified Owner

    Of course you’ve heard of this strain, it’s remarkably unique and interesting and it’s one of the best seeds on this site! Ordered my seeds online and they delivered ASAP! I got them all to germ using the paper towel method and WOW just a few months later there are these big green buds on the branches! I love the chilled out buzz of this weed, really helps me with stress and headaches!

  116. raraboy Verified Owner

    Certainly a fantastic strain of MJ. Everybody loved OG Kush, it’s got the vibes that keep on giving. It kills my stress and anxiety and boosts my mood. It’s got all the good things about weed and none of the bad things and it’s even easy to grow right in the backyard. Expect an amazing yield and great time!

  117. Darlene B Verified Owner

    C’mon who doesn’t LOVE OG kush? Every stoner is super into this stuff, and I am included in that. I love the smell, the taste, everything. Even growing it is easy, it’s super fast and simple and gives off a lot of bud. I like this stuff a lot and need it in my life y’all!

  118. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  119. brent_vogel45 Verified Owner

    My order arrived on time and all five of the OG Kush fem seeds germinated. They’re standing a foot tall in 2 gallon pots, and are about to be transplanted outdoor. I’ll do a follow up after the harvest in the fall.

  120. Floyd Hanson Verified Owner

    Of course you’re gonna love this strain. Who hasn’t smoked OG kush and fallen in love with it! So glad GCS carries this seed, and super happy I got a chance to grow it. It was a great backyard experiment, and offered up no less than 1000 g from only 3 plants. It’s got that classic OG buzz, super relaxing and hella trippy, great for stress relief and anxiety. You’ll love it for sure!

  121. Emma Jacobs Verified Owner

    One of the best strains on the market, and amazing how easy it is to grow. I got my seeds delivered right to my door in under a week. Germinated using the paper towel method and had them growing in NO TIME! Such an amazing weed, grows so fast and offers up a ton of nug for me to enjoy. Has been great for my stress and anxiety. Thanks GCS!

  122. Debbie Martinez Verified Owner

    One of the best grows on this site hands down. Love the look and feel of this stuff, it’s got an amazing vibe to it! It’s also a strain everyone is familiar with, so watch your friends flock to your house for the next party. Super relaxing and great for minor aches and pains, gives me a nice mind buzz too and helps me with creative projects!

  123. Franklin Goodman Verified Owner

    This is of course the most classic strain on the market. It was super fun to grow in my backyard, I think my neighbors were jealous lol. Happy with my results as well, got like seriously 500 grams per plant. I have so much NUG! It’s perfect for smoking in the evenings, makes you sleepy and happy, and also hungry!!! Definitely a worthy buy!

  124. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  125. Brenda Armstrong Verified Owner

    Next time I plan to smoke this weed I am cancelling all plans for the evening. It’s incredible but really hard to peel yourself off your chair. I like the process of growing using feminized seeds and these have done well so far. I tend to like to have a bit more energy with my MJ but this is definitely a winner for those extra lazy days, especially when it is raining and gross out.

  126. Whiskeydrunk420 Verified Owner

    Man I’ll tell ya I love this strain I’m a few week away from harvest, my o.g. is one bad bitch! I had to stake my branches up it’s too heavy. I’m also running mazar, purple kush , blue berry kush,bubba kush and the gorilla glue auto . Very happy with the quality and stability of these strains .

  127. Jen Marsden Verified Owner

    I have a VERY stressful work life, it’s been just a wild ride with my new job so I needed something to help me chill out hella quick. What better than this classic strain, so delicious and amazing and worth the time it takes to grow. Has that classic weed buzz that makes you relaxed but also very alert and creative. Helpful for depression too, this stuff just puts me in a great mood. Definitely a great buy!

  128. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  129. Lara Johnson Verified Owner

    Not the easiest grow, but there’s something about the high from OG Kush that cannot be matched. My yield was pretty good at least (500 grams). OG Kush marijuana makes my body feel numb while my brain is on the best euphoric and awesome high! It’s pretty weird the first time it happens; now I really know what that couch lock thing is all about! To me, OG Kush is a classic and I am addicted to that piney, outdoorsy flavor. I’m getting better and better at growing it too, so next time I’ll be a real expert!

  130. Sally Kay Verified Owner

    This is the perfect grow if you’re a beginner. It’s easy to get these seeds to germ, and easier even to grow the plant itself. It’s a classic strain so you definitely won’t have any problems enjoying the buzz, indica heavy and great for relaxing at the end of a ong day, you’ll be really happy you tried out these seeds. I love how fast they shipped out and the amazing yield I got as well, not to mention the delicious earthy smell. Yummmm!

  131. Samuel J Verified Owner

    The classic strain at a great price! Everyone knows and loves this strain of mj, and it’s no surprise cause it’s seriously relaxing! I grew in my backyard and had great success. GCS seeds have very reliable genetics and you’ll definitely get your seeds to pop! I got around 1000 grams total from my 3 plants and I smoke on the regular, great in the evening or on the weekend for relaxation and happiness, highly recommend!

  132. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  133. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  134. Edward Rojas Verified Owner

    Chillest weed you’ll ever smoke, and pretty easy to grow too! Ordered from GCS for the first time and I am very happy I did. I was really impressed by their wide array of strains. Chose the OG cause it’s a classic and it gets me super stoned, duh! No bus seriously, it smells and tastes like citrus, and has a very relaxing effect on the brain, great for relieving stress and anxiety, and works wonders for people with insomnia. Highly recommend!

  135. Elise Monroe Verified Owner

    A classic strain with a classic buzz. Great balanced hybrid and very easy to grow. GCS has an amazing online selection and I got all 3 of my seeds to germinate. They grew into dense green plants and I scored nearly 500 grams! Smoke this jazz with my friends on the weekends, or to unwind at night. A great buy!!

  136. Shawn Dowes Verified Owner

    Classic strain with an unbeatable buzz. Excellent high for anytime of day, but very relaxing and I prefer to use in the evening. GCS has a great selection! I ordered online and my seeds arrived in just under a week! All 3 germinated beautifully and grew into luscious green plants. I scored nearly 500 grams! Smoking this jazz with my buds on the weekend can’t be beat, love the earthy taste and chill vibes!

  137. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  138. ekaminsky65 Verified Owner

    og kush growers choice is my favorite strain of all times being sceptical I gave it a try grew 2 plants using the mainlining techniques. I had gotten 10 plus ounces of the dripping dank flowers. very tasty smells great and an absolute must for anyone looking for quality, very easy grow but heavy feedings a must

  139. willreed40 Verified Owner

    These O.G kush is better than I expected them to be I topped them twice and they are beautiful , bushy ,killer ladies ,can’t wait till harvest day